Monday, July 26, 2010

Sheena's Viewpoint (Part One)

Guest Poster: Sheena

It's very relaxing being a baby.

My parents will come to me whenever I scream out. However, when it's night time, daddy is sent to tend to me, change my diaper, or just generally keeps me quiet. Mommy doesn't come, as she stays in bed and kicks daddy out.

"Look after Sheena, Wes." she will say, "I've got an early shirft tomorrow morning."

"So have I, honeybunch." he protests, but mommy ignores this, and daddy comes to help, although he has dark rings under his eyes and bags under the bags .

"What is it, Sheena?" he asks in a half dazed manner. He picks me up, sings a song, then shuffles off back to the bedroom like one of the living dead.

One thing that does bug me is that the amount of time I get picked up out of my cot. I mean no one ever asks if I want this to happen. Sometimes it seems like the crew of the Rhode Island is queuing up outside yo take a look at me as if I am an exhibit it a zoo. Mommy and daddy ought to be charging an entrance fee.

The next morning I am up. Daddy is eating his breakfast and I am playing my amazonian baby spear. I throw it at daddy and it hits him on the cheek.

"OW!!" daddy exclaims.

"Good shot, darling Sheena!" Mommy says.

"What do you mean 'good shot?', Karena?" daddy asks, "I could have been blinded by that spear."

"Well you wern't." mammy retorts, "Our daughter is already showing her prowess as an amazon warrior princess. I predict she'll be the most famous of all amazons."

Daddy rolls his eyes and manages stops the blood on his cheek. A buzzer is heard, and Captain Hernandez and Commander Hathaway come in. Both of them come right to my cot.

"Isn't she growing up, Mark?" the Captain says, "It looks like we'll have another young ensign soon!" Both of them pick me up, and I get passed around as if I am the feature in a 'pass the parcel' game.

"Good morning Ensign Karena and Wesley." the Captain says to mommy and daddy, "I was just talking to Captain Picard, and he says the Enterprise will be in our sector in a couple of days, so we'll meet up then. Both him and Doctor Crusher are keen to see you both, plus little Sheena."

With that, the two of them put me down, and they head out. I notice that while mommy and daddy are not looking, Commander Mark Hathaway squeezes the bottom of Captain Hernandez. She manages to suppress a playful giggle, and they hold hands as they leave.

Is this they way Captains and Commanders behave? I'm only a baby, so it's all very confusing.

Still, it looks like I'm going to picked up and passed around again in a couple of days!

To be continued...


Random Magus said...

Hi - I loved this post... made me laugh and think of my little one and wonder what she makes of us, although its only mummy changing diapers :)

Susan said...

Poor Daddy.

Wonder if Captain Picard will get called Dad Dad.

Our Grandson calls Grandad Dad Dad, much to the amusement of anyone listening.

Michael Manning said...

Susan raises a good question. What will The Captain be called? ;)

Linda said...

Perhaps Sheena can call you Cappy rather than Pappy? Of course, if people keep picking her up when she doesn't want to be then people are going to be called Target Practice!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Little babies must really dislike being constantly picked up like a bag of potatoes!

Anonymous said...

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