Saturday, December 03, 2005

TWQ: Shopping Habits

With so many people in the shops at this time of year, the TWQ (The Weekend Question) is about consumer habits:

What sort of shops do you like to go in? Are there any sort that you can't stand? Has the internet made a big difference to the way you shop?

Here is my answer:

I love going around small, independant shops; sadly, these are increasingly rare, as so many are identical to each other. Unusual ones, where there are valuable pieces of art will draw me in as well. A bookshop will always be fascinating, as I adore looking at all the various titles that are around.

I don't like looking around clothes shops unless I am going to specifically buy something.

The internet has made a big difference; items are a lot cheaper there, especially DVDs and books. Often, I will go into the big stores just to look at the items to see if they are worth buying, and then return home and buy them at a much cheaper rate online!

Now it's over to you...


Look out for the Enterprise Christmas Party, which runs for five consecutive days starting Monday 5th December. Each day, entries will be published from those who have sent their accounts of what happened to them there.

They will be published at 6pm each day English Time (1pm EST)


rashbre said...

For Christmas shopping there are the Prepared, the Work-It-Ins and the Last-Minute-Rushers.

The Prepared do their shopping in June having started in the January Sales. I can't imagine that personally.

The Work-it-ins clog the malls in the weeks of late November and December and essentially just add the extra queue time to their normal shopping pursuits.

The Last Minute Rushers try to ignore the whole thing until all the dials are into the red and then splurge purchase in a mad frenzy.

I should add the Desparate (I have been there), who try to by anything at all on the afternoon of Christmas Eve.

The internet helps all categories and creates a new one called The Collectors, who spend a lot of time at local parcels offices collecting goods in December weeks.

There should be a category called The Sensible, who shop in malls on Tuesdays, but I have yet to meet one.

Here today via Michele's - I shall beam my way into your party during the week.


craziequeen said...

Hi jl, here from Michele's place..

I just like window shopping :-) Seeing what's out there and click my teeth at all the tat :-)


Star said...

I like bookstores, and anything unique, although uniquness is frowned upon in malls which is mostly where I shop. I really prefer online shopping whenever possible. IT's on my schedule and it's not crowded.Here via Michele.

kenju said...

I like almost anything but large malls. The crowds get to me this time of year anyway, and larger stores seem to have too many people at one time.

I love bookstores, hardware stores, quality gift shops and TJ Maxx for clothes!

And Michele sent me too!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i love to shop. i love the mall, i prefer the smaller stores, but i will also go to the box stores. once a year i spend the day with a girlfriend and go to a small village about 30 minutes from us, it has antique stores and speciality shops, things you will never find at the mall are here. i don't shop on line, for some reason alot of people won't ship to canada (or italy) due to tough custom regulations.

Kat said...

I live in New York City, a.k.a. the worst possible place to live this time of year. The place is congested with tourists, and people who actually want to buy things are fed up with the heavy foot traffic in stores.

That said, this time of year I like to go to department stores like Henri Bendel that don't draw the same type of traffic as Saks or Macy's. I also like to go to boutiques like Club Monaco or Searle. And I'm with Star on the bookstores. The other night I made the mistake of trying to go to Best Buy (this was the day after Thanksgiving, mind you), but it was disgustingly crowded so I went to Barnes & Noble next door instead. B&N was pleasantly tame, as sadly no one reads anymore!

panthergirl said...

When I lived in NYC, I loved going into small, interesting stores. Now? I don't go near stores for the most part. I hate malls, hate department stores. I do ALL my shopping online. I can't imagine putting myself through the whole crazy holiday season shopping insanity.

Thank god for the internet!!!

(and WHY do these stores keep sending me CATALOGS?? Who the heck shops by catalog anymore??)

Here via michele!

Danielle said...

the internet has made everything so easy, especially photo gifts, but it doesn't replace actually seeing and feeling something at a store.

Jen said...

Ok, maybe I'm weird, but I like Super Wal-Mart and Super-Target. I love the idea that it's like 50 square miles of store with everything from produce to tools to yarn to shoes in it. And no one bugs you. Of course, if you need help with something you're better off calling 911 than trying to find a clerk usually...

M. C. Pearson said...

I'm with Jen. Wal-Mart all the way. Now, if I actually had money to spend, you'd see me in those artsy fartsy shops. Oh, and book shops. Gotta have books!

Professor Xavier said...

I definitely think the internet has served to force brick and mortar stores to keep their prices down. They have no choice if they want to stay competitive.

As far as shopping, hear in the Greater New York area our big retail options are essentially Walmart and Target. I'm also rather partial to Best Buy for my geek needs. That's where I picked up X-Men Legends II, 'natch.

Running2Ks said...

When I am sans kidlets, I like small shops.

With the kiddos, I like places where I can get everything and fast. Hence why online shopping appeals to me so much.

