Saturday, March 24, 2007

TWQ: Favourite Years

This week, TWQ ( The Weekend Question) asks about the years you liked.

So far, what have been your favourite years, and for what reason?

My answers are:

1: 1973 - A good year at school with great music all around.

2: 1976 - The year of the great heatwave and where we visited the US for the first time.

3: 1980 - The year when I had a wonderful party for my 21st birthday.

4: 1993 - A very happy year all round.

Now it's over to you...


rashbre said...

As generally an optimist, I always say there is fun going forward.

So I enjoy most years and nearly all have highlights along with the sense that there are still more strange and enjoyable delights to experience in the future.

Not so much a 'cop-out' as a state of mind.

And Hiya - Michele beamed me over today!


The Mistress of the Dark said...

2003 - Met Elvis Costello and Eddie Izzard

2004 - Met John Lodge

2005 - Partied with Graeme Edge and the backing girls of the Moody Blues...and also met Elvis Costello again.

Write From Karen said...

I hate to sound cheesy, but they're all good (well, there was that time period between 1997 / 98).

But the REALLY good years?

1990 - married, went to Mexico - first time out of country!

1993 - took newborn son home from hospital (he was a preemie) and learned what it meant to me a "mom"

1995 - second son born and knew what it meant to be a harried mom.

2000 - took a cruise for our ten-year anniversary

2006 - things just seemed ... easy, laid back and fun.

Thanks for a GREAT question!! Michele says hello.

Paul said...

1963--I married My First Wife.
1965--I was finally discharged from the army.
1967/68/71--My kids were born.

But what about the year my first book was published? And my grandkids arrivals? My first play was produced? And my son safely home from the war...

A very provocative TWQ, but I've had more than 3 good years.

Here from Michele's.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hmm. There was the period from 1988-1991 when I was THE heavy metal DJ.

There was 2001, when I threw the first US Unofficial Metallica fan convention, and Lars and Kirk showed up.

There were the years I got married and had kids...

Hard to narrow it down much more than that.

Thanks for visiting; this was a good TWQ!

Carmi said...

I love this entry, Jean-Luc. It evokes such powerful memories. My favorites...

1984 - the year I met a beautiful girl while working as a lifeguard at my neighborhood pool
1992 - the year we married
1994 - the year we bought our first house and welcomed our son into the world
1996 - the year we followed our hearts and moved to a strange city. I knew then that we could accomplish anything if we set our hearts to it
1997 - the year we welcomed our daughter, a vision of my wife, into the world
2000 - the year we completed our family with our littlest man

It's been a charmed life thus far. Here's to more great milestones.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Jean-Luc. Thanks for visiting my photo hunt today.

My favorite years ...

1973 - year I was born
1991 - 1st year college, great year
1993 - 1st boyfriend
1996 - college graduation
1997 - 2nd boyfriend
2000 - married 2nd boyfriend
2003 - gave birth to my son

looking forward to more happy years ahead

Merlyn Gabriel said...

well I think it would be easier to tell you what years sucked... but in all honesty I can't remember ...mostly things are good and the bad stuff slips away...

Bob-kat said...

I really couldn't say. I more think of life as being good with the occassional bad year thrown in. I remember events more than the years they happen in!

Michele sent me to say hi.

craziequeen said...

1982 - left home and met my first full-tim family.

1985 - met my MB :-)

1998 - moved to Bristol

1999 - met cyberkitten

2000 - met Aginoth

Life is all about friends....

Michele sent me today, Jean-Luc

Gyrobo said...

1997 - The year I got my first computer.

Nothing else can compare to the all-encompassing, loving embrace of Windows 95.

Bea said...

Great question Jean-Luc!

Gyrobo too funny-Windows 95!

1985-my freshman year in college-met some amazing theatre people

Karen said...

My answer echos bob-kat's.

This is a fun *food for thought* post!

Here via Michele's today. :+)

squirrel said...

1979 my last year in california

1983 - the year my daughter was born

1986 the year my first born son was born

1991 the year my youngest son was born

2001 the year I met my 4th and FINAL husband!!

kenju said...

