Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Deanna Abducted (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Deanna Troi

I have got SUCH a headache!

There I was, shopping with Beverly in the Starfleet Mall. Suddenly she tells me that she thinks two burly men and a woman are following us. She suggests that we gewt away from them by going into a shop with a revolving door. I'm about to follow her, but before I can, I'm grabbed and beamed away.

I look around; I'm in a dingy room. It looks like all those fab bargains didn't come with me. If I've lost those, I'm gonna be SO mad! I just hope Bev picked them all up when she came out.

Now to the matter in hand; the door is open, so I'm hightailing it out of this rat hotel.

"You will stay where you are!" says the man-mountain I run into. Clearly, he must have been one of those who followed me. I go back and sit down like a good girl.

A few hours later, I'm starting to get desperate.

"Hey! Is anyone there?"

"Keep quiet, Deanna" a female voice says, "There is no one to help you here."

A sinister looking woman in dark glasses comes in.

Another woman in dark glasses follows behind, then another. Are they all having eyesight problems?

"You may call me Number One" says the fist woman, "We are the leaders of the female organisation known as the Sisterhood."

"Never heard of them." I say dismissively.

"Then that's to our credit." she smiles in triumph, "We keep our underworld activities strictly under the radar, and control many public organisations. We are an all-female group, except for the two heavies we employ, and we may not even need them soon."

"Better hope they didn't here that!" I say sharply, "What do you want of me?"

"Ah." answers Number One, "You are in a somewhat seedier part of San Francisco, a little away from the Starfleet. This is one of the clubs we operates, the Girly-GoGo Bar. You see, Deanna, we were on the look out for a new tall brunette to take the place of Minette, whom we had to execute as she tried to escape."

"You mean you want me here as a stripper?" I ask astonished, "I won't do it!"

"Yes you will!" orders Number One, "If you try and get away or call out for anyone to rescue you during your stage act, then your fate will be the same as poor Minette. Now I suggest you look through the dresses and try to practice your routine. Your first performance will be in a few days."

With that, Number One and her entourage walk out, leaving the man-mountain guarding the room.

To be continued after the TWQ.....


The Curmudgeon said...

As I read this I wondered... are there no exhibitionists left in the 24th Century? And then it occurred to me. As Captain Picard has frequently stated (usually to the Ferengi -- and never at the Starfleet Mall), humanity has progressed beyond the need for money in the 24th Century. Therefore, there are no small paper bills to stick in a dancer's g-string during a performance. The financial incentive to perform in such a place would be seriously diminished. Bars of gold-pressed latinum simply would not be an acceptable substitute for dollar bills. (Pause for visualization here....)

Hmmmm. Perhaps strip club owners would have to kidnap dancers for work in 24th Century clubs. But why would the Sisterhood be interested in running such an unsavory business?

I suspect something more is going on here than has yet been revealed. And I don't mean by Deanna.

I suspect, further, that poor Riker, should he happen upon Deanna's involuntary performance, won't be able to see past the obvious....

Susan said...

I know how this is going to end.

Worked this one out.

Deanna will use her pole dancing pole to pole vault her way out of danger - Yes?

Linda said...

Sounds like something more up Brittany's alley here, I think they kidnapped the wrong sister!

Fly Girl said...

I just can't see Deanna as a convincing stripper...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Curmy, an excellent analysis.

Susan...I'll have to change the ending now.

Linda, Britney would have made too good a stripper and would have enjoyed it!

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