Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Greetings From...

It's Christmas.

Time to hear some special Yuletide messages.... father has given me permission to wish you a Happy Christmas.

Beverly Crusher....goodwill to all people....Jean-Luc...I've got some mistletoe here.

Boothby...oh yeah, Happy Christmas. Just stay off the grass and no crushing the flowers. you all and especially Jenny, I wish you a most enjoyable Chrstmas.

William Riker.....Have a great time. If you see any donuts anywhere, will you let me know?

Guinan....peace to all the creatures in the universe.

Kathryn Janeway.....Happy Christmas to those in the USS Voyager. Am I wasting my time in sending this across the universe? Will anyone hear us?

Deanna Troi...Happy Christmas, Will and mother....stay stress free...but not TOO stress free otherwise I'll be out of a job!

Lwaxana Troi...oodles of love to you all at Christmas!

Jadzia Dax...special Christmas Wishes to you all, especially my Worfie.

James T Kirk....has anyone seen the woman I'm supposed to fall in love with this week? Anyway, Happy Christmas.

Jennifer Baxter..Have a special, Christmas, Data, my darling . Hugs and kisses from your Jenny.

Lieutenant Worf....make sure you do not partake in too much alcohol consumption, otherwise my Security Team will be forced to put you in the brig.

Lore.....have a thoroughly miserable time, humans.

Karena....A Christmas greeting to all women, and also to my Life Servant husband, Wesley.

Erika Hernandez...I send you all greetings from the USS Rhode Island and...notnow, Mark, I'm trying to send this message.

Mark Hatherway...Have a really cool Yule...c'mon, Erika, here's the mistletoe.

Nexa...have a great time...except Karena, of course.

Elizabeth Shelby....I wish good health and happiness to all, except those who are blocking my promotions to the top.

Geordi La Forge....have a fab time...from me and Trisha.

Luthor what you do over Christmas, because Section 31 will be watching you.

Captain Beverly Howard...may all those on the Enterprise have a terrible year, especially that copy of me.

Ro Laren....special secret kisses to my love, Gul Vorak.

Gul encrypted message of Christmas love to Ro Laren.

Seven of Nine....Enjoy this human festivity.

Wesley...our first Christmas married, Karena!

Ensign Britney....kiss kiss to you all, and special hugs to my soulsistah T'Pol.

Mirror T'Pol....Have a great time everybody, especially my number one girl, Brit.

Borg Queen...enjoy yourself in a reasonable manner or be assimilated.

Alpha Borg Queen....this is all very fascinating. What does one do with this mistletoe?

Ambassador Spock....I wish you a logical Christmas.

Thomas Riker...I wish you a Maquis Christmas.

Annika Hansen....special greetings from Unimatrix Zero

Borg Queen Troi....I wish you doom and destruction, which I shall happily bestow, especially on the Enterprise.

Holographic Doctor...I would sing you a suitable operatic medley, but instead shall wish you compliments of the season.

Vic Fontaine...I can sing an excellent White Christmas if you like....what? Just a message? Oh, have a good time then.

Well I think that's it. All that remains is for me to...

"Hold on, Mon Capitano. You're leaving me out again."

"Not now, Q"

"I want to be included. Don't you know your readers love me?"

"I can't think why. Very well, Q. Make it brief."

"Of course. Well on this most happy occasion, I feel honoured to be able to give this special Yuletide greeting to all those in the universe. After all that have gone before it seems that the best is last. You may remember that earlier, I said...."


"Oh very well, Jean-Luc. May you all have a most wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year"

He's gone. What a relief.

And after that, I extend my Christmas good wishes to you all, and the hope for a peaceful and Happy New Year.


John said...

And a very Merry Christmas to you, Captain!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Merry Christmas.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

merry christmas captain! is there cake? ha ha ha

smiles, bee

mistipurple said...

I love Q, Captain.
I always get in here from Q's link, LOL.

Gordon said...

Merry Christmas, even if it is a little late..

Bilbo said...

A day late, but sincere nevertheless - Merry Christmas to you and all the crew of the Enterprise. Peace on ... uh ... all planets, and goodwill to all beings.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Hope you had an awesome holiday :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thank you all! Yes, I had a super day,although rather tiring. Am now enjoying Boxing Day.

SQT said...

Have a great holiday Captain.

Dorothy said...

Netchick sent me and this is a great blog I'll be back...I loved that show that is the I'm 62...

My best to you...Jean-Luc

Dorothy from grammology

Alucard said...

Merr Christmas

rashbre said...

Christmas Greetings.

Nicholas said...

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