Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Deanna Abducted (Part Four)

Editors Note:

Deanna Troi has been abducted by an all-female group of mobsters named The SisterHood. These gangsters secretly control crininal activity in the city and in many other places, even into space. They have Deanna in order to replace the stripper that they liquidated as she tried to get away. Deanna has been practising in the club, The Girly GoGoBar, and is about to do her first performance as DeeDee Delmar. The Starfleet officers are trying to find the Counselor, but so far, no luck.

Guest Poster: Lieutenant Britney

"What are we doing around here., Brit?" asks T'Pol, "Deanna is hardly likely to be here, is she?"

"I know that, sweetie." I answer, "But Starfleet has hundreds of officers around. They won't miss a couple of us for half an hour."

"This must be the seediest part of San Francisco." my girlfriend complains, "Anyone wearing a flower in their hair would find it dead in seconds. Even the rats have moved out in pursuit of better accommodation."

We walk on till I find I building with a photo of a semi-naked dancer in front of it. The words 'THE GIRLY GO-GO BAR" are emblazoned on the front.

"I know we like it here, Brit." T'Pol points out, but why are we going here now?"

"Because I looked on my SpaceBook, and I read a message that a hot new dancer named DeeDee Delmar was starting tonight." I answer.

"Really?" T'Pol asks, "Then I guess we ought to be there to give her our support."

"Just what I was thinking!"" I smile, "Come on, let's go in."

The large auditorium is dark and smoky. There are many men and women all waiting for the first appearance of the new female performer.

"Ladies and gentlemen." announces a husky woman's voice over the intercom system, "The Girly GoGo Bar is proud to announce the first performance by our new artist, Miss DeeDee Delmar!"

We all cheer; being late arrivals, we are somewhat at the back. A statuesque brunette in a black dress comes on. She also has black stockings and long black gloves.

"She looks a hot one, Brit." laughs T'Pol. I agree. DeeDee effortlessly slides her gloves off and casts them away. The slow seductive music helps with the effect..

"Actually." remarks my friend, "She looks vaguely like someone we've met before. I can't place her. Let's get nearer the stage."

"Good grief!" I exclaim, "It's Deanna!". We rush forward. The Counselor is about to climb the pole wearing her underwear and stockings when she sees us. She gives us the deaf language sign of  'HELP ME'. Two burly heavies rush forward to intercept., but we kick the stage steps down and they fall. We grasp Deanna. I activate my Com. "This is Britney. Three to beam up!"


A few hours later, we are all talking with Casptain Picard.

"What I don't understand." asks the Captain to T'Pol and myself, "Is how you knew Deanna would be there in that club."

"Err..."  begins T'Pol.

"What she means, Captain." I interrupt, "Is that we err...shown her picture to a group around that area and they said she had been seen practising in the club."

"I see, most interesting." Picard comments, in a way that he doesn't believe our story, but is glad to have Deanna back.

"What about the SisterHood, Captain." Riker asks.

"They all scattered as soon as Deanna was taken., Number One." the Captain tells him, "The Girly GoGo Bar was empty when we investigated. They will reappear sometime. We need to destroy their crime syndicate."

"Come on, Will." says a tired Deanna, "Take me back to our quarters so I can sleep. Before I do, though, I want to show you a new dance I've learnt."

The two live the Ready Room. Picard raises his eyebrows, while T'Pol and I laugh out loud.


The Curmudgeon said...

Well, you certain fooled me with the happy ending. I'd like to check the logs, however, to find out where Riker was 'searching' during the hours in question... or am I giving him too hard a time?

Linda said...

Leave it to T'Pol and Britney to save the day again! Good thing that they have so many varied interests!

Amanda said...

LOL! Spacebook!

Susan said...

Ah so she did not pole vault after all.

Michael Manning said...

DeeDee Delmar and The Girly Go Bar! I have been missing so much here, that I'll have to back-track! ;)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Michael, you've got to keep up!

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