Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sheena's First Birthday Party (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Sheena

"Mommy and Daddy have got a big surprise for you!" is the sound I hear from my noisy parents. The sheer volume nearly sends me up in the air.

Don't they realise that I'm a baby trying to sleep peacefully? There is always some noise going on, but this takes the cake.

Mommy scoops me up, which leaves me hanging on to the crib for dear life. My little hand doesn't succeed, and I am in her arms.

"Mommy and Daddy are going to take you to somewhere VERY special." she beams, "You don't know what day it is, do you?"

She is talking in riddles. I know that she has often told Daddy that he doesn't know what day it is when he has done something wrong. It looks like I'm in the soup this time, although my amazonian parent seems rather cheerful about it all."

Grown ups. I can never understand them.

They take me through the Enterprise corridors. Everyone who approaches looks cheerful. Mommy asks if they have bought a present. When one woman says "Yes", Mommy replies, "Well you can come, then."

Come where.

We go through the doors and there is a huge cheer, and a sign saying 'HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO SHEENA'.

What? Am I one year old. Time does fly. I am getting old.

Captain Picard and Daddy's Mommy come forward with a big box.

"Happy first birthday, Sheena." the redheaded woman says to me, "May you have many more." She bends down and drowns me in kisses.

"My turn, Bev." the Captain informs her, then proceeds to do the same. I hope this isn't going to go on all night. It's a lot to take to ensure I get some pressies.

A woman in a red, white and blue outfit pushes them aside. I see that it is Mommy's Mommy, Queen Diana, plus my aunt Nexa.

"I've bought you a lovely new spear." she tells me, "You've outgrown your first one and need another. Your mommy and I want to ensure that you grow up to be a powerful amazonian Princess and eventually head our people."

What if I want to be a pop star?

Eventually, Aunt Nexa scoops me up and gives me the kissing treatment.

"Who's the best looking baby there is?" she asks as she gives me the kisses.

Right. That's that. Let's have some fun at this party.

"Wes." Mommy comments, "You can take Sheena to the sitter now. Time for the adults to enjoy the party."

Hey! What's all this? It's my party!

I'm taken away, and in the background I see the adults jiving on the dancefloor as the music plays away.

You can be sure I'm going to make trouble for that sitter!

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The Curmudgeon said...

But it's not the sitter's fault! If you must spear someone, Sheena, give Wes a sharp poke.