Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lwaxana's Chat

Guest Poster: Lwaxana Troi

Hi darlings!

Well, as I'm the Ambassador to the Federation for my home planet of Betazed, you can well imagine the red tape I have to go through.

What I usually do, is when the boxes of work come through it just takes me a few moments to sort out what I really need, which are the Party Invitations. The rest I just hand over to my Assistant. Jessica.

I must admit that I don't see too much of her once I give her the boring work. She takes them into her office and she usually next appears when more work is available. Occasionally I can hear some noise in her room.

That has happened ever since I bought her that electro-shredder. I'm not sure whether that was a good idea.

Anyway darlings, I'm detracting! Yes, I just love the parties that are given by Starfleet. So many hunky men willing to be friends with the visiting Ambassador.

And Expenses! It's such a thrill that I can waltz into a new dress shop and get a gown for a party. Being what I am, I can't be seen in the same outfit twice!

Jean-Luc told me a while ago that Starfleet could have built a Galaxy-Class Starship with the money that I have spent on dresses! that Captain Picard has got such a pleasant sense of humour.

Not that I would need a dress for my dear daughter Deanna's wedding, whenever that may be. As everyone knows, the bride, groom and all those attending have to be naked. It's a Betazed tradition.

That reminds me. It's time to call Deanna, and to try and persuade her to get married.


"Hello, mother." Deanna says over the video, "What is it you want?"

I pretend to look shocked.

"Can't a mother call her daughter to ask how she is anymore?" I tell her.

"Of course you can, mother." Deanna answers, "I'm sorry. As long as it's one of those messages in which you're trying to persuade me to get married to Will."

I try not too look guilty.

"Certainly not, my darling daughter." I say, "But now that you've bought the subject up, have you ever said lately to Will that you would like to be his wife?"

"Mother!" Deanna shouts at me angrily, "Will and I have agreed that we will consider marriage when the time is right."

"No grandchildren for me, it seems." I say, using the emotional blackmail system. Deanna rolls her eyes. I think she know me too well.

"End of discussion!" Deanna says firmly, "Now I hope you are keeping well. Will sends his regards. I'll have to go. I'm on duty in a few moments."

Deanna signs off.

Ah well. It looks like that wedding ceremony won't be for a while yet!


Editor's Note:

Due to activities at home, the next post will be on Thursday 30th April, which is the
4th Blogaversary of this Journal! Look out for that!


Stephanie said...

I once had a boss like Lwaxana. ...actually, I've had more than one. You gotta love that electronic shredder! :)

Captain Erika Hernandez said...

Sometimes I wish the ambassadors in the Coalition were as flamboyant as Lwaxana. But you didn't hear that from me *grins*

Amanda said...

I could never get over that Betazoid tradition of naked weddings. Thank goodness I'm not going to be invited to any anytime soon :)

No_Newz said...

Happy anniversary! Can you believe how long we've been doing this?!?!?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You're right. We've been at it a long time.

Amanda, if you ARE invited to a Betazed wedding, don't bother thinking of what you're going to wear.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

4 years already! wow!

Michael Manning said...

Happy Anniversary Jean-Luc for a fine BLOG! Long may it run as I thoroughly enjoy it! May the force be with you! :D)

Match said...

Welll there's always cloning for grandchildren. happy blogerversry.

Anonymous said...

Now that's a lady who could wear a fantastic hand knitted shawl :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Celadon, I know you're the one to knit it.

Jen said...

Wow! Happy Blogiversary!

Lwaxana is one of my favorites. R.I.P. :-(

Jaime said...

Happy Blogaversary, Captain!!