Saturday, November 10, 2007

TWQ: Cheer Up!

TWQ (The Weekend Question) is asking what will brighten people up.

What cheers you up when you are feeling low, or not too well? List as many as you wish.

My answers are:

1: Watching a good film on DVD

2: Doing something over the internet; blogging with friends.

3: Talking to my best friend.

Now it's over to you...

But before you go...

Look out for the Enterprise Christmas Party Invitation. It will be posted on Tuesday night, British time.

Also, Chris from The Esoterik Blog has sent me this dreadful meme, asking me to list eight random facts and habits. Here we go.

1: I like to prepare well in advance. My Christmas cards for abroad are written and ready to go.

2: I don't like trying to choose a vacation to go on in case it turns out to be a disaster.

3: I love 'Lost' and try to work out theories behind it all.

4: I always have the daily 'New Yorker', 'Dilbert' and 'You Might Be A Redneck If...' desk calendars.

5: I don't like moving desks at the office; I've done it five times so far this year.

6: I love foreign language movies, and have quite a few on DVD

7: I don't like redecoating in the house as it's so disruptive.

8: I like reading other people's memes!


PI said...

Hi Jean-luc. I agree with you on all three with the addition of a surprise call from any of my loved ones.
So often it happens if I am feeling low and call on my cyber friends a kind word lifts my spirits and all is well again. And I do try to remember my blessings and also the strength and courage of some of my blogging friends who deal with their misfortune with incredible courage and - God bless them - humour.
Michele says hi!

PI said...

Guess who Michele sent again? Talking of foreign movies - did you ever see that classic 'The Wages of Fear'? Yves Montand was in it and it was electrifying. Fifties or sixties it must have been.

Linda said...

I really like the three you've listed and have to credit my blog buddies with pulling me up by the bootstraps a time or two or three!

I also like to listen to some of my favorite music or maybe get lost in a good book so that I can step out of my own world a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Let's see... to cheer myself up. Well a long hot bath and a hot cup of tea or coffee are always in good order on a lousy day. If I can't do that, time with my kiddos is bound to make me laugh. Blogging out my frustrations and releasing my screams into the void of cyberspace sometimes helps alleviate matters. Cuddles from Mr. Muse often help. And if none of that woks I take me, and my miserable self to bed, because tomorrow is always a new day, and something about that clean slate feeling gives me a new perspective on things.

On interesting factoid about me:
I like to pretend I actually know how to sing when no one else is around. :P

Michele sent me.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Shopping - nothing can cheer me up more than spending money that I don't have, which will depress me later. Ah it's a vicious cycle.

Music - I bet you guessed this one already.

Ernie said...

Well, of course, I drink Blue Beaver Beer. Aside from that though I like to go out snipe hunting. Bagging a couple always makes me feel better.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, Jean-Luc. Michele sent me. I'm in a funk now; I need some loud music and a nice long writing session to break me out of it. Not gonna happen; I'm a single mom this weekend!

Have a great one!

Fab said...

1- putting on a cd
2- a dvd - like The Weddingsinger (I can't believe I just admitted that) which makes me smile cause Billy Idol is in it
3- chocolate
4- a single gerbera flower ( always makes me smile

Chris W. said...

Usually a good dose of heavy metal will always put me in a good mood. And if that won't do it, then I have no choice but to break out the dance music. Also, here's a list of other stuff:

- Food
- Coffee
- Working on small projects
- Talking to old friends

And, Jean-Luc, thanks for answering the meme!

Smiler said...

Things I like to do to cheer me up:

1. blog (!)

2. hang out with my cat

3.look at art or great photography

Michele says hi!

pilgrimchick said...

When I'm feeling miserable, I usually go for a long drive somewhere so I can think about all the possibilities I can take advantage of out there.

Serina Hope said...

I am a meme addict too. This was very interesting :)

number said...

If I'm down, I go for skinny french fries. ALWAYS makes me feel better even though they are so unhealthy.

Thanks for doing the meme. It was good to read a little more about you.

Bob-kat said...

Various things can cheer me up, but it depends how bad the low spot is. On the whole though humour will lift me most times and a good film will help me forget my worries for a while.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thanks for hearing those interesting things that you do to cheer yourselves up.

MOTD, yes, I could have guessed the music with you!

Pat, yes, I have seen 'The Wages of Fear'. It's been a while, though.

gautami tripathy said...

Mostly I listen to music. Those sad old hindi songs help me with their pathos.

Reading. I pick up comfortable reading like Alice in Wonderland.

Taliking to my mom. She is never judgmental.

Michele sent me here to read your meme too.

Shari said...

Testing a new recipe: 1) It turns out, and 2) it's a hit with the family.

A hug and "I love you, Mommy" from my kids.

Seeing old friends.

Listening to my favorite songs.

Michele sent me to say hello.

ribbiticus said...

a day in the spa, a well-loved comedy or musical & singing are 3 ways which definitely help lift my mood when it is at its darkest. :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Michele sent me to you this morning, Jean-Luc...What a good question...! My ansers are very similar to yoyrs...Speaking with my bestest friend is good...Losing mysef in Nature....The Birds, The Bees, The Flowers---and I mean that! I guess too, tryinh look outside myself if I can...otherwise I do crave the connection of loved ones as a sounding board and for the caring they show me....Hugging my cat. Sometimes he can lift my spirits incredibly....! A GOOD Movie...I don't habe the luxory of getting out of the house anymore, so going someplace is no longer an option to chase the blues away...It is more difficult without this ability, let me tell you. But, I do the best I can, as I am sure most people do.
Michele says aq BIG "HI" to you, my dear Captain.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

having a nice hot bath
a really good hot cup of tea
cuddling with my husband


Paperback Writer said...

Cuddling with Loki and singing. Loudly.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It seems we all have a few things that make us so much better.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait

Anonymous said...

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