Thursday, June 22, 2006

Secret Mission (Part Three)

With Locutus and Crusher captured by Taran and his people, it will be up to me to save them, as ome would expect.

The Borg are supreme!

I go round the side to listen in on the conversation. Koth has been sent back to the Shady Beggar Club.

"What is going on, Taran?" asks Locutus, "Why are you leading a rebel group when you asked us to help?"

"Naturally, I was sent to ask for help by the Emperor" he replies, "But he didn't know what position I was really at. Koth and his group are just useful idiots. As soon as the government are overthrown, I shall assume power and crush Koth and his group."

"You won't succeed." says Crusher.

"I think we will, Doctor Crusher" Taran replies me a snarl.

"You don't expect us to let you get away with this, do you?" says Locutus.

"No, Captain" he says with a laugh, "I expect you to die!"

"Take them to the death cell." Taran directs a minion, "Have all the others look for the third one who was with them; she's a Borg drone and very dangerous."

Right now, I should go and assimilate them all, but Locutus expects me to do things the human way. Why does this have to be? We are Borg!

I make my way back to the Shady Beggar Club; there, I meet Alice, who Crusher met earlier and tell her that Koth is being used by Taran. She is livid. I also say that 'Therase' and 'Jada', my associates are being imprisoned.

"Right, Sevena!" she shouts, "The time for action is now!"

She gathers both forces together, who are united, now they know they were used and go out, heavily armed.

I think Alice would make a good Borg drone; perhaps I ought to ask her later?

We all storm the headquarters; we get to the death cell, where Locutus and Crusher are on seperate tables with an industrial laser making it's way higher between their legs. Both are sweating. I destroy both lasers with ease, as one would expect.

"Well done, Seven" Locutus tells me, "You did a great job."

"Thanks, Seven" Crusher says.

I really had to save them; how else can I assimilate them later on, when the Borg Queen tells me to?

Resistance is Futile. We are Borg!"


Pads said...

Nice job seven, just in the nick of time too, Glad seven rescued you captain, it looked liked things were getting a bit hairy there for a bit lol.

Love pads

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Go Seven!!!!

shoudl you ever wish to come on over to the Dark side I know a cuople of guys who would enjoy meeting you!

In the meant time, you should be rewarded for your efforts..

I liked teh use of James bond tech though... kinda backward in a retro bad guys sort of way!


A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Yikes!! Dang it Seven, You need a make over. Evertiem I see you looking all "Borged" out it freaks me.

BTW, nice save.

jax said...

Industrial laser to the crotch and beyond is really not the way to go. Cheers to Seven!

mrsmogul said...

Instead of assimilating locus and cactus, you should put them in a huge black crockpot and stir in some vegetables.

(Like the Bugs Bunny Cartoon where the witch stirs him)

I am filling in for Mrs. Mogul,

Luv your pal - George Takei

Ciera said...

OMG---Too funny!!! Love the James Bond twist!

Seven comes in handy doesn't she Jean-Luc...well, once in a while...

TX said...

when you cant asimulate terminate!

Paperback Writer said...

Nice save.

Trinity13 said...

Good work! Only Wesley could have done it better.

Osquer said...

Well, Captain, you wanted the Bond treatment! Of course, now I can't help but picture Taran looking like Goldfinger!

Professor Xavier said...

Looking at the picture of Seven I just have this unshakeable urge to pour a bottle of Lubriderm all over her face.

craziequeen said...

Seven of Nine - Hero!!

It has a nice ring to it....



Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

Great look, Seven - where do you get your hair done?

anna-brooklynn-1351 said...

Helloooooooo world!

Anonymous said...

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