Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Fighting For Worf

Today, I'm gonna bag me a Klingon!

Two fortunate things have happened; the Enterprise is stopping by here at Deep Space Nine for a few hours en route back to Sector 01. Secondly, the Troi woman has gone to the Counselors Conference at a nearby Starbase.

It's the perfect opportunity to get Worf, and take him from her. After that black eye she gave me last time, it's my turn.

Us Trills are very sneaky, especially when one has lived as long as I have with various bodies. This Dax symbiant has picked up a few tricks.

I told Sisko that I'd like to be the person who welomes the Enterprise party on board. Odo complained about security, but Sisko said that we don't need to bother with that, as they are members of the Federation.

So here I am, with Sisko,aitng for them to come aboard.

Picard, Riker, La Forge and Worf come in; already I've got my eye on him!

"Welcome to Deep Space Nine, Captain." says Sisko, "This is Lieutenant Dax".

"Pleased to meet you, Lieutenant." says Picard.

I exchange greetings like an automation until he comes to Worf.

"...And this is Lieutenant Worf" he states.

"Lieutenant Dax." he says, with a slight glint in his eye.

"May I show Lieutenant Worf around the station, so that we err.... can discuss the security we have here." I casually mention to Sisko.

"An excellent idea" remarks Sisko, as if he's just thought of it, "I'll take the others to the Captain's Room."

How naive he is! He'll accept anything!

Worf and I walk around the station. I start to chat to him.

"Worf, did you receive a few love notes a while ago from someone?"

"Err, yes I did, Lieutenant."

"Call me Jadzia. That was me, Worf. I sent you those notes because I wanted you, and I'm asking you to stay on the station."

"You are very....direct, Jadzia."

"I believe in getting to the point. " I tell him with a smile, and then kiss him.

"I have too many commitments, Jadzia" he weakly replies.

"Do you mean as a Lieutenant on the Enterprise or because of that Troi woman?" I angrily tell him.

"Errr...if the situation changes and circumstances need me to be on the station, I will gladly be here with you, but until then..."

He grips me and kisses me. What a catch!

"THERE HE IS!!" shouts a furious female voice.

I turn, and the Troi woman is marching up towards us. She slaps Worf on the cheek and the two of us have a cat fight on the ground, pulling at each other's hair.

Worf is looking bemused, like he doesn't know what to do, although I think he likes to have two women fighting over him.



We are pulled apart by Sisko and Picard, who have arrived on the scene. Troi and I have given each other black eyes, and our hair is all over the place.

"What is going on?" they demand to know.

"Riker told me in a message." says Troi, "That the Enterprise would be stopping at Deep Space Nine. As soon as I knew this, I knew what the Trill would try to do, so I grabbed the first Shuttle I could from the Conference and came out here."

Both Captains tell the two of us that our behaviour is hardly befitting to our rank, and that we need to sort our personal lives out.

The Enterprise party, including Worf leaves the station.

I'll net him next time....AND get my revenge on Troi!


What's this? A message from Friday's Child addressed to Captain Picard asking for his five weirdest habits?

As he's not around, I'll answer it instead.

1: I regularly go in the holosuite and punch a hologram of the Troi woman.

2: I love to tell Odo, "You haven't got your face right today."

3: I always tell Sisko, "Actually, I never liked baseball."

4: I try and count how many spots there are on the Jadzia body. It's different every time.

5: When I massage Quark's ears, he charges 10% less.


Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Personally, I've always faniced the doctor on DS9.

And honestly, Lt. you should totally be able to take Troi in a fight, you need to work on your fighting skills

Trinity13 said...

You go girl...fight for your man!!!

Ciera said...

I always knew Jadzia had a violent side.

Nic said...

I agree with Oneida. You should be able to take Deanna hands down in a fight. Besides, The Troi woman already has a man. She doesn't need two. Next thing you know it'll be three, etc. Let her know you're not going to take it but you'll gladly take Worf!

Vampirella said...

