Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Stalker (Part Four)

Editor's Note:

Captain Picard has been abducted by Valerie, a stalker who is obsessed with him, and is determined to marry Picard at the Elvis Galactic Chapel. Valerie managed to elude the securtity forces when Picard went to reason with her, but she beamed off with him instead.

Guest Poster: Beverly Crusher

"Where did the Captain go, Worf?" I find myself angrily saying to our Chief of Security, "You let him get beamed off to who-knows-where with that awful woman."

"I don't think he is in any danger, Doctor." Worf quietly tells me, "As she is obsessed by him, and thinks she is in love with the Captain, he will not be harmed."

"And THAT'S supposed to make me feel better?" I say sarcastically.

Deanna and Will come in to calm me down.

"Take a sedative, Beverly." urges Deanna, "The Enterprise crew are doing everything they can to locate the matterstream that might have been used to take Valerie and the Captain. Just relax for now."

"Would you be saying that if a red-haired woman who was mad and looked like Aphrodite had kidnapped your Will Riker?" I ask.

Deanna pauses, and for once, can't think of an answer.

Britney comes in, along with T'Pol.


"I was so near." Britney growls, as she carres he umbrella in with her. T'Pol is comforting her.

"I swung my umbrella right at that woman." Britney continues, "As it was about to make contact, she beamed away with the Captain. Wait until I see her again. My umbrella is itching to whack that Valerie."

"So am I." I say to myself, "When I do, there will one less redhead in the universe."

Data comes in.

"I may have found something." he says, "The galactic news sensors have picked up an interesting article."

We all go to see it printed on the screen, under WEDDING BANNS.

'The wedding of Valerie to Captain Jean-Luc Picard is due to take place at the Elvis Galactic Chapel on Vegas VII. Please note the ceremony is closed to guests.'

"I can't believe it."

"He's been forced into it." Deanna assures me.

"Warp Nine to Vegas VII" Will says quickly, "This wedding is going to get some unexpected guests!"

To be continued after the TWQ....


Linda said...

Hell hath no fury like an angry redhead. Valerie needs to run far and run fast when Bev gets there!

The Curmudgeon said...

Does what happens on Vegas VII stay on Vegas VII?

Susan said...

So has Elvis really left the building?

Michael Manning said...

Bev, a sedative, Britney with the umbrella...this is reaching a feverish pitch! Still, stalker or not, I feel you are in no danger Captain. If you read this message on your warp watch, just play along for now! :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Things look like they are reaching a crescendo. This may not exactly be a happy wedding!