Jean-Luc, I found my morning message; in the post under this one.

My best years: 1964, the year I met and married mr. kenju. 1966, 1971 and 1973 - the years my kids were born. 1982, the year I started my flower business. This is a good idea!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hi Jean Luc...We posted at the same time over at Michele's, so here I am....Always happy to visit you.
What a great question! But hard to answer, in a way.

I would say 1963...a very full and creative year with the payoff appearing on Broadway!

1981- Another really wonderful peak experience creatively speaking---most fulfilling and rare.

Those are the two really Highlight Years...there are others, but nothing that comes up to those....

Jaime H. said...

Some of my favorite years:

1450: Gutenberg invented the printing press.

1564: William Shakespeare was born.

1773: Boston Tea Party

1844: Dumas publishes The Three Musketeers

susan said...

Oh I guess great years has to begin with 1982 when I met my husband.

1983 was busy we got married and we had our first son.

1986 and 1991 we had our second son and our daughter.

2003, I went to university at the old age of 39!
Finally graduated in July 2006.
It was a special time for my family and me as it had been along hard road in many ways.

Mykol said...

I haven't been alive long enough to answer this.

Mykol said...

well, thinking about it, last year was pretty interesting because I moved for the first time in my life and I had to switch schools so I mat lors of new people

Paperback Writer said...

Oh, I don't know. There hasn't been a really bad year!

But the best? So, far 2005.


Titania Starlight said...

I have had a lot of good years but I will keep it brief.

1984: I had my firstborn, a son.
1994: I had my second child, a daughter
1997: I moved to Vegas and met my best friend and future husband.
1997 Pt2: Had a near death experience. Survived and was given a second chance at living. :o)
1999: Married my best friend and a keeper.

This was a great question Jean-Luc!

Barbara said...

1995 - Became a Mom


That is a nice question. I don't have any particular year. I just do love those years when I was still young and they were care free years. These are the years that I love the most.
Thanks for the visit.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That was a revealing question, as it told so much about my visitors; I'm enjoyed reading your entries!

craziequeen said...

Can I say 2007? Should be a good one.....

Michele sent me to say hi

Anonymous said...

i'm going to join the bulk of your readers with my best years being the years i had my kids
1984, 1991 and 1994. in general, i've had a pretty good life and can't really complain, great question!

David said...

During fall of 1984, on a trip to the south and east, our first son was conceived,(proof of something going on behind the scenes)and in the summer (1985) Oren was born, changing the world forever by his arrival. (1987)Brother Jared was dropped off by angels, and filled another niche in my heart. (1990) Got lucky ( wink) and baby # three was produced on the fly, in the middle of a major move. (1991)
Hannah arrived in the middle of the night, with snow, by midwife, at home, SO those make my all time best years list also. Thanks for asking, Captain.

B said...

Hello thanks so much for visiting my blog.

1973- the year I was born

1980- just because

2005- lost weight LOL

2007- I'm optomistic

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Captain, I've found something to enjoy in every year since stardate 1965.11.

Nic said...

1993 - the year I fell in love for the first and only time (so far - of course the following year the rat b@st@rd broke my heart into a million pieces but at least I knew what it was like to be truly, deeply in love).
2001 - the year my daughter was born!

That's pretty much it. :) I hope to have more years to include on down the road.

Villager said...

You have been selected for the Thinking Blogger Award.

Your blog is one of the five blogs that make me think.

Your unique blog is a true joy. I've only come across it over the past weekend ... but, I appreciate the consistency of your posts ... plus I'm a ST fan! I'm looking for anything that you've written on Sisko next!

I have added you as a technorati fav so that I can keep up on the future posts and I will peruse the past posts over time.

Anyhow, I hope that you enjoy the Thinking Blogger Award!

peace, Villager

tnchick said...

Oh gosh, there are too many.

'76, '93, '94, '96, '97, '04

That's just a few...marriage, births, parties, etc... =)

Anonymous said...

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