Saturday, April 02, 2011

TWQ: Public Holidays

At the end of April (29th), there is a one-off extra public holiday in Britain to celebrate the Royal Wedding that is happening on the day. TWQ (the Weekend Question) asks about public holidays.

Which public holidays would you like to see added on and removed. add as many as you wish, and put some humour in if you wish.

My answers are:


Trafalgar Day: A good time in October as there are no public holidays between the end of August and Christmas.

Election: A good idea to have a holiday whenevedr there is an election over the country.

Monday: We could all do with Monday off!


May Day: A political day that was put in years ago amongst the many others.

Now it's over to you....


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i like the ones we have pretty much already. i'd change the names of a few of them though. like labor day to end of summer day.

have a great week capt!

smiles, bee

... Paige said...

We (in America) need a day added in August, it should be called Dog Days It should be on a Friday and a Monday...Yea four day weekend

Oh and we should have something in April on whatever day I have my Stupid Blog Party on (15th this year) hint hint and shameless plug for Moi

thank you

Bilbo said...

Here in America, we need a holiday to bridge the great gap between Presidents' Day (in mid-February) and Memorial Day (last Monday in May). I propose making April Fools' Day a national (public) holiday in honor of Congress. Given how they've been acting lately, they need more than one such day, but one is all I'm willing to allow.

Amanda said...

Hey! They're making my birthday a public holiday in Britain?? LOL!

I'd like to see some public holidays in the second half of the year in Australia. There are almost none. Maybe Start-of-Summer Day or something.

Daud Khan said...

where are u dudde