Monday, April 18, 2011

Deanna Abducted (Part Three)

Guest Poster: Deanna Troi

Things aren't looking too good right now. I was kidnapped by an evil group of female mobsters called The SisterHood.  They have taken me so that I can be the new stripper at one of their seedy clubs named The Girly GoGo Bar. If I make any attempt to call out or run away during a performance, they will kill me. Right now, I am still training who my first night, which will come up soon.

"Come on Deanna!"  shouts Number Two as I rehearse during the day, "You can do better than that!" I have just fallen over my dress while trying to take it off.

"I don't get it." I tell her, "Why do you women run strip clubs at all? Surely it's very demeaning?"

"Hah!" laughs the red-haired Number Two, "The SisterHood will make money, and we don't care how we do it. Drugs, racketeering, strip clubs, blackmail..any crime there is. The customers pay us in latinum bars to get in and and throw old fasioned money at the women...which we confiscate and convert into more latinum."

"Starfleet will find me." I warn her.

"No they won't." she retorts, "They are indeed combing San Francisco and investigating everywhere, but they won't think of looking in an out of the way strip club."

I've got to admit it; she's right.

"Now let's get back into your training, Deanna" Number Two orders me, "Drop your dress and jump on the pole, twisting around."

I do so, and climb on the pole, hanging upside down by my legs. As I feel myself sliding down, in order not to fall on my head, I have to somersault off to land on my feet.

"Great, Deanna!" claps Number Two, "Let's include it in your act. Now let's pick the dress you'll wear before you start taking it off. Put this on."

I must admit, I rather like it, until I remember that I've got to take to take it off everyday plus my underwear to a cheering crowd.

"We'll find a couple more dresses for you to use on other occasions." Number Two tells me, "Oh, and before I forget, we'll have to give you a stripper name. Can't have you billed as Deanna Troi! From now on, you'll be DeeDee Delmar."

What an awful name!

Number One, the Leader of The SisterHood comes in.

"Is she ready yet, Number Two?" she asks her second in command.

"Yes., Number One." Two replies, "She's got a great stage act. Say hello to DeeDee Delmar."

"Good. Deanna, your first performance will be in a couple of days."

To be continued......


The Curmudgeon said...

AH! So they do use "old-fashioned money."

Well, all that remains then is for Will to find the seediest dive in which to spend his shore leave (just like he usually does when Deanna, er, Dee Dee, isn't looking). I'm pretty sure we know where he'll wind up. If Deanna, er, Dee Dee engages her empathic senses before Will realizes who he's oogling, he's gonna have a whole lot of explaining to do. And then he'll have to beg and grovel. One wonders if there's sufficient chocolate in the ship's replicators for the task....

Linda said...

Nice to hear that Deanna is a quick study with the pole dancing; perhaps she had some private practice sessions that no one knew about?

Be interesting to see how she gets out of this one and if it's with her clothes on or not!

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