Saturday, July 17, 2010

TWQ: Gadgets We Miss

This week, TWQ (the Weekend Question) asks about certain inventions and gadgets that are no longer around, but we wish they were, as they may have been overtaken by so-called better technology.

What gadgets or items of the past do you wish were still in common existence. List as many as you wish.

My answers are:

* Vinyl records
* Classic sports cars
* VCRs....I have many classic programmes recorded on them.
* British red telephone boxes

Now it's over to you...


Jim McKee said...

I saw a couple of the red telephone boxes on my most recent trip to Scotland (February).

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

three wheeled bicycles
cars from the 50's

but mostly i love the newer stuff...

smiles, bee

Linda said...

Console TVs that sat on the floor and were actually considered furniture and not just electronics!

The old phone booths with the doors that shut so that you could have a conversation in private.

Milk in glass bottles.

Coffee that tasted like coffee rather than the over-processed stuff we get these days. It smells good but it never tastes like it smells!

P M Prescott said...

Polaroid cameras

Adidas "Olympiad" running shoes

Smokey and the Bandit Pontiac Trans Am. It was a sweet driving car.

Susan said...

Mobile phones that just send and receive text messages and make phone calls.

I don't use half of the options on my phone and I purposefully got a basic one!

Fly Girl said...

Oh Capt, vinyl records have a resurrgence here! Lots of indie bands are making them and I just got a new record player to play my old records. I wish the London phone booths were still around as well as the American ones.

pilgrimchick said...

The original Nintendo Entertainment System--hands down. I don't care how good the graphics are or how "real" new games appear, NOTHING beats Mario, Zelda, and Tetris.

... Paige said...

telephones that are connected to the wall by a cord so folks who already don't drive well wouldn't try to drive while talking on the phone or better/worse yet texting while swerving

Bilbo said...

Telephones that just let you make telephone calls.

Good manners and civility. I know they don't fall into the "inventions and gadgets" category, but I still miss them.

Heather Dugan (Footsteps) said...

Wish I still had my old vinyls. Other than that? I LOVE all the new gadgets but long for the time before I was born when there were no TVs!

Michael Manning said...

1.) Full service gas stations with uniformed attendants who offer to check your tire pressure and wash your windshield while they are refueling your tank.

2.) Southwest Airlines flight attendants in Hot Pants.

3.) Johnny Carson hosting "The Tonight Show"!