Onieda you have great taste the Dr was a real cutie
and I agree with Onieda and Nic
Troi sounds like she has been kissed a lot LOL:P
Wonder if she has went after the Capt yet

Lori said...

That was pretty funny...with the weird 5 habits!!!

Have a great day!!!

no_average_girl said...

yeah, i was wondering what happened to that troi girl's other man...

Running2Ks said...

Woohoo, Worf will have his hands full. I think he likes to too. Dax can handle him!

dddragon said...

That Troi! So greedy - or is it that Riker isn't enough man for her?

And I agree - you should be able to take her on. And Dr. Bashir is a cutie!

Radical One said...

hey thanks for stopping by my blog!

i must say you have one of the most unique sites! my trekie daughter loves it (noaveragegirl). i know becos i came to your site and i turned around and asked her, "what is this?" she said, "it's great!". i guess i must of had a really werid look on my face cos then she said, "well, i guess you have to be a trekie".

but i will definitely visit again.

over and outta here!


I don't blame Worf for being bemused. I too would have been if I were in his shoes.
Anyway, don't let anyone take your man away from you. Let her know you are superior to her with regards to your man.
BTW thanks for giving in to my request for the five weirdest habits.

Shannon said...

Don't give up, Jadzia!

Remember that Captain Archer guy from like the 21st Earth century? Now he was a hottie.

Jabafatboy said...

Nothin Better than a good cat fight, wouldn't suprise me if worf wasn't the one who sent the message to Troi in rikers name

mistipurple said...

Klingons express love differently. wouldn't want to know what happens in the sack.
oh.. pardon my rudeness, i shall take leave immediately.

Lady Wyntir said...

actually... worf would probably be quite aroused after that fight. klingons practically kill eachother as their "mating calls" hahahahaa

yeah, i know a little too much. i just loved when Dax and Worf had it out. hee hee

excellent time reading! please, kick troi's bum.

~wyn ^_^

Chrixean said...

Interesting list of 5 weirdest habits! I must say, getting a 10% discount for massaging Quark's ears is indeed a strange one.

Private Hudson said...

Oooh, catfight!

Woof woof!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You all seem very pro-Dax.

Deanna isn't satisfied with just one man. Riker is her 'official' manfriend, but Worf is there to keep her company when Riker's away.

Professor Xavier said...

Sure, you have to keep your man in his toes. If he gets too comfortable, he'll walk all over you. Make Riker work for it. He'll appreciate it more.

Jaime H. said...

This was great! You should have sold tickets!!

Jen said...

Hmmm, why *DO* Jadzia's spots change?

Master Yoda said...

Saw this on pay-per-view, I think. But more mud or Jell-O it involved. Hmm, yes.

-xtessa- said...

does the captain have any weird habits at all?!!;)

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Does Riker know that Worf is Troi's weekend hug buddy?

Tanda said...

Worf is a hotty.

Oh! And own up, JLP. You wrote those love notes and you know it. Everybody knows Jadzia sucks at that kind of stuff.

Shelley said...

Wow! What a scene! Meow! Wonder when that will pop up on the internet? That Worf has no idea the effect he has on chicks of all species. Purr.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Jen, Dax's spots change when the Trill symbiant has a new body.

Lt Comdr, I think Riker is a little naive there.

Tanda, what are you suggesting??

Xtessa, my weirdest habit is wanting to say 'Make It So' all the time.

Shelley & Jaime, maybe I should have sold tickets?

Chris W. said...

I disagree with the catfight scenario. I can definitely see Deanna as a hair-puller, but Jadzia has several lives experience in fighting tactics (including Klingon martial-arts!!). I have all respect for the good counselor, but Lt. Cmdr. Jadzia Dax would have slam-dunked Deanna Troi in a waste bin way before Picard and Sisko even got wind of a fight.

I never thought Deanna was a good fit for Worf, anyway. She's better off with Riker, as he needs a good woman to keep him in line and not off boinking the newest female ensigns.

Anonymous said...

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Albert said...

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