Saturday, July 26, 2008

TWQ: Shopping Irritations

This week, TWQ (The Weekend Question) asks about what annoys you when at the shops.

When you are out shopping, are there any irritations that you don't like facing, or will spoil the tranquility of browsing? List as many as you wish.

My answers are:

1: A child screaming at the top of their voice just to see how loud he or she can do it. Usually the parents don't take any notice, although the sound is enough to shatter glass!

2: The salesman's astonishment when I say that I don't want the extended warranty that goes with the item I bought.

3: Noisy music in a shop that is so loud I can't think straight.

Now it's over to you...


Superman said...

Strange artificial smessl they pump in some stores.

Rude clerks.

Salesmen that keep tryying to get me to buy something else.

Superman said...

I meant smells

Bilbo said...

Idiots who park their shopping carts right in the middle of an aisle while they browse somewhere else, then get nasty when you ask them to move it, or when you move it yourself.

People who wait until the cashier is completely finished ringing up their purchases before suddenly remembering that they have to pay for it...then rummaging in their wallet or purse for money...then realizing they don't have enough...then deciding what to leave out...then deciding the total is still too high and the cashier must have made a mistake and insisting that the whole thing be rung up again.

Linda said...

Aisles that are so narrow and crowded that two shopping carts can't pass at the same time.

Not being able to find a sales clerk when you need one but having one hanging over your shoulder when you don't.

Items that aren't marked with prices and you have no idea how much it costs.

Having something that it is supposed to be on sale not ring up at the sales price so the clerk has to take the time to look it up in the circular to see if you're telling the truth or not.

Actually, truth be told, I dislike shopping in general and avoid it whenever possible!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i hate shopping but have now found online shopping and am happily typing away. the delivery man knows me by name now! ha ha ha

but if i HAVE to go in a store, i dislike rude people and the store has something on sale but are all out of it already and i can't find an iphone 3g YET!!! i am still looking!!! arg...

can you still not comment g?

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

I'm coming by from Michele's to say hi and happy weekend, but can't resist answering your TWQ!

The things that spoil shopping for me are:

Sales Clerks who make no effort to help me, are sullen, bored, yawning or 'blind'; and don't Know The Products!!

The rest, I can put up with; but I would rather leave a badly wanted product and go and shop somewhere else, than put up with that.

I like the WQ! Do you do this every weekend?


Looney said...

Jean-Luc, the main problem is when I spend 30 minutes finding the right item, then discover that the floor sample is damaged and they are out of stock. Was this inventory control problem solved in the 24th century? And while we are at it, I remember that you were beginning a lecture on the differences between the economics of 20th century Earth and the 24th century but were interrupted and didn't complete the explanation. Can't remember which episode.

BTW: I just went to fetch a copy of your famous work, "The Wealth Of Solar Systems" on, but they are out of print.

Jaime said...

I'm not much of a shopper...

I don't like stores with lots of people in it.

Titania Starlight said...

1.I am with you on the first one. When I walk into a store the first thing that I hate hearing is the scream of a fussy brat. I never let my children scream in stores. I know how annoying it can be.

2.I dislike those on cell/mobiles while shopping. They drive a shopping cart like they do their cars, very badly! And I dislike their screaming and shouting. They are as bad as screaming brats only old enough to know better.

3.Cashiers who do not say hello or have a nice day. Too bad they do not know that when I do a comsumer survey on them, I will not hold back in reporting their bad customer service.

4.While shopping at a home improvement store, the employees go out of the way not to help you when you need their help. Americans, this would be Home Depot I am talking about. I can see the heads nodding in affirmation.

This was a great question Jean-Luc. I was able to vent a bit. :o)

Have a nice weekend.

The Real Mother Hen said...

A husband who asks "are we done yet?" every few minutes or so! That's so annoying.

I don't like loud music too.

Another one is Asian grocery stores that smell really bad... but then again, if they don't smell bad, they probably don't have good Asian products that I like! Boy I'm a really picky Asian ain't I? Don't answer that!!!

Nepharia said...

People who stand right in the middle of everything and are not conscious of the fact that there are other shoppers. That's enough to make me want to go home. And, no, I do not shop at all after November except on pain of death.

I understand the occasional upset child, but when a parent continues shopping as if there is nothing wrong, then I must really wonder if they are either deaf or stupid.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It seems I gave a few of you the chance to have a really good rant about those things that bother you. I'm with you on them all.

Bee, I internet shop a lot, so I'm with you there.

No, I still can't comment on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Those rude clerks who interrupt my discreet shoplifting experience, bother me the most. wink

Joking aside: Ill-mannered children. Shopping should not be accompanied by enduring children making animal sounds, crying loudly without intervention.

Racks that are stuffed with so many garments that it looks like a yard sale.

Shopping at my local mall is the worst. I now travel afar. I told my husband "If they add one more pedicure shop I will scream." They did. I think we have five now. The women with the tattoo's go get their nails done for 35 bucks and then spend $8.98 at a Dave and Barry's for a cheap shirt for their kid. They wonder why they are poor?

Kiosks. The mall also has too many kiosks with carnival hawkers... If I am attacked one more time by a man trying to get me to purchase a cell phone while I am walking by with my own phone up to me ear I am tempted to issue him the Hawaiian Good Luck Sign, if you know what I mean. wink

Thanks for letting us scratch the post, Jean Luc.


Ellee Seymour said...

I wonder why people think M & S is such a great store when it offers no personal assistance to select items.

I also dislike having to queue for a changing room as I am always in a rush, particularly if I then need to try another size or colour and have to go out on the shop floor again.

Eye Candy said...

~Salutations Jean-Luc~

SOL 3 certainly provides some quaint shopping experiences but for me the most disappointing part is that things are woefully out of style as SOL 3 is unaware of the multiverse fashion trends. I may have to go off world soon to pick up the latest’s in undergarments, I mean they call this silky soft? Horror!

War Eagle said...

I would agree with all 3 of ur choices, Captain. I would add inattentive sales staff when i need help.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

People who jam up the aisle with their shopping cart / baby buggies / what ever so that no one can get past them. Nothing makes me crosser.

People who stop dead while walking so that you nearly fall into them and then get all rude because you walked into to them.

Screaming children are also on my list.

Idiots at the cash who poodle about so slowly that by the time it's my turn to get my groceries rung through I have to bag while I stand at the cash instead of being able to do so at the end of the roller thingy.

rude people.

I hate shopping some days as well.

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