Monday, June 29, 2009

Deanna Counsels Ro Laren (Part One)

Guest Poster: Deanna Troi

The one drawback with being a ship's Counselor is all this patient confidentality thing. I must say, there are some things that would make your hair stand on end. I'd love to gossip them to you, but the Cappy would soon know it was me, so I have to keep schtum. Still, the good thing is I get to hear all the scandal that no one else knows about. It's the perfect job.

Right now, it's a quiet afternoon, so I've ordered a giant chocolate sundae from Ten Forward, and am busily working my way through it.

I hear a knock on the door.

I don't believe this. Not while I'm in mid-enjoyment.

"Go away." I whisper under my breath, and hope the person will give up and hassle some one else.

The knocks grow louder. I give up and put the sundae aside, telling it not to go anywhere, as I'll return to it as soon as I can.

"Come in." I call.

The door slowly opens.

It's Ro Laren, who looks round before she enters. She is clearly very furtive, as it looks like she does not want anyone to know she is here.

Now Ro is rather an enigma to me. The others I can usually figure out due to my empathic abilities, but she keeps her mind very much bricked up in my presence. I can tell it's guarded now, like a politician about to be quizzed on something they shouldn't have have done.

"Can I see you for a while, Counselor?" Ro asks slowly.

"Sure you can, Ro." I reply, "Call me Deanna. The sessions I have are always very relaxed and informal."

"Look, Deanna." Ro says, "Can I be sure that nothing I say will go out of this room?"

Hmm...this sounds a juicy one, full of scandal. I've even forgotten about my chocolate sundae for the moment. I think Ro has got a 5 star problem. Just the sort us Counselors love to hear about!

"Of course." I assure her, "I have complete confidentiality in this room. No one, not even the Captain will hear of it."

"That's good." Ro sighs, "I've been worrying over this since my relationship started."

Relationship? Even better! As far as I thought, Ro Laren hasn't been involved with anyone.

"What has happened." Ro explains, "Is that I've been secretly seeing Gul Vorak, the Cardassian Ambassador to Earth."

My jaw drops opens. A Bajoran dating a Cardassian!!! The two races that hate each other the most.

"Though our races are enemies, we are in love." Ro explains, "If anyone found out, our careers would be ruined. Now things have taken another turn. I'm being blackmailed."

To be continued...


Linda said...

Why is it that love can't just be simple and people left alone to enjoy it? Poor Ro!

As for Deanna, I'd be willing to bet she's going to have to get a whole new sundae when this is through as hers will have melted to a puddle of chocolate goo but the time all is said and done!

The Curmudgeon said...

Blackmailed, eh? But who found out about it?

They'd been so careful.

Belle Epoque said...

Deanna, this could get messy! But then again, you're no stranger to love between the races *cough*, Right?

Gordon said...

This could tricky, very tricky how to resolve this without anyone else finding out and well making sure the blackmailer is not only discredited so that well no-one not even their own mother believes them just before they meet a "sticky end" who just drop chocolate all over the floor for someone to slip on and break their neck and in trying to catch something open the airlock and get sucked out..

Amanda said...

The age old 5 star problem - forbidden love. LOL!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You all recognise it...blackmail is a messy thing.

Michael Manning said...

What would Freud say about all of this?

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