Thursday, March 27, 2008

Enterprise Anti Gravity Failure

When I wake up every morning, I expect to be lying in my comfy bed, not looking at it from the ceiling.

I'm floating in the air.

After managing to find the Com, I try and communicate.

"Number One!" I shout, "What is going on?"

"Sorry, sir" comes the reply, "It's happening all over the ship. The entire antigravity system has failed. Geordi is trying to repair it. You'll have to dig out the anti gravity boots."

Growling a few well-chosen words, I fumble along, floating down by holding on to the parts of the furniture that are too heavy to move.

Lighter objects are all floating around, including the picture I have of Bev that I keep next to my bedside.

I struggle to open the wardrobe door and find the boots. Now upside down, I manage to affix them on to my feet and switch them on.

Immdiately, I fall to the floor, landing on my head.


After a few moments, I wake up again, and after some difficulty, manage to put my uniform on. This isn't easy. After having a headache pill, I go outside and clump towards Engineering.

I see Seven of Nine floating in the air. She must have been in the corridor when the gravity stopped.

"Whoever did this must be assimilated." she comments with some venom.

I, and all the other crewmembers look as if we are walking on the bottom of the ocean. Then I have a brainwave.

"Number One." I say in my Com, "Transfer me within the ship to Engineering."

I appear there, and approach Geordi.

"Where is the anti-gravity device, Mr La Forge?"

"It's over here, Captain." he indicates, "We haven't taken much notice of it previously, as it's always worked normally."

We go to a tiny part of Engineering where I've never visited before to see the machine.

"What's this?" I ask, "It looks positively archaic."

"Starfleet did try to cut a few corners when building the Enterprise." explains Geordi, "It was either have a 400 year old prototype anti gravity machine and a ship with replicators, or have a brand new device. Well it hasn't failed up to now."

"Can you repair it, Mr LaForge?" I ask, "I can't keep walking around in these diver's boots."

"I'll give it a try." he replies, "Although I must admit, this is not my field of expertise. I'm more used to warp core technology."

"Sid the repairman would have done this without a problem." comments Riker, as his boots clump near, "But I checked and he is currently using a hammer and chisel with a door that is jammed on the USS Constitution."

"I think I've got it." says Geordi, "Prepare for activation!"

Everybody falls to the floor as the combined effect of the boots and restored gravity have their effect.

"Well done, Mr LaForge." I say, "Number One, I think I'll tell Starfleet that it's time for them to save up their pennies to buy a new anti-gravity machine."


M. C. Pearson said...

Ha! Been around a while, eh.

***Thanks for the hatching egg, Graham...I was on here looking at your site when I got it on Facebook!***

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Not having gravity sure does suck.

Amanda said...

I'd love to experience the lack of gravity. That would be so much fun.

Lahdeedah said...

Hey, that looks like my lost time machine....

Linda said...

A scale? Wow, that's one of the most annoying kind of gravity machines there is and they should all be banned!

Except for the whole falling down and knocking one's self out stuff it sounds kind of like fun to be weightless for a change!

Red Robin said...

sonds fun except for the head bonking

Bilbo said...

It sounds to me as if Mr LaForge didn't understand the - uh - gravity of the situation.

The Curmudgeon said...

I'm guessing Sid installed the anti-grav machine in the first place. Check for chicken wire and chewing gum to verify or refute this hypothesis.

Jana said...

Do you have the schematics for that device? I'm working on an anti-gravity machine and this may help.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Curmudgeon, you might be right about Sid installing it.

Bilbo, that's a groaner of a pun!

Amanda, I'm sure the crew of the Enterprise were not as keen to experience anti-gravity.

Gordon said...

I'm glad I didn't come visit I hate to be left floating...

Titania Starlight said...

Good thing it was sorted out. Also you may need to request new anti-gravity boots. Those are so 20th century. :O)

Nepharia said...


Doesn't that mean the opposite of gravity? Wouldn't it take away the gravity? Wouldn't you want a "gravity simulator" or an "artificial gravity maker" or something like that?

Anonymous said...

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Michael Manning said...

I thought being assimilated gave one a house to live in (in the modern world)?

Anonymous said...

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