Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Journey To Trill (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Jadzia Dax

I'm all of a tither and very nervous right now.

The shuttle that Worfie and I are piloting is approaching Trill, and I am about to meet my father and mother.

While all that might sound rather confusing, what actually happened is that they were involved in a bad accident and their symbionts have had to be placed into two new host bodies, who I will be meeting very soon.

"Don't get nervous, Jadzia." Worfie tells me. I give him an earful for telling me such a ridiculous statement.


Thirty minutes later, the shuttlecraft has touched down and the meeting point, and the two of us disembark.

I wonder what they will look like.

As we approach the main building, a male and female Trill approach us.

"Mom? Dad?" I ask nervously.

"Hello, Jadzia." the male says, "I am Yedrin, and am the host..."

Before he finishes, I hug Yedrin tightly, then look at the woman.

"Hello Jadzia, I am Lenara." she says, "I think you ought to know..."

"Mom!" I exclaim, "It's so good to know you are well, although in another body."

"Jadzia" Worfie tells me, "I think your parents are trying to tell you something; it seems like you need to know."

"You are very astute, Lieutenant Worf." Lenara says with a smile, "Jadzia, you must listen to Yedrin."

"Daughter." Yedrin continues, "When our ship crashed, the host of your mother was so badly injured the symbiont had to be placed in the first available new body. That turned out to be a male body."

"WHAT!" I yell out.

"And to make things kind of even." Yedrin tells us, "The symbiont of the father's body was placed in the female body that came next, which was Lenara."

I start to go spare, but Worfie restrains me.

"Don't forget, Jadzia." he reminds me, "You used to be in a man's body named Curzon before becoming Jadzia."

I reply with a "Shut up, Worf." and turn to my 'parents'.

"Why did you not change bodies right afterwards." I enquire.

"Errr.." replies Yedrin, "We found that after settling in to our new bodies, we rather liked the ones we were given, so did not want to change."

I put my head in my hands.

"Well." I ask, "Who do I call 'Mom' and who do I call 'Dad' now?"

"You could just call us 'Lenara' and 'Yedrin'." Lenara says, and holds me, "You'll always be our darling daughter, Jadzia...or son if you change into a male host next time."

Worf goes red at this thought.

"This is going to cause a lot of confusion when it comes to Mother's Day and Father's Day." I say with a smile, and holding them both, "You're still my parents, and that's what counts!"


Heather Dugan ("Footsteps") said...

It will definitely make the Mother's Day card selection a little more difficult...

celadon2 said...

I knew it was going to get confussing

Jaime said...

Wow. Good luck!!

Amanda said...

LOL! Its confusing being Trill!

The Curmudgeon said...

The news almost knocked the spots right off Jadzia....

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Curmudgeon, I think that's a joke Trill aren't supposed to hear!

Stephanie said...

Holy Cow! It boggles the mind.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Now that can get confusing!!!

Merlyn Gabriel said...

gosh.... I am so glad I don't have to deal with this problem....

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