Sunday, July 23, 2006

Power Failure

Things are not at the best of times right now.

A few moments ago, the Enterprise passed through the token mysterious spacial cloud. As we emerged, all power was drained, the lights went out and the ship is now floating in space; what a relief we have gravity shoes!

We are all sitting here in the Bridge, with everything in darkness, as if we are waiting for someone to come in and we all shout "Happy Birthday!" when they enter. Fortunately each are carrying a torchlight so we can see one another.

"What do we do, Captain?" asks Riker.

"I'm not sure, Number One" I say, "Suggestions anyone?".

I have to tell them all that when essentially, I don't have a clue.

I feel the blank looks coming forth; inane suggestions are meant to be very likely. Most likely long-range chances, or ideas that have no chance at all.

"The engines need to be revived" Geordi tells us, who is an expert at stating the obvious.

"With what?" I ask, "The kiss of life?"

"Heat might be enough to get get the engines slowly moving."

"What's the best source of heat that you have with you? I inquire.

"Errr...candles." Geordie haltingly replies.

"You're not serious, are you, Lieutenant?" I ask increduously, "That you want a 24th Century starship to be powered by candles?"

"It may not seem practical, Captain, states Data, "The theory is that the cloud carries a lot of energy; if you can take the Enterprise back to the cloud, the ship should absorb it and be fully charged."

"That sounds rather theoretical, Mr Data" I tell him, "How can you be sure that all this will happen?"

"We used to conduct tests on the holodeck on the effect of candle power on ship controls before this happened., and chances are that everything will work." he replies.

"Just how sure can you be?" I ask carefully.

Data isn't too keen on answering.

"The chances of success are slightly limited, Captain." he informs me.

This means the odds are very much against us; I would be safer betting on the 200 to 1 outsider in a horse race than on our success.


Everybody is sent to get their candles; some seem to have more than others; perhaps they have a great liking for them? I wonder what they do with them all in their quarters?

They are lit within the engine room.

"I sense great optimism here, Captain" says Deanna.

Actually, I sense great idiocy.

Eventually, the engines begin to creak, and the controls start to light up. Swiftly, Geordi programmes the Enterprise to take us into the cloud.

As we enter, there is a crackle of lights all over the ship as if it is New Year's Eve at Starfleet Headquarters.

Full power is resumed, and we pull away, completely restored.

"Perhaps there is a place for candle power, Captain?" asks Data, "I could enter it into the Starfleet Manual?"

I think Starfleet might believe Data had a circuit or two loose.


Carmi said...

Some of the most effective solutions to our most vexing technical challenges are the simplest. It wouldn't surprise me to see the lowly candle save the day in this instance.

I believe Michele would concur. She's another big believer in the concept of limited-scope combustion.

Me said...

I always said candles are the way to go to turn you on! hardy har har...
ok I admit it it wasn't THAT funny.

Ballpoint Wren said...

Heh! Kelly! I thought it was very funny!


With all the modern technologies now-a-days, candles are still the simplest form of light.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

It must have looked awfully pretty in the engine room with all those candles. But what makes me curious is why were they conducting experiments on this sort of thing in the holodeck???
Were they just bored or did they know this would happen, or are they ( like Admiral Thrawn) prepared for anything?

But I am pretty sure you are right about what Star Fleet woudl think about Data if he did enter that in the SF manual.


Florence said...

Candles used to be a measure of light intensity, might still be used today, not too sure. I wonder how many candles a warp drive is?

The Enterprise is always prepared for the unexpected, I wouldn't think a silly little cloud could defeat it. But I was wondering why Data was not effected? Surely he could have plugged into the engine...or was that plan B.

Lori said...

What do they do with candles in their quarters??.....Hot wax is very popular...LOL

Have a great day!!!

Paperback Writer said...

Word Lori. Word.

Susan said...

That's alot of candle lit baths then!

Osquer said...

Darn. I love candles, but I wanted to hear more about the kiss of life!

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Dang it, Florence beat me to the "plug Data into the engines" punch.

Candles? You used candle. When Lord Vader invades the Alpha Quadrant, you will find the power of candles is insignificant to the power of the Force. Or anything for that matter.

Ciera said...

What? No backup generator? Just like where I work....{shakes head in disbelief}...

Paperback Writer said...

Hmm...come to think of it, half of my buidling was without power and the other half had power...guess which half I was not in?

chelle said...

wow ... a lot of candle lit dinner and romantic rendezvous could be delayed now eh?

Nic said...

Who knew? Candles, they're not just for romance anymore! LOL!

Trinity13 said...

Never doubt the candle Capt...we have a ton in Zion.

Tanda said...

I would only start worrying about the crew if all the candles were aromatherapy.

Lahdeedah said...

I need more candles.

My favorite, overpriced evergreen-scented sparkly candles with real pine cones and evergreen leaves shoved in em...

Scented candles? Is the Enterprise wafting along in blissful cinnamon-spice?

dddragon said...

ooh, boy, this is the biggest yarn I've read in a while! lol!

{{sigh}} my husband is allergic (or so he sez) to scented candles.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

The Enterprise seems to have a lot of uses for candles!

Leon said...

Ha! Candles! What's next? Coal?

Pop! said...

Couldn’t someone have simply got out and pushed?

Oh wait, you’re in space.

Okay, couldn’t someone have got a long stick and pushed against the nearest planet? That might have worked. Don’t you have long sticks in the future?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Leon & Pop, your suggestions are very practical.

Anonymous said...

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