Sunday, July 30, 2006

Voice Of The Viper (Part One)

The Enterprise has been situated at Starbase 7 for the last couple of days.

Time for some shore leave; it never seems to end that way, though, and we end up being busier than tackling an alien invasion.

Still, at the moment, it's relaxation time.


I'm walking down to main corridor when a man approaches me; I sense trouble. He quickly removes his phaser, which I see is set to 'maximum'.

In an instant, my life flashes before me; every little "Make it so." seems to be remembered right now.

However, instead of pointing it at me, he turns it on him and vaporises himself.

What's going on?

Worf and his security team quickly come forward, together with Faran, Head of Security on Starbase 7.

I tell them all the story; Faran and Worf both look concerned.

"A little earlier, Captain" says Faran, "I was talking with Lieutenant Worf. A number of people with no apparent motive have been dispatching themselves off. A lot have done it in front of Enterprise visitors around the Starbase."

"I shall investigate this matter immediately" says Worf and takes his Security team away.


I beam back to the Enterprise; it all seems very strange. They can't be doing it because they are fed up with the Starbase. It may not be the best in the galaxy, but it's not worth vaporising oneself over.

Using a scrambled line, I contact Admiral Collins of Starfleet Security; I tell him what is going on. He looks worried.

"Captain Picard" he tells me, "It looks like the work of The Viper."

"The Viper?" I ask, "Who is he?"

"He is a master criminal we have been after for years." Collins explains, "He has a silky voice and can persuade people to do anything. The Viper's usual method is to instruct them to do a task, but only much later, when they hear a codeword. When they hear it, they will go into a trance and carry out the act they are supposed to."

"You mean he turns them into sleepers; time bombs waiting to go off when the codeword is said?"

"Exactly, Captain." Collins continues, "It's my guess that there are a lot of time bombs walking around Starbase 7. You need to get everyone off the base and find The Viper. He is showing off his power to you right now."

So much for relaxation.

I gather the senior staff around, together with Faran and tell them the situation.

"He must be apprehended immediately!" Worf declares in his security-officer voice; as if we don't already know that!

Teams are sent around the base; we go in twos so that The Viper cannot get one of us alone and 'program' them to do something.


At last, in a shadier area of the base, we find a signal. Why does a Starbase HAVE a shady area at all?

"He's here!" Geordi shouts into his Com link, who is with Data, "We've got him cornered!"

We all close in to the area with our phasers, determined to catch The Viper; he surrenders himself. He has a pointed face and is in a dark cloak. All criminals seem to look like that and wear those clothes.

This was all done very easily; another great mission easily done by the Enterprise crew! Another one for the good guys.

If that is so, why is The Viper laughing as he is being led away to the Starbase 7 brig?

"What's so funny?" I ask him.

"Oh my dear Captain Picard" he says in that smooth voice of his, "Your troubles are just beginning!"

I can sense something very nasty coming.

"As soon as the Enterprise arrived on Starbase 7" he tells me, "I programmed one of your staff to do something. He or she is unaware, but will only do it when a codeword is issued. It may be a long time before someone ever says it, but you can never be safe. You cannot obtain the information from me as I have programmed myself to forget who that person was."

The Viper gets dragged away to the brig, laughing away, just like all the evil madmen do at this time.

What do I do now?

To be continued ...


sage said...

interesting situation Captain... I assume I may be the "Judas," programed to destruct the ship, and not even know it. How do you do battle with such a threat and maintain morals and dignity?

Here from Michele's

Spider-Man said...

brilliant, just brilliant...

Johannes Rothe said...

How about some less often used combination of "make it so" and "on the screen" as codeword?




At least he made himself disappear instead of you. He must be an expert in hypnotism.

Jim McKee said...

Ruh-roh, Raptain.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Oh dear Captain, you and your crew do seem to get yourselves into quite the pickles...

I will keep my fingers crossed that nothing terrible happens...

in the mean time...why do all evil mad men cackle like derranged hens?
Well, nearly all. I haven't actually heard the Emperor cackle like that yet, but then again no one has actually carted him off to any brig either.

To be honest I think there is a school for evil and one of the classes is 'Evil laughter 101'

best of luck

mrsmogul said...

ummm is there a crystal ball or a resident psychic on the Enterprise?

Florence said...

Firstly, you should find out if only he can deprogram the individual or if anyone can. If oneone can, shove him out an airlock, fast! before he infects any more of the crew. But if only he can, then shove him out an air lock, fast! before he can infect any more of the crew. Then get that topnotch starfleet medical department onto cracking the psycho/biological way of dehypnotising people, probably light strobbing or a chemical and then release it to all those on board then everyone will be "cured" from the Madness of the Viper. The end....or? Maybe there's something even more sinister going on.

Wedge Antillies said...

QUite a dilema, dear Captain. And to go along with Merlyn's comment, do all evil villians buy their clothes at the same store? It seems that they all look alike.

The Curmudgeon said...

So -- who was first to volunteer for shore leave? Was it Riker? He might have beamed over to inspect the facilities before clearing larger groups to go over. He could have been compromised then.

Or was it Troi? She can read everyone else, but can she read herself?

Or was it Data? Maybe the word "programmed" is the clue?

Do you remember the old Groucho Marx TV Show, "You Bet Your Life"? (Say the secret word, the cigar smoking duck drops down on a very visible string and the contestant wins $50.)

Time for war games on the Holodeck, Captain. Get the senior staff together for some required efficiency training (you get memos all the time; they'll never know you're making it up) -- run through a bunch of situations -- try all those verbal combinations johannes rothe thought about -- and when someone tries to blow up the fake ship on the Holodeck, you've deprogrammed your man. Or woman. Or android.

And you won't even need a duck.

Trinity13 said...

I wouldn't be saying "Make it so" any time soon...or hanging out with Bev.

Me said...

This guy sounds like a villian from Harry Potter.
I think you should consult with another hypnotist pronto!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You all have very imaginative answers.

Merlyn, it is interesting that all madmen tend to cackle like deranged hens. They must learn how to do it.

Florence, your 'airlock' solution is a very direct one. I like your ideas.

Wedge, I think all these clothes are obtained from 'Evil Villains R Us'.

Curmudgeon, useful things to remember. I only saw the Bill Cosby version of 'You Bet Your Life' for the short time it was on in Britain.

Trin, good advice there.

Kelly, I'll think about that as well!

Paperback Writer said...

Oh, dear. This is probably a good time to use hand signals/sign language so the "codeword" will not be spoken.

Osquer said...

By the way, Captain, they have shady areas on starbases for fair skinned Orions like me. Have you ever seen sunburned green skin? Not pretty!

Jen said...

Ooh, that's interesting! I'll have to check back!

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Maybe the phrase is "free Ice cream" which would be great because when some one said "hey free ice cream", the affected person would be all "Must kill Picard, ... Oh wait there is free ice cream, yummy" and forget all about killing you.

Now I am hungry

Lahdeedah said...

Just tell Data to figure it out. He's a machine, great at programming... and never say 'make it so' again, for the duration.

Better yet, better enact a 'no speaking' rule for the meantime. An entire ship with no talking, might be hard...

Barbara said...


Viamarie said...


Happy Tuesday!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Laadeedah, a no speaking rule would be very difficult.

Osquer, don't they have sunblock for green skin?

Army of (Cl)one: I can't see the 'free ice cream' idea coming off.

Anonymous said...

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