Saturday, April 11, 2009

TWQ: Unpleasant Tasks

This weekend's TWQ (The Weekend Question) looks into what we consider unpleasant tasks.

What tasks do you have to do are ones that you consider are unpleasant and a chore. List as many as you wish. The more unusual the better.

My answers are:

1: Planning a vacation. I find this really unpleasant, as I struggle for the best places.

2: Sorting out photos. All too often I forget the details of the pictures.

3: Figuring out a computer fault. Need I say more?

Now it's over to you.


Anonymous said...

trying to figure out what to make for dinner, i ask for input, get none and then i get complaints because no one likes what i've made, it's frustrating. on the other hand, i would have absolutely no problems making plans for a holiday!
enjoy your easter weekend!

craziequeen said...

I see what you mean about holidays, Jean-Luc - I'm always aware that it is never what it 'says on the box'.

hmm - chores I hate....that's easy.
Top of my list is cooking; there always comes a point in preparing a meal when I just feel like throwing in the teatowel and walking out.
And a clsose second is ironing; it's such a soul-destroying chore because I know it'll take two minutes for MB to crease up his freshly ironed shirt.

Tanya said to say hi :-)


Anonymous said...

cleaning loo, cleaning oven, non ending washing pile, I also have a family that can't decide what they want to eat, and then complain when I make the decision!

I'm not a fan of packing, and hate getting ready to go on holiday, but love it when I'm there.

my favourite job is cuddling all my cats though!

Heather Dugan ("Footsteps") said...

Repetitive busy-work... Hmmm... I'll take that back. I don't mind physical labor that's repetitive but really dislike mentally repetitive stuff like bill paying, taxes, mail sorting etc... I get really bored if my brain gets stuffed in a corner like that.

Jaime said...

Cleaning out the litter box.

Miss Cellania said...

Cleaning the toilet.
Scooping the litterbox.
Cleaning the bathtub.

That's three, but I hate them all. The problem is, with three cats and a tiny house, I'm scooping more than once a day.

Mike said...

I am a nurse anesthetist and work night shift in a major trauma center. Some of the traumas that I do are very unpleasant especially when they involve young people who are badly hurt. The most unpleasant thing are when we do an organ harvest. I can tell myself that the patient is already brain dead and that their organs will help someone else but those cases are always unpleasant.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

ironing shirts
that's about it I guess...unless going to the dentist counts as a chore.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Bathroom cleaning...actually any cleaning
If Merlyn gets the dentist..I get the gyne!

Fab said...

at work: figuring out why my boss' cellphone doesn't work while I have the experience in cell phone malfunctions as much as a mosquito has

at work: having to deal with UPS people just to have them pick up a parcel abroad and bring it back to the office (horrendous task)

at home: cleaning the floors (I tend to step in the wet parts and have to start all over again)

Hey Captain, are you exited about the new Star Trek movie? Or not? I'm going to see it here at it's première in Brussels this Wednesday. Hope I won't be disappointed...

EastCoastLife said...

Cleaning the house and especially the kitchen stove. Yucks.

laundry and ironing

dealing with I-can't-help-you-even-if-it's-my-job civil servants. Extra yucks!

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