Thursday, January 04, 2007

Restructuring (Part Two)

I'm here at Starfleet Headquarters applying for my own job!

Since Admiral Jensen told me there is a 'restructuring program' going on at Starfleet, I've been preparing for the interview. Beverly has been helping by playing the interviewer and me answering.

Bev was too tough! I couldn't answer her questions.

I'm here now in my best outfit, waiting to go in. Beverly is with me, holding my hand.

"Now listen, Jean-Luc" she tells me calmly, "There is nothing to be afraid of; just be your normal self and answer carefully."

"I don't want to end up commanding a cargo ship in deep space, or something like that." I say in a halting manner, "I like the Enterprise."

"Don't be afraid." Beverly replies, "Besides, if the worst comes to the worst, even a cargo ship needs a doctor."

We laugh at that. Bev has a good sense of humor.

The interview room door opens, and Captain Collinson of the USS Delaware comes out. He's a tough man, but he is red faced and quivering. Some of his officers take him away as he mentions the Captaincy of a leaky radioactive chemical vessel.

A voice barks out from the room.


I slowly walk in; the are two figures there; Admirals Fenner and Z'Var. Two of the people who opposed my Captaincy to the Enterprise in the first place.

That cargo ship is looking very real.

"Now I know we didn't exactly approve of you when who were given the Enterprise, Captain Picard." says Fenner, "But you can be sure that Admiral Z'Var and I will overlook that and will give a balanced assesment on this interview. Isn't that right, Admiral?"

"Yes, I suppose so." Z'var comments reluctantly.

"Now then," starts Fenner, "Can you tell me how well you've done with the Enterprise, and why you think you should stay in chatge of it?"

"Well" I say, "We've made a number of First Contacts with other species, saved the universe a few times, and..."

"While that's true, Captain" interrupts Z'Var, "It has been the Enterprise, not just you who have done these things. Many of your own crews action has resulted in things working out. The acting Ensign Wesley Crusher has saved the ship a number of times. Maybe we should make him Captain?"

I grate my teeth hard.

"Ensign Crusher did perform a lot of these tasks, Admiral" I comment, "But only because I had the foresight to appoint him to that position."

It pained me to say all that, but Z'Var grudginly accepts it. Fenner tries another tack.

"The Starfleet Prime Directive is our number one priority, is it not, Captain."

"Yes, Admiral." I reply, knowing what Fenner is going to say next.

"In that case, why have you consistantly broken that rule?" he comments, "On Stardate 43218.6, the Enterprise interfered with the development of the Goldran race, and on Stardate.."
"That was necessary, Admiral." I say quickly, "Otherwise the Goldran would not be here now. Also, if you remember, Admiral Z'Var, that it was them that rescued your race, the Valden, when the Golos threatened to invade."

Z'Var hesitates; I've got him on the defensive. He quietly confers with Fenner, who shakes he head. After more intensive whispering, Fenner nods his head grudgingly and turns towards me.

"Captain Picard." he states, with the air of a man who has won a lottery but has lost his ticket, "We have decided that your application to retain the Captaincy of the Enterprise has been successful."

I get up and leave; Beverly is waiting for me, eager to know the result.

"Forget the cargo vessel, Bev." I tell her with a smile, "I think we'll settle for the Enterprise."

We both laugh and head back to beam up.


Ellee said...

Congratulations, you deserve your success. A colleauge of mine had to reapply for her job recently after restructuring, but was not successful. It must be a terrible feeling.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, Captain. Against the upper rank bureaucracy, you handled yourself "admirably"!

Permisson to come aboard to help save the universe, sir!

Anonymous said...

Riker is going to be so disappo-- I mean -- happy. Yes, Riker is certainly going to be happy about this.

And you'll be able to tell by the way he grits his teeth.

SQT said...

I'm glad Beverly was there to hold your hand.

Mykol said...

Good on ya Wesley, helping Captain Picard retain the Enterprise!

Ciera said...

Nothing like a little leverage is there, Jean-Luc? And that was one snappy suit you were wearing too :)

squirrel said...

How sweet Bev was willing to go to the cargo vessel with you!! Glad you got to stay Captain!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Wesley gets to go be Captain of the cargo vessel? Please??

polar said...

nice handling of the interview... congrats on the acceptance.

Boulder said...

congradulations captain, i dont think any other could be better for the enterprise.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Aw that interview wasn't so tough. That admiral practically handed the ship to you on a platter

Summer Dawn O'Ciardha said...

Captain, that seemed a little too easy. Expect a trick of some sort.

Professor Xavier said...

Stick it to the Man!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Yay, Captain. The enterprise wouldn't be the same without you. Though I used to have the hots for that other captain!

Erifia Apoc said...

Thank the Force, it would be terrible if someone else were the Captain of the Enterprise.

Then who would I drink with?

Lahdeedah said...

Oooh good, you've been offered the job of Captain of a starshi... oh wait... right... ooh congratulations, you get to keep your job!

Riker is going to be soooo pleased for you!

raehan said...

Whew. That was close. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...



That's all I can say.

Anonymous said...

and Congratulations. I mustn't forget that.

Isn't it a bit ridiculous to have to apply for the job that you already have?

Do you get a raise?

Gopher said...

Congratulations captain, glad to hear it. I've sent a request to guinan, it's just a little cocktail Im sure you'll like, just be thankful I told her to make sure it was synthahol and not the real stuff she used, enjoy it :).
Oh and Dr. Crusher is a star.
I guess Riker could always go for that cargo captains job *laughs*.
I'm off to vorgash 4, I hear it's nice this time of year..

Anonymous said...

Sure is good to know where the secrets lie and the skeletons are isn't it...

I guess it helps to save a few butts along the way. I am so glad you got to keep your job.

I should hate to think of someone else sitting in your chair!!!

xxs and oos

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thanks everybody; it's helpful to be able to twist a few arms!

Ellee, I agree; it's an awful thing to have to do.

Ciera, that was my 'grovelling' outfit.

Linda, wouldn't it have been fun if Wesley went on the cargo vessel?

Curmudgeon, Riker might well be smiling through gritted teeth.

Erifia, that's so true.

Shoshana, I don't get a raise because we don't get paid.

Gopher, thanks for the cocktail.

Merlyn, that's very true!!

Anonymous said...

I always got the title in lieu of a raise...but that's just me.

Michele sent me,


Anonymous said...

Good play, Captain!

Claire said...

Congratulations! We knew you could do it!

Here from Michele's today!

Ellee said...

Congratulations again, no easy feat, but great to know your sterling work is appreciated at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

Well I reckon that sho' is better than the alternative: you an' Bev sittin' around a fire eatin' pork'n'beans after spendin' the last of yore space dollars on scratch-offs and tall boys

Anonymous said...

I knew you could do it, Captain!! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Phew! That was close. Luckly you deflected those attempts to umbridle your captaincy, now they'll have to wait for the next re-structure to try again. Bev's tough questioning must have helped after all.


Anonymous said...

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