Tuesday, February 05, 2008

T'Pol & Britney In The Mirror Universe (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Mirror T'Pol

At last! After all these months of waiting, I've made it back into the universe where I came from!
A spatial rift opened up in front of the Enterprise, so I escaped in a shuttlecraft, and have taken my best friend Ensign Britney along with me. She wanted to come as she felt hard done by in the universe she came from.

Besides, we're friends!


"We've made it, sistah!" exclaims Britney, looking at the controls, "Sensors show we are now in the other universe."

"The Terran Empire!" I say triumphantly.

"Hold on." she says, "It looks like the Enterprise is up ahead. I thought we had escaped."

"Take a closer look, Britney." I instruct her, and we see the Terran Empire symbol of a dagger through the world, and the name ISS Enterprise.

"Home!" I say to myself.

A tractor beam draws our shuttlecraft in. After we touchdown in the landing bay, the two os us disembark and I tell them who we are.

"The Captain is going to be VERY interested in seeing you!" says a scarred Chief O'Brien.

"I don't think he got that scar shaving." whispers Britney, as we walk through the corridors.


A few moments later, we are taken to the Bridge, and Captain Picard turns round. He looks very different, with a long savage scar on his cheek. Riker is next to the Captain. The Commander has only one eye.

Orion Slave Girl

An Orion Slave Girl, who had been kissing the Captain, gets up and looks at us.

"You can leave now, Syra" Picard orders. She gets up off his lap in a sudden huff.

Syra marches out, with an insolent stare at both me and Britney, as if we are the lowest form of life.

"Greetings, Captain Picard." I announce, "I am Lieutenant Commander T'Pol of the 22nd Century starship ISS Enterprise. This is my friend Ensign Britney. We are seeking asylum on your vessel."

"Oh you are, are you?" Picard laughs, as does Riker and the rest of the Bridge crew.

Deanna Troi and Beverly Crusher walk on the Bridge. Crusher sits on the lap of Picard, and Troi on the lap of Riker. Both couples kiss as I tell them my story of how I was frozen for two hundred years and woken up in the other universe.

"How did you lose your eye, Commander Riker?" asks Britney.

"I'll answer that." Picard interrupts, "Riker tried to kill me so that he could become Captain. I got this cheek scar, and he lost an eye. I said to him that if he tried anything like that again, he knows what would happen."

"Scary." whispers Britney.

"Nonetheless." Picard declares, "This is a great day for the Terran Empire. The most sought-after fugitive in our history has finally been captured."

"Who's that?" I ask.

"You!" Picard laughs, "Ever since you escaped during the mutiny you staged with Commander Archer, Empress Sato made it a law that the rebel T'Pol would be hunted down. And now, after two hundred years, we have finally caught you."

I can't believe it.

"EMPRESS Sato!" I say in amazement, "But Hoshi Sato was just a lowly Officer. How could she get to such a position?"

I look on the wall and see her portrait, with the lettering 'Sato the Supreme' written underneath.

"She poisoned Archer, the traitor you collaborated with, and took control of the Defiant" Picard tells us, "She declared herself Empress. When the Empire agreed, she ruled, and became our greatest ever Leader, speading our control over much of the Alpha Quadrant. Her first Order was the capture of you, and has stood for all time."

Things are looking grim.

"Look, Captain." I say, "Can't we just forgive and forget. Tell you what, Just let us get to the shuttlecraft and we'll leave. Forget you ever saw us."

"Yeah, Captain." Britney pleads, "We never did you any harm. That rift won't last much longer."

"Take them both to the execution chamber!" orders Picard, "I shall be along shortly to witness this great event."

"What about me?" wails Britney, "I just came along with my friend!"

"Any friend of the traitor T'Pol is her accomplice!" Picard answers, "Take them away!"

All of a sudden, my desire to remain in the Terran Empire is fading fast, as are our chances of survival.

To be continued...


Gordon said...

Ophs - how is T'Pol going to get out of THIS one, and will she stay and fight to find out the TRUTH or will she try and get back to the "boring" universe with the USS Enterprise and a brig.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Whoever brings Britney to the Enterprise should be shot! Period!

Can you imagine Britney say, "Computer, Tea, Earl Grey?"

Come on, she would probably say, "Computer, meth, quick!"

SHI said...

WOW after 200 years is the Empress still alive?

Amanda said...

A mirror universe full of intrigue...Naturally!

Jana said...

I bet she's wishing she obeyed Picard and stayed on board. Can't wait to see how she gets out of this!

Ellee Seymour said...

Captain has a lot on his hands at the moment, I hope he can cope, with slave girl's kisses and Brtitney's pleadings. Traitors too.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Man, you have to watch your back in that universe.

And your front and sides as well, for that matter.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Shi, I doubt the Empress is still alive!

Mother Hen, you might be right about Britney!

Draculina said...

Just suck all their blood out and then become empress yourself

Batman said...

I always did hate the mirror Universe

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Where Britney goes...trouble follows

The Curmudgeon said...

So you truly can't go home again.

Leon said...

Sato? Empress? Wow. Talk about a rise to power. Know your place Riker!

Anonymous said...

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