Saturday, December 10, 2005

Late For The Party!

I've just had this entry from Jana about this week's party.


As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am always late to parties. This is largely because I have four children and a husband who must be gotten ready, in addition to myself. I thought surely that this time, with me being the only one invited, I would arrive on time, perhaps even early.

The evening of the party arrives. I am busily applying my makeup when my oldest son enters the room. "Where are you going?" he asks.

"To a party," I reply, not wanting to be specific.

"Can I go?"

"No, you're staying here with Daddy and your brothers."

The six year old and three year old come in. "We want to go with you, Mommy!"

"No," I reply testily.

They begin whining, and I herd them out of the room and lock the door.

"Honey," I hear Hubby's voice say, "what's for dinner?"

I roll my eyes. "I have that party tonight, remember? Can't you make some pizzas?"

"We're out of cheese. What else do we have?"

I run down a list of possibilities, but I can tell if I leave without making it myself, they are all going to be having cold cereal for dinner. I finish with my makeup and go down to the kitchen. It takes me about half an hour, but I cook up a nice pot of spaghetti for everyone. As I'm reaching for my coat, I smell something. The three year old needs a diaper change. I toss him down on the floor to clean him up. There's another five minutes gone.

I wash my hands, brush my hair one last time, and reach for the coat again. The baby starts crying. I realize with dismay that I haven't nursed him yet. I go pick him up and spend another fifteen minutes nursing him and getting him settled. I hand him over to hubby, and then give everyone a kiss. "Oh," says hubby, "could you stop at the store on the way home? We're out of milk, bread-"

"Sure," I interrupt. "Do you have some money?"

Another five minutes passes as we search for spare change. I scrape together the amount I'll need, stick it in my coat pocket, and finally put the coat on. I signal the Enterprise that I'm ready to board.

The shimmering light of the transporter envelopes me. I find myself in the transporter room. I quickly dash toward Ten Forward, anticipating a relaxing evening of adult company. As I approach the doors, I hear the closing strains of "Close to You." The doors open and I see Captain Picard and Beverly on the dance floor, kissing. As the song ends, the band leader announces, "Good night, folks, and Merry Christmas!" The few remaining people and aliens begin to say their good nights. I walk over to the bar.

"Guinan, any chance I could still get a drink?"

"Sorry, I've shut everything down for the night. Are you just getting here?"

"Yes," I admit sheepishly. I turn and walk over to the Captain. "I'm so sorry to be so late, Captain Picard. I meant to be here earlier, but you know how it is with kids and- well, I guess you don't, but anyway, I'm sorry. Merry Christmas!"

I slowly make my way back to the transporter room and go home. Maybe next year I'll hire a sitter.


There's always a latecomer!


Juggling Mother said...

Now there was a chance for Q to do something useful & time travel her back to the start of the party:-)

Let them eat cold cereal just for one night - it won't kill them. Parties become a rare event once the kids arrive. you need tp just go when the possibility arrives.

Michele sent me

craziequeen said...

Poor Jana.....she missed a good party...but then, so did I [wink]

Maybe next year, we could help her out, Cap'n?


craziequeen said...

me again....the US must still be sleeping :-)

Morning Jean-Luc!

Michele sent me - this time :-)


Ciera said...

Jana - just give me and Fluke a call next time. Between us and Sprok we'll have you there on time.

dddragon said...

Jana - I keep the phone numbers of four pizza places on my cell phone. And I know how to use it! (lol)

I don't have four kids, but I do have twins (we've survived to age 15 so far ... driving next year!!)

la la la I can't hear you said...

haha. That is a lot of work. Maybe try what I do when I have too much to do, answer every question with "Lalalalala, I can't hear you!"


Michele sent me.

Running2Ks said...

Aw, I just want to give her a drink. Poor lass!

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

give that lady a drink, she deserves one. but she's nursing, make it a virgin something.

M. C. Pearson said...

I'm glad I didn't really understand that I was going or I would've been late too. Two kids and one husband that love attention...never a spare moment. Love how you try to lock yourself in your room to get ready. I've tried that but the pounding on the door is always too distracting!

November Rain said...

start now Jane training the kids and hubby to do everything theirself for next year LOL

poor thing... next time maybe the captn will send a babysitter with the invite for you

Jen said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry you missed it! Maybe Captain Picard with have a rowdy St. Patrick's Day party we can plan for?

Lady Wyntir said...

How cute! At least you took the time to take care of your family instead of just leaving them! Too Precious hee hee

I'll send Tim over there to get his replicators working. He knows a few caterers. :)

Glad you could make it all the same!


Anonymous said...

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