Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dancing With The Federation (Part Three)

With Bev and I having done our routine, all we had to do now was watch the other three couples in the television show Dancing With The Federation. I must admit, I saw it as just Starfleet PR, which of course it is, but the two of us are keen to beat Riker and Deanna, plus the other couples, Data and Jenny, and Britney and her girlfriend T'Pol.


"All right, Number One." I say to Riker, "It's your turn next."

Riker gets his outfit ready; Deanna has a pink dress on. I see that Lwaxana Troi sneaked into the back entrance to help with the outfits. She gives me a little wave. I groan.

As the music starts, the two of the go into a Trollean Foxtrot, rarely seen in this planet. They wow the audience. Deanna does a special twist which results in lots of cheers, which are still ringing around as they leave.

Bev is looking gloomy.

"All right." says Heidi, the presenter, "Data and Jennifer, you're on the floor.

Data leads Jenny on to the dancefloor. She is wearing a highly revealing dress.

"That's cheating!" snorts Bev, "They might as well stand still, as they will more than likely remember her dress than any dancing they do."

Jenny and Data do a graceful waltz, and builds up to a Ryokan samba.

As they leave, all the cheering audience are watching Jenny leave.

"I can see which audience SHE is trying to appeal to." Deanna comments sarcastically.

"It might just work, too." I say to myself.

"Lastly." Heidi announces, "We have the female dancers Ensign Britney and T'Pol."

T'Pol comes out in a white mini dress, while Britney has an absurd black and pink outfit, large hat and mask.

The audience go ecstatic; they've never seen anything like it...although we do frequently!

They dance the Carlon L'Apassionale, a very daring piece from a Federation planet. Eventually the two of them leave the stage with everyone applauding.

A few moments later, Britney & T'Pol are cheering, and holding the dance trophy. Heidi has told them they won because of their unusual and diverse approach.

"Way to go, sistah!" Britney yells out.

"We win again, Brit!" T'Pol replies.

The six of us go back dejected, followed by two cheering women shouting "'Ere we go!" endlessly.

Where's my headache pill?


The Curmudgeon said...

And now you have a nice decoration for the Brig, eh, Captain?

How many baloney sandwiches does it hold?

Ciera said...

Hello old friend, I'm back! But my mind is cringing at the visuals I'm!!

Mike Althouse said...

The Trollean Foxtrot - yes, those were the days!

It's hard to beat two females dancers - unless there are three.

Tanya sent me

Michael Manning said...
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Fly Girl said...

Trollean Fox Trot! I'd love to see that.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Yay Brit!

Linda said...

I finally made it over for the dance results! Why, oh why, am I not surprised that it was the two soul sistahs who captured the trophy??

Had it been based on style and grace then I've no doubt that you and Bev would have won. No, go take the time to do some practicing on the holodeck in case there's another dance-off at some point!

Oh, and when is the airing of "The Federation Has Talent"???

Anonymous said...

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