Thursday, June 04, 2009

The New Television (Part Three)

The senior staff have been waiting in eager anticipation for the new holographic television only to find that it is actually a model from the mid 20th century.

Now, with a bit of manouvering with the aeriel, the picture is finally clear...

"Good evening." he says, looking like an old hooror actor, "The is the news from the British Broadcasting Corporation. In today's news, sweet rationing is due to end as Queen Elizabeth will be crowned. Edmund Hillary is on the way to climbing Everest. Mr Churchill says he will contest the next Election. Also.."

"It's not only an old television, but it's a viewer into the past." summises Deanna.

"I think I'd prefer one that would view into the future." Riker drily comments, "We could plan things out a lot better."

"This is a wonderful device." Data concludes, "We in the 24th century will be able to see how life really was for those in that time period. This machine must have been dispatched to the Enterprise from a museum by mistake. Scientists will be fascinated....."

"Has anyone forgotten about me?" yells out Jennifer, who is still standing near the television, balanced on one leg, with an aeriel held up in the air. She topples over, and her whole body hits the television, smashing it to pieces. The valves flash and sparks fly.

The finished result is that the whole tv looks fit now for a Ferengi scrapyard.


"That was fascinating, Jean-Luc." bev tells me as we walk out, "A brief glimpse into the past."

"We were lucky." I conclude, "We might have caught an old rerun instead."


Stephanie said...

I would love a tv that saw into my own personal future. ...not so much the past. :)

The Curmudgeon said...

I hope you had the set under warranty, Captain.

EastCoastLife said...

We are having LED TV now.

I hope they can find spare parts if it requires repairs.....

Jean-Luc Picard said...

We've just had a new HD plasma.

Carmi said...

I've never believed that television presents anything remotely "real" in the first place, so a TV as a window on history is a bit anathema to me.

Still, the prospect of this is fascinating. You always make me think, and I appreciate that!

[Excuse me while I go sit under a tress and mull this over some more. Many thanks to Tanya for sending me for a visit today!]

colleen said...

Was she acting as a human antennae? I ask that from my own Enterprise Bridge aka as my computer. Netchick beamed me over.