Trinity13 said...

I love shops that have great clearance sections. In fact, that's the only place I visit in a store. I won't buy anything that's not on sale.

I don't like stores where they sell shirts or pants over $20...that's just insane (to me)! I refuse to pay $25 to a t-shirt.

The only place I buy from online would be ebay! I just love finding great deals on that site!!!

Mother Damnable said...

Like you Captain I prefer independant shops, luckily there are many in the area that I live in.

I did once take the children to Harrods to show them rampant consumerism gone mad and it did seem to work the general comment was "You're right mum, no one can have it all and we do have what we need."

Incidentally I saw this poster on the underground yesterday and wondered which hologram was which?

craziequeen said...

Looking forward to the party, Jean-Luc....

Hope Data is nicely dusted off and turned out :-)

Now all I have to do is stick his date in a torpedo tube somewhere...

Michele sent me this time :-)

Shelli said...

I try to get all my shopping done in as few places as possible, so the bigger shops are where I go. I do like to look for things online as well.

BTW, Michele sent me.

Aginoth said...

Did all my Xmas shopping on Amazon this year
Michele sent me

kenju said...

Back again, via Michele. I still hate malls!

Lynda said...

Greetings via Michele... I don't care for malls, either. I used to, but now I enjoy unusual, independent shops, bookstores, etc... and yes, online shopping is a wonderful way to go.

rashbre said...

Th Uk has tough retailing conditions right now. There's large amounts of slow moving foot traffic inhibiting faster craft from dodging through to precision shop. I even found someone standing at the far end of a belt in a supermarket instead of near to the cashier rendering preloading impossible.

I shall need to rethink the strategy for the next few weeks, moving most visits to midweek evening.

And Hiya, Michele sent me.


Prego said...

Hey -
Michele sent me.

I live in a neighborhood that's chock-full of such stores. I used to just walk up and down until everyone on my list was covered.

When I met my wife, we'd make it a point to find such shops in different cities. We ventured to NYC to shop one year, Cleveland, OH, which was surprisingly great - We hit a clunker with Hamilton Ontario. Unfortunately, since we've started having kids, we've abandoned this practice. Well, hopefully just suspended.

I'll see you again soon.

Carmi said...

Hiya Cap'n. I hear ya, Prego: Hamilton is LOUSY for shopping. For lot of other things, too - it's just a sad old city.

Couldn't agree more: small shops rule.

Visiting from Michele's today.

Shelley said...

I will usually buy movies over the internet as they are cheaper, and sometimes easier to find online (like the one that is not in stores that my daughter wanted). I can't stand WALMART and other department stores. If I don't have the few things I need from stores like that before the end of Nov I don't venture into them. The lineups and cranky fellow shoppers are enough to give you a coronary.

I like smaller stores, like you mentioned, or even some of the gift shops that give money back to hospitals etc. You can get stuff there for around the same price as the dept. stores and a portion goes back to charity.

Have a super day!

Nikki-ann said...

Thanks for commenting over at my website again :)

I like the little independant shops too, but as you said, they're increasingly hard to find these days.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

frozentear said...

Shops and net...
Heheheh, y'all never heard of Pic, Carrefour and Metro.
Huge malls rule.
Little independant shops are EVERYWHERE around here. And I mean EVERYWHERE, it's like a jungle. It sucks over here in- O.o *cough cough*. It sucks here :) .

M. C. Pearson said...

I just wanted to tell you that I feel honored! You have made up a guest quarters for me! Thank you, Oh Captain My Captain!

craziequeen said...

You have vacant guest quarters?
And here I am teleporting back and forth from Earth??

[whispers] if you're short on room, I can bunk up with Data :-)


GC PHILO said...

Well, I'm a big fan of this one site... My girlfriend apparently has bought me a present from there too so, I can't wait!!

dddragon said...

When I'm in quaint little towns with lots of little shops next to each other, I like to shop that way for unique gifts (or at least I think they're unique!). Otherwise, it's the mall for me and the internet if I can't get it locally.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Internet shopping certainly seems to be the in thing now. The big chains seem out to end those beautiful small shops we all like.

MC Pearson, glad you like your new quarters.

CrazieQueen, you were next on my list to be done. |You should see it now. Jennifer Baxter wasn't going to let you bunk up with Data.

November Rain said...

well my family always had a tradition when the women went to the malls and shopping but normally I did my xmas shopping through out the year picking things up and putting them aways for xmas

but now I live in Germany and shipping gifts bought here become hard and a pain so internet shopping is better

esp since the power plugs are different LOL

wink - wonder if I will get an invitation to the party LOL-

dena said...

I love small shops, so long as the sales clerks aren't pretentious. I HATE Wal-Mart.

visiting from michele's

Anonymous said...

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