Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rivalry For The Borg Queen (Part Two)

Dear Seven Of Nine,

This is what happened next in the story..


I am looking distinctly worried. The Borg Queen Deanna Troi certainly had some attraction that the drones hadn't seen before, and their loyalty was starting to waver. I suppose me threatening to disconnect them if they didn't perform up to standard might have turned them off me slightly.

With her skin-tight outfit, she was starting to appeal to them.

"Come on drones" she says alluringly, "We don't need this Borg Queen as your leader. Rally behind me, and we shall crush all in our path."

"Don't be fooled by imitators from another universe" I tell the drones, "I have always treated you well, let you rest in your alcoves so you regenerate. This creature will keep you going until you drop, never letting to rest."

The drones are starting to get confused; before, life was simple. I just told them what to do, they went and assimilated people, came back and regenerated. We were all happy. We didn't want any trouble from this one.

I have to exert some authority, otherwise I might end up in the Borg Brig, or being disconnected by the Troi Borg Queen.

As the drones look entranced by her speeches, and the male ones by her body, I sneak up and grab her. She lashes out, but I hit her firmly, pinning her to the floor so that she is unable to move. She struggles vainly.

"I am the true Borg Queen!" I tell her, "You are just an interloper from another universe."

The drones get up, unsure of what to do at first, with the Troi Queen lying on the floor confused, but decide to stay still in case I notice their loyalty isn't what it was.

While she looks up at me, I tell her what her alternatives are.

"Now listen, Troi" I say with a menacing tone, "This is what you can do; the Borg can always use a good Borg Queen. You can either get put back in your Escape Pod and let go or we can give you another Cube to command. However, you can't go near the Enterprise while Seven is on board."

She looks disappointed.

"What about Deanna Troi, who is on board?" she asks, "I want my revenge on her."

"Oh, you can get her" I say, "If you can find a subtle way of doing it; perhaps when she's away from the Enterprise."

The Troi Queen smiles.

"Agreed." she says, "I will serve the Borg well."

"I'm sure you will." I tell her, "I look forward to knowing how you get on. I shall put you in control of the Unimatrix 02 Cube, as the leader has just retired and is now enjoying her pension."

"Excellent!" she says, "A lot of assimilating will be coming from that Cube from now on."

I 'm sure there will; the Troi Queen does seem to be heavy-handed, doesn't she? Perhaps she needs a course in Cube Management and Diplomacy?


That's it, Seven. Currently, the Troi Borg Queen is going around with her own Cube, assimilating to her heart's content, enjoying life to the full. Should she ever come across Deanna Troi, there will be trouble.

Best Wishes,

The Borg Queen.


Merlyn Gabriel said...

Oh my! Borg-brig sounds very unappealing ( kinda like the Death Star detention center) I must say good for you, Your Majesty! Sometimes you just need to tell people what to do! I sort of pity those who get in the troi-borg's way though.... is there such a thing as cube over population? Just wondering,because the Emperor could use some help with his new toy...he's a little behind schedule and he's not very happy.

respectfully yours,

A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Did she get one of those sporty Miaita Cubes with the open top, becasue I think Troi-borg-queen would like that a lot. Black of course.

heather said...

borg pension, i love it. nice work, cap'n.

TX said...

I would have just Terminated Troi-borg
but you know that is just me

Trinity13 said...

I had no idea the borg could retire!

Paperback Writer said...

Well handled. Well handled indeed. Perhaps you could help me out over here? I have some...people at work that desperately need to be assimilated.

Spider-Man said...

Paperback boy, your telling me. I know a few people who could stand assimilation... like J.J. Jameson and all my enemies...

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

While I am sure that everyone would be excited to see a physical confrontation between you two, I think you should be careful not to get your cables and tubes twisted together.

I am sure that being a Betazed Borg has its advantages as well. Just as you're about to assimilate a planet, she can detect their fear and unease.


I wouldn't blame them to be mesmerized I should say with that tight fitting outfit. It really does show her curves.

Erifia Apoc said...

I wouldn't have even given her that...

I would be a dark and terrible queen, all borg from this universe or any other would kneel before me and therefore I would spare them. Resistance is futile. I might punch Aayla in the mouth...

Its not going to happen though... I'm still and will forever be (correction from the typo before) 1/16 Species 8472.

Florence said...

Troi Borg Queen was a push over, literally!

I don't think she's good enough for our universe, though she seems keen enough for the usual assimilation thing(just as long as no one sneaks up on her).

Miss Cellania said...

Better hope that cube is air conditioned, if she's going to wear all that latex! Probably wouldn't help anyway.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Miss Cellanis, I'm sure Cubes are fully air conditioned. They might even come with an open top, as An Army Of (Cl(one) suggests.

Paperback Writer & Spider-Man, we all come accross people we would like to see assimilated!

Florence, I just think the Borg Queen is tough, but the Troi Queen has a revenge streak in her.

Erifia, you sound like potentially the most lethal Queen of all!

Friday's Chils, I agree about the outfit!

Heather & Trin, a Borg drone just has to remember to take out a pension plan.

Merlyn, a Borg Brig isn't the place to be.

Paperback Writer said...

Captain, you're quite right! I'd love to see what would happen if and when Troi and the Brog Queen Troi met each other.

Now, that I would break out the popcorn, the beer and lawn chairs.

Spidey, I'd like to see JJJ assimilated as well! But I don't think it'll come to fruition!

Me said...

I agree with Miss Cellania. I heard that latex can give a serious yeast infection. Can Borgs get yeast infections? Yuck forget that, I don't want to know.

mrsmogul said...

tHat OUtfit is FIERCE!!!!! Is't like sticking to her pores.

Here's myspace url , what's yours? It's in the foetal stages so dont laugh at my profile.


Susan said...

What I want to see is which borg queen can survive Lwaxana Troi?

I suppose one way the borg queen can keep drones in line is to threaten to turn off the air con!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Mrs Mogul, I haven't got a MySpace, but have just been looking into it.

Susan, that would be a titanic battle, the Borg Queen v Lwaxana.

Kelly, I'll have to ask Seven about yeast infections.

Captain Berk said...

Send Troi over my way.

We have some unfinished business that I need to conclude.

Anonymous said...

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