Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ensign Britney Undercover (Part Four)

It's been nearly a week since I sent Ensign Britney undercover to infiltrate the Dregs of Society. I haven't heard a word from her.

The idea was for her to find out as much information as she could, and come straight out, but that hasn't happened. As she is so erratic and unpredictable, I don't know what to think.

Britney is about as reliable as a timepiece sold by a Ferengi dealer.


Deanna Troi and Beverly enter my Ready Room, where I am about to have a stress pill.

"Captain." says Deanna, "We'd like to talk to you about Ensign Britney."

At the sound of that, I decide to have two stress pills instead.

"What is it, Counselor?" I ask.

"We have been studying Ensign Britney's behavioral patterns." Deanna continues, "It seems she has a lot of the qualities that are also inherant in Dreg behaviour. Reluctance to accept rules, bad discipline, never one to conform."

"So what are you two saying?" I ask.

"We think that Britney could easily be a victim of Stockholm Syndrome, or the modern equivilant FourLight Fever, where the captor, or person with them can start to believe or sympathise with their beliefs." Bev tells me.

I put my head in my hands.

"She could reveal a lot of Starfleet secrets!" I say in despair.

"That will not happen!" exclaims a third voice in the room.

"T'Pol." Deanna says, "I know you're friends with Britney, but..."

"My soulsistah friend Britney may be unorthodox." T'Pol declares, "I agree, she may have sympathies with the Dregs, but she is a good Starfleet member and will carry out her mission."

Riker enters the room.

"I hope you're right, T'Pol." he says, "We've had word from sources around the main Dreg neighbourhood that the leader now is a Desdemona Dreg, sister of the imprisoned Dirk Dreg. Not only that, she has a new recruit who is in her favour and will soon rise high in their circles."

I groan.

"We've got to get her out now, Captain." Deanna says, "Before it is too late. She may be either trapped in there and is playing along until she sees her chance, or has turned into a Dreg."

"Send me." T'Pol asks, "I was top at the sneakiness and break in group in the Terran Empire Qualifying Exam."

An idea comes to me.

"Very well, T'Pol." I say, "You can go down and locate her. We'll tell you where the top Dreg areas are."

Satisfied, T'Pol leaves the Ready Room.

Deanna, Bev and Riker look amazed.

"Why did you send her alone, Captain." asks Riker, "She'll get captured."

"And lead us right to their Headquarters, Number One." I say, "We'll place a tracker on her before she beams down. Mr Worf his full security team and us all will be close behind."

"You may have a good idea, Jean-Luc." Bev tells me after the others have left, "Let's hope we are not to late to save Britney from the Dregs."

To be continued...


R. Sherman said...

Frankly, JL, I'm not sure why you give a rat's tookus about a disposable ensign when you gotta know Crusher continues to have the hots for you. Good grief, man. Get a hold of yourself. Think of that Auburn hair and do the right thing!

Cheers and


Bob-kat said...

I agree with R.Sherman. Aren't ensigns disposable? ;) Good plan to try adn track T'Pol to the Dregs despite the skill in sneakiness!

Michele sent me over to say hi!

Nepharia said...

Perhaps you should send the ensign to my part of the universe. I'd be more than happy to teach her some discipline and sith fashion of course. :D

Michael Manning said...

I've been pining for Deanna to return! I was tempted to say "Ensign Britney" is about as reliable as a Fiat (a car that was quite a mechanical failure here in the USA but not in Europe, thus the acronym "Fix It Again Tony!"). This series should be serialized for at least a half hour TV drama! It is THAT good!:)

Merlyn Gabriel said...

well this just gets better and better....

Gordon said...

Jean-Luc I told you this would get ugly didn't I, well I was right sending in T'Pol might be a good idea or a bad Idea but I guess we'll have to wait and see how it plays out.
I'd skip the stress pills and go find Guinan and have her pour you a fine single malt or something, yes real alcohol not the synthetic stuff.

Amanda said...

These two 'soulsistahs' might surprise us all.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Sending T'pol after Brit. I expect some chaos in the offing :)

Vella said...

Or save The dregs from Brit ... Either way

The Curmudgeon said...

What secrets could Ensign Britney possibly reveal? The menu in the Brig? The dimensions and standard layout of the Brig? Let T'Pol go and "forget" to put the tracking device on, that's my recommendation....

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Curmudgeon, maybe the Gregs would want to know the brig menu list.

MOTD, a good prediction.

Gordon, that might be a good solution.

Michael, I like that FIAT acronym!

Nepharia, I don't think Britney would like to come your way.

R Sherman, Bob-kat, it's not so much ensigns that are disposable, but those who wear red shirts.

dragonflyfilly said...

"disposable ensign" Mr. Sherman? - spoken like a true general...when will the common people recognize that their beloved children are nothing but "cannon fodder" and not heroes of war as they would like to believe, but I digress...

...but I agree with Michael, I don't think Brit is very reliable...sort of like a Dodge?

cheers for now,

Lahdeedah said...

You know,

One unanticipated side affect..

Dreg recruits into Starfleet....

Jana said...

Wow, I actually feel a little scared for Britney. I'm sure T'Pol will handle things, though.

Anonymous said...

she did not have a red shirt on did she?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

FourLight Fever?


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Jon, I was wondering if anyone would spot 'FourLight Fever'.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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