Thursday, November 29, 2007

Final Party Preparations

I've gathered the staff to discuss the final preparations for the Enterprise Christmas Party, which will be starting in a few days.

"Right then, everybody" I start, "We haven't got long to go, what's the latest on the things we have?"

"I went down to Guinan this morning." Deanna tells me, "She appeared very frustrated. Her helpers were getting the vol-au-vonts all ready, and Guinan was saying to herself about bothering to take on these tasks."

"Everything will be all right, won't it, Deanna?" Riker asks.

"Oh, sure." replies Deanna, "But I'd advise everybody to say how good her vol-au-vants taste, otherwise they could be in for an earful."

"All right," I say, "Now what about the music with Vic Fontaine?"

"I went to visit him during his rehearsal the other day." Riker tells us, "I asked him if he needed an extra trombone player in his band. He saw me holding my trombone, but looked a little worried. However, he told me that it was going great, and if one falls ill, he'll let me know."

As his band were all holograms, I don't see that happening. It appears that Vic has been programmed with tact as well.

"How are we with the Guest List?" I ask.

"I am a little concerned, Captain." Worf states, "Though we have the brigs all ready, I fear that some of the Guest who have sent RSVP messages could be a little err...difficult."

"What do you mean, Mr Worf?"

"To know that a Terminatrix will be coming to the party is a worry. Captain."

Seven becomes annoyed at this.

"Sky is my friend and I will vouch for her!" she replies angrily.

"To have a Borg drone recommend a Terminatrix is scant indeed." Worf says, "I do see on the List that there may be a vigilante crime fighter who may help."

Seven marches towards him; this could get difficult.

"Look." I try to say to them, "All guests try to leave their aggressive personalities at the door when they come to our Parties. It's Christmas. Any that fail to adhere to that will be dealt with."

Seven and Worf each grumble to themselves and go to sit down again. Why are parties as complex as a diplomatic summit?

"Well, me and my sistah T'Pol are gonna make this a party to remember!" Ensign Britney announces, and she and T'Pol do a high-five.

Sigh. Just a few more days and it all starts. Has anyone seen my stress pills?


Author's Note:

There is still a chance to put your Party entries in!

The Enterprise Christmas Party starts on Monday 3rd December; the entries will change on a daily basis throughout the week. Be there!


Amanda said...

LOL! Even Guinan gets flustered with party preparations. She's always so cool.


What about this Christmas Party? How do you join?

Titania Starlight said...

I will not be able to partake but I will be there in spirit. :o)

M. C. Pearson said...

Christmas time!!! Horrah!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Christmas parties are so complicated arent they?

Linda said...

I had hoped to attend your Christmas party, Captain, however my Romulan date canceled at the last minute and then I found that someone had stolen my flux capacitor and has totally botched up my ability to time travel to your century. The nerve!

I will, however, thoroughly enjoy the stories of the party and I hope that Mr. Worf doesn't have too many headaches dealing with unruly guests!

Ellee Seymour said...

Captain,I have bought a special party frock for the occasion and am looking forward to it.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Linda, sorry you haven't put in an entry. I would have liked you to.

Friday, the earlier posts told readers all about it. Taske a look at the previous weekend. You still should be able to get a late entry in.

craziequeen said...

Help! I forgot all about the party! Too much stuff on my mind lately.....Michele sent me to remind me....

OK, [rushes off to dust off sparkly frock] I'll have to send you my party post :-)


Becky68 said...

Oh my, I'll be at work on the day of your party, too bad cloning hasn't been perfected in my century yet...
I'll be with you in spirit though.
Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

PI said...

I promise to leave my agressive persona at the door but my big problem - and I'm going to have sleepless nights - is what to wear. Any guidance will be gratefully accepted. I was thinking LBD and pearls. Whaddya think? Michele sends her best.

Titania Starlight said...

I will stop by and peek in. Hope you don't mind. :o)

eastcoastlife said...

Oops..... the Christmas party's on Monday!!! Time flies!

Michael Manning said...

(From the road): We share a similar taste in the beautiful women who appear here (not coincidentally Captain). How about some Bond girls? Just a suggestion to spice up the party!

David said...

beware anyone with a name of Whoopi, ok? something just not right there.

Anonymous said...

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