Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stranded In 2006 (Part Two)

Things haven't been going too well for the senior staff since the Cap and the rest of us have been stranded in San Franciso in the year 2006 following a time machine accident.

I so wanted to be a trombone player in a jazz band. I trudged the streets asking all the clubs for an audition. Whenever I demonstated my talent, I always got the same response.

"Hey, man, we want talent, not an off-key player!"

It seems like those in the 21st Century have no lack of the vast skills us in the 24th Century possess.

I went back to my apartment where Deanna was.

"Any luck?" I ask her.

"No, Will, it's always the same," she mentions, "When I apply to be a psychiatrist or counsellor, the authorites want to see my qualifications. I can hardly tell them I'm a Starfleet Counselor from the 24th Century."

"Are you still doing your other job?" I ask.

"Yes" she sadly admits, "I'm a receptionist at the psychiatrist."

I have an idea.

"Deanna," I tell her, "Two days have elapsed since we have been in this time period; why don't we look at the others to see how they are getting on."

"Great idea!" she eagerly say, "Let's go."

Our sensor detector is directed towards Geordi. He said he was going to be a top DJ. I wonder how he has got on. Maybe he is at a nightclub?

We go towards a busy shopping area and see the sign 'Acme Record Store'. He's in there.

The two of us look around, and see a harassed-looking Geordi selling records to a group of people. He doesn't have any help.

"How are you doing, Geordi?" I call out.

He sees me and groans, "It's a nightmare." he tells me.

"We're looking up the others; do you want to come along?"

"Absoloutely!" he states, and comes with us, leaving the record buyers in disarray.

We head off to San Francisco High School. Data said he wanted to be a teacher. The other teachers are all seen, but there is no Data. Eventually, our detectors find him in the school trash. Data is switched off and in one of the refuse bins.

Deanna switches him on.

Data looks surprised when he sees us.

"What happened, Data?" Deanna asks.

"I am unsure, Counselor. I was teaching a class of fifty on my first day. They were running around the class, screaming. I was doing my best to contain them, but to no avail. It appears that they may have found my 'Off' switch and deposited me in the trash."

"The little horrors!" comments Geordi. I think the others are supressing a slight giggle though about a group of little villains throwing Data in the trash.

He agrees to come with us and see how the others are doing.

Our detectors are tuned now to Worf, who wanted to be a wrestler. It's pointed to the local circus. We see a sign with Worf's picture.


We go I find him locked up; he brightens to see us.

"I was on the way to audition for the wrestling, but yhey caught me nearby, Commander" he tells me, "And I have been unable to get free; they've drugged me up with darts."

We use a phaser and break him out; now to see Beverly.

We head off to San Francisco General Hospital.

"Perhaps she has a top job?" speculates Data.

"They way we are getting on in the 21st Century, Data" I tell him, "I somehow doubt it very much."

We see the doctors pouring out of the hospital. I ask one of them where Doctor Beverly Crusher is in the building. He laughs.

"DOCTOR Crusher!" he chortles, "Beverly Crusher is only a porter there who does the lowest jobs we all give her."

We go in and find an exhausted Beverly. She looks relieved at seeing us.

"It's been very hectic all day." she says, "I've been sorting out bedpans for hundreds of patients."

"What are bedpans, Doctor?" asks a puzzled Data.

"You don't want to know." she replies.

She comes with us and we look for the Cap. He said he was going to be a Shakespearean actor. Has he managed it?"

We all go to the theatre area, where his signal leads. We approach a great theatre where 'Hamlet' is being shown.

Could it be...?

Then I hear a familiar voice.


The Cap is selling programmes for the show. he sees us all and looks slightly concerned. We tell each other of our experiences.

"Things aren't going well." the Cap tells us, "We'll just have to hope we get some help in returning to the 24th Century somehow."


Vampirella said...

oh how awful you all should try fighting crime as super-heros

Professor Xavier said...

That is just terrbile. I feel bad about how things are turning out for you. Still, you can't expect to make it to the top of your chosen fields over night. These things take time. Starting on the ground floor is how most people do it. If you all keep at your jobs for several years, who knows what could happen.

Vegeta said...

You could enter worf in the Tenkaich Boudakai but he'd probably have to fight Kakarot , or me Or my son > or one of his Kakarot's kids . Hmmmm never mind Maybe he should keep rying to wrestle.

no_average_girl said...

if only the 21st century people knew they were dealing with more intelligent humans they could have quickly risen to the top...unfortunate for both parties, it seemed impossible.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

See, being stupid ain't easy. Ah, or something.

Lori said...

Poor Riker being a off key player...and he thought he was so good!!!!

Have a great day!!!


They maybe didn't know what kind of music the 24th century would bring. Try auditioning again on the 24th century and I'm sure you'll be in.

Trinity13 said...

If only Wesley was with you to save the day!

Claire said...

Playing off-key...surely not?!

Master Yoda said...

If very hard Dr Crusher works, maybe someday become Chief Bedpan Changer she can.

Jabafatboy said...

They are in the 21st Century, get online and buy the diploma's like everyone else does!!!

Jaime H. said...

LOL...just the pick-me-up I needed today!

I love the earlier comment about Wesley, btw. It just would be their luck to have him come rescue them.

Gordon Cloud said...

Sounds like y'all better get that time machine fixed; quick, fast and in a hurry.

Barbara said...

You say Geordi sees them, is he wearing his "glasses", I don't know how to describe them otherwise. What about Wesley, is he on the trip?

Running2Ks said...

Still on hiatus, but I just had to pop in and read your time travel woes.

You just keep getting better and better! This story is enthralling :)

M. C. Pearson said...

Maybe Data can rig a time portal out of bamboo...oh, wait! That's Gilligan's Island, isn't it? Hee hee.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Imagine being stuck in the 21st Century with Wesley? Aggggh! Fortunately, he's not with us.

McDonald have invited us all to toss burgers.

Anonymous said...

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