Thursday, November 22, 2007

Power Failure

When travelling at Warp Nine to the nearest Starbase, one doesn't expect anything to go wrong.

After all, all we want is a little R&R.

Suddenly, the computers close down, all the lights go out, and the Enterprise stops, leaving the ship to float in space.

The Bridge is in total darkness; I get up and promptly fall over, as I did not see the slight floor ridge in front of me.

"What's going on?" I call out, although there might as well not be anyone on front of me.

Suddenly there is a slight light; Data is glowing.

"What have you done, Mr Data?"

"It is an emergency fitting that Noonian Soong, my creator had fitted. In the event of being in a dark situation, my skin was designed to glow."

"I haven't heard of that before." I reply.

"I had only remembered this when I recently had a Level One Diagnostic after Sid had repaired me. This fact had been omitted for some years."

"Well, now that you glow." I say, "We can stop bumping into each other on the Bridge and find out what is going on."

"I believe I know what it is, Captain." Geordi tells me, "I think the ship blew a fuse."

"What!" comments Riker, "You mean a Federation Galaxy-Class starship can stop working if an old-fashioned fuse happens to blow?"

"Err..yes, Commander." he replies, "Although a 24th Century fuse is much stronger than the ones we used to have hundreds of years ago."

"Woe betide a Federation vessel if it is engaged in a galactic battle and the fuse blows." I say drily.

Geordi opens a tiny box on the Enterprise circuitboard and takes something out of his pocket.

"I always carry one of these little fellas with me." he says proudly, "You never never know when you might need one.

"Perhaps we ought to have some candles in the back as well?" I suggest, sarcastically.

"Oh, we've got them as well." Geordi states matter-of-factly, "Do you want me to get some out."
"No!" I reply sharply, "Just put the fuse in."

Geordi complies, and all the lights come on. The computers are operating, and the engines start functioning again.

"There we go, Captain." he says happily, "Everything is all right again."

"Good, Mr LaForge." I say, "Please bring a box of fuses and put them under my seat. If we do battle against the Borg, I want to be ready."


Author's Note:

The Enterprise Christmas Party is awaiting your entry! For all the details, see part of the TWQ post last weekene.


And to all those who celebrate it.......Happy Thanksgiving!!


The wonderful Nina has given me this Award below:

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Nina, it's my pleasure and honour to be your friend. Thank you so much!


Ellee said...

I thought you might enjoy this link captain:

I hope your data is safe on your space ship, and glad to hear you are well prepared with candles.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

That was an unusually quick fix! Have a great day captain :)

Amanda said...

Blew a fuse! The ENTERPRISE!! LOL!
Why didn't they also install an emergency light on the bridge which comes on when power cuts out? Thats an old fashioned idea from the 21st Century too.

TX said...

Hmph, the Borg can still beat you JP even if you had a crate of fuses

Spoiler said...

And yet he always seems to beat the Borg huh.

Bilbo said...

So if Benjamin Franklin were commenting today, the quote would be something like, "...for want of a fuse the starship was lost?" Great story!

Ellee said...

I hope your lights stay on for the weeekend captain.

Linda said...

Glad to hear that it was just a fuse - for awhile there I thought perhaps you had come to the end of your extension cord and could go no further! Heehee!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Linda, I think Geordi has an extension cord in the back, just in case.

Ellee, we're all prepared if the fuses go again. I like the article you gave about zero gravity!

Sky, are you saying a Borg cube has a fusebox installed?

Amanda, I think Sid must have built the light system on the Enterprise.

Carmi said...

Even the most sophisticated technologies are often dependent on simple, lowly components.

As always, you've made me smile and think. Captain. I'm so glad Michele sent me today. Off I go to read about the Christmas party. Should be a hoot, as always!

Bob-kat said...

Blowing a fuse on the Enterprise? LOL! I think the Captain was just about to as well! Perhaps Geordi should test the circuits? :)

Michele sent me over to sy hi.

Squirrel said...

Good thing it was only the light fuse and not something major!

Thanks! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with my family!

Squirrel said...

Good thing it was only the light fuse and not something major!

Thanks! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with my family!

pia said...

But the fuse can't blow. It's the Enterprise!

Thanks for the lovely comment

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...


Can't you upgrade to circuit breakers?

I guess fuses have an old school appeal to them.

Titania Starlight said...

Fuses and candles? I bet they have the Energizer Bunny hiding somewhere. LOL!!!! :o)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

that's what i was going to say, circuit breakers... or chocolate!!

smiles, bee


That's strange to be having power failure on space isn't it? Anyway, nothing's strange now-a-days. I guess I've been missing so much from blogging. What's this Christmas Party thing? Hope my computer would be done by this time. If only I could make a wish this Christmas, I'd wish for a new computer. Mine is still down. Still can't join any memes as I'm still using my son's office laptop. All my files are in the other computer. I really do miss you all guys and I do miss blogging.

Lahdeedah said...


I'm surprised Geordi knew about the fuse. At least your not floating aimlessly in space in the dark....

gautami tripathy said...

Next time call me. I am good at replacing fuses. My dad taught me well.

I am now out work due to those circuit breakers!

Congratulations for the award.
Good Michele sent me here to hunt for work!

Anonymous said...

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