Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Doctor On Night Shift

Guest Poster: The Doctor

It's a wonder I ever get to put anything on a computer log.

What with all the mundane duties that Crusher gives me to do, such as cleaning out the electronic bedpans, the only brief time I get to sneak an entry on is when there are few patients around and Crusher and the Captain are on one of their assignations.

Of course, the medical staff never mention where she goes, but occasionally I like to say a few choice comments like "Had a good time while I've been working away?"

That usually gets me switched off for a few hours, but I don't mind. It's fun seeing the expression on Crusher's face when it reddens.

Tonight, none of the medical staff are in. They are all at the Enterprise cinema watching the new science fiction that has just come out. Naturally, they didn't ask me.

"I'm sure you'll do well at the Sick Bay, Doctor." she had said to me, "Just don't sing any opera to them. You know it disturbs them."

Pah! What does she know? The woman has no class. All she knows is how to tapdance. It's no use doing that, like she was the other week, and a patient was suffering from Dyrellian Fever with his skin falling off.

I sang a burst from La Boheme this morning. The patients seemed to relax a lot from it. At least until one of them keeled over. I'm sure the incidents are unrelated.

I hear a sound behind me.

"Hiya Doc." asks Guinan, "Is everything running smoothly?"

"Yes, it is." I reply, "I thought you'd be at the cinema with the others seeing the new film."

"No." she answers, "I've seen it before."

I look puzzled.

"I thought it was a Premiere tonight?"

"So it is." Guinan answers, "It just so happens I was the Executive Producer."

"A neat sideline from running Ten Forward."

"I guess it is, Doc" she says, "Let's hear some more opera."

"Well, Doctor Crusher asked me not to." I tell her.

"Do you always do what she says, Doctor?" Guinan asks with a knowing glance.

"Err....not always." I laugh.

"Great!" Guinan tells me, "Let's start with some Bizet".

I swing into The Toreador Song as Guinan puts cotton wool in the ears of the patients.

Tonight won't be so bad after all!


The Curmudgeon said...

Guinan has a way with her, doesn't she?

Anonymous said...
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Linda said...

Well I'm not exactly sure what Anonymous was trying to say there but I have the sneaky feeling it had nothing to do with the Doctor or Guinan or anything else in this post!

Superman said...

electronic Bedpans? Not sure I want to know...

The Mistress of the Dark said...

For a minute there I was expecting THE doctor :)

Marda Mischa said...

hey, Netchick sent me.
Cool blog, very creative. Jean-Luc was always my favorite!

Michael Manning said...

I only hope that Guinan and Ensign Britney never tangle! :)

Jaime said...

They make a great team!!