Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thomas Riker (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Ro Laren

I'm in a right pickle now, as one could say.

While going on a Maquis weekend seminar, I have been chosen by Jalam, one of the most extreme members of the organisation to take Thomas Riker back to the Enterprise.

The intention is to replace Commander Riker with his duplicate, Thomas Riker, who was created many years ago in a transporter accident. Thomas Riker has joined the Maquis. Jalam has threatened me if I don't comply.


You could say it's a rock and a hard place, whatever that means. I will be denounced as a traitor by Starfleet if I manage to reveal him or not. I could be threatened in unspeakable ways also if Jalam thinks that I have not complied.

"Not long to go, Ro." says Thomas as we get nearer to the Enterprise, while travelling in the DaVinci shuttle, "In about ten hours, I will be the new Commander of the Enterprise. I'll find a way to get Picard out of the way, and the flagship of Starfleet will then be under Maquis control."

"Do..err.. you think we're being a little extreme, Thomas?" I ask, "After all, the Maquis is really supposed to sabotage Cardassian outposts, not the Federation."

He gives a manical laugh, as all slightly despotical people tend to do.

"If you like, Ro." he says firmly, "I can put you in the same airlock as Picard when it comes to the time of disposing those in my way."

This Riker is seriously one dilithium crystal short of a warp drive.

I'll have to deal with him before he gets to the Enterprise. If I can signal a moderate Maquis vessel, they will pick him up and arrest Jalam for his extreme activities.

I resort to the best way possible; I use my feminine wiles.

"Thomas." I say softly, "What can we do on the long journey to the Enterprise?"

While I say this, I kiss him softly. I also feel sick for having to kiss someone so appalling.

As we do, my arm outstreches, and I press the communications signal, adjust it to the Maquis code and see that a distress message is sent out. Riker is too busy enjoying me to notice..


Ten minutes later, a Maquis vessel shows up and beams us off. I explain to the moderate commander, and he arrests Thomas.

"We will go and arrest Jalam as well." he tells me, "We've had our eye on him for a long time. The Maquis shouldn't be infested with those type."

"You've made a mistake, Ro." says Thomas, as he is led away, "This will go a lot higher. Certain sections of the Maquis will not forget what you have done."


I am beamed back on to the Da Vinci, and soon arrive on the Enterprise, to be welcomed back by Captain Picard and the real Commander Riker.

"Had a good time?" asks Riker, "It wasn't too boring on the long journey here in the shuttle, was it?"

I give a slight smile.

The things I do for Starfleet!


Author's Note:

Don't forget, the deadline for the Enterprise Christmas Party is extended to Friday 30th November. See last weekend's post below TWQ for details. I want your Party entry!


The Curmudgeon said...

One dilithium crystal short of a warp drive?

Appalling, Ro says, but I worry that if she quaffs too much egg nog at the party Troi may have to scratch Ro's eyes out.

If you catch my drift....

Amanda said...

I've always liked Ro Laren's character. She always seems to be in some sort of trouble and has difficult choices.

Titania Starlight said...

I knew Ro could pull it off. Way to go girl! :o)

Amanda said...

Thank you very much for including my post on Palembang in your Quality Posts. It is very motivating to know that you have enjoyed and found interesting the things that I am experiencing here in Palembang. Thanks for that.

Justice said...

smart girl but be careful he looks pretty mad now

Anonymous said...

we are smarter than people think arent we ro :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Justice, I think you're right there.

Amanda, that Palemberg post was most informative. I had to list it. I agree; Ro is very underrratated.

Anonymous said...

he he he...

with guys suduction pretty much always works;)

SQT said...

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot about the Christmas party!

Ellee said...

I don't think anything is boring on one of your trips.

Vegeta said...

Good job Ro.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Yay Ro! Saved the day again :)

Anonymous said...

good goin' Ro... you wouldnt have any clue on how to get out of being grounded, would you?

Black Widow said...

we women have to always have a plan don't we Ro

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It seems like the women on the Journal can usually think of a plan like that!

Anonymous said...

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