Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Enterprise Christmas Party (Part Three)

"Are you keeping an eye on Ensign Britney?" I ask Mr Worf, who clearly looks like he has been drinking too much already.

"Yesh, Cap'n." he replies in a slight stupor, "She hash'ent caushed any trouble."

I sigh.

Perhaps someone should be keeping an eye on Mr Worf?

More guests are here...


Bruce Cain appears.

Wow this weird, usually I only go into the past. Believe me it's strange to see your parents as high school sweethearts. Now I'm centuries into the future. Well a future.

When I received the invitation from this Captain Picard I was going to decline, but Gwen insisted on going. though I think it could be a trap... " How in the world did you inherit Bruce Wayne's paranoia? he's only your adopted grandfather." She glares at me.

But when I saw the dress she was wearing well I had to go.

So we are transported to through space, and time to the Enterprise when I say we I men me Gwen, and several ninja body guards.We appeared in what looked like Borg Cube.

" Blast it I knew it was a trap!" I take out a a sword , and several non Borg point at me with some kind of laser guns. This bald man who identifies himself as the Captain tells me this is all only an illusion except for real Borg.

Bah! I can't believe people in the future are letting these things walk around with them. I'm wary of the cyborgs as me , and Gwen meet new people. She makes some joke about how my grandmother Bulma would love to study the android Data.

I groan until this blonde with a spear. shows up and asks Gwen about her man servant.

"Who Bruce? No he's the greatest fighter in our time."

This Karena laughs. " I bet you just let him think that don't you?" she says with a mocking laugh.
Stupid Amazons.

"Attack." I tell my ninjas.

" Aww! Come on Bruce! This is way we can never go anywhere nice. I take a remote from my pocket that my Grandmother gave and used it to sic the Borg on to any amazon in this Holodeck.

An angry Klingon attacked me with this huge sword like thing well I'm going to get some fun here after all. " Yes Klingon! it's a good day to die isn't it?"
Our blades clang causing sparks to fly. I start to enjoy myself when several of my ninjas are knocked away by a small woman in all black. Oh no it can't be. Mom.

I had no idea she was here. I'm humiliated as I'm berated by her in front of the Klingon, the amazons, and the Borg. I knew I shouldn't have come here. Now she's going to make m apologise to everyone Bah!


Behind Bruce, a caped figure emerges... Batman

So it's that time of year again time Captain Picard's Christmas Party. And of course, Robin, and Nightwing have plans with their girlfriends or in Dick's case one of many. So like last year. I only go with Diana, and Cassandra.
I find a surprise, as I'm picked up by the Enterprise's transporter. Clark along with his family was here. And oddly a woman that looked exactly like Diana. The Queen of Wondwawoman.

Clark decides to tease me " She looks a lot like Wonder Woman. Perhaps she is Diana? And that daughter..."

" Don't even say it Clark." I growl. "Just because they look alike doesn't mean they are the same person in fact... you would possibly know she isn't with all of those vision powers."

He does that farm boy laugh of his, and goes to learn about the alien cultures of this future. me I become stuck with Counselor Troi who keeps asking questions of my adventures in Gotham.

I see she is only using me to make the donut sugar clad Riker jealous. Hh. I don't have time for this. I use the distraction of the fearsome cyborg queen entering to to slip away.

I see Diana and caress her only to be slapped. " How dare you you strangely dressed Man?" Great wrong one. Before I'm executed by Amazons all the cyborgs attack along with ninjas.

Clark keeps them from assimilating any one while I stun them with electric Batarangs. Batgirl fights through a group of ninjas while Wonder Woman watches her back to keep the Borg off of her.

There she gets finds the source of the trouble her future possible son Bruce Cain. What comes next is strange scene where the younger Cassandra scolds the older Bruce. The fun of time travel.

After It's all over. Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl are all made honorary amazons of the planet Wondawowman. Me I'm told by them I'm too old to play with toys, and Superman is told he should not wear his underwear on the outside of his pants.

Hhh, story of my life.


Lahdeedah is next...

I arrived at the Christmas party late, but in good cheer, dressed to the nines in the perfect Little Black Dress, with matching sparkly bag.

I was in a good mood. I had slipped some mistletoe in my evening bag, and was kissing all the cuties I could find. Data was a bit tricky. He wanted to know just why he needed to kiss me if I held up a mistletoe. He finally relented when I said it was a sacred custom and he would be committing a serious breach of courtesy that I may report to the Captain if he didn't just hurry up and pucker up.

That line worked on all the guys, and I was having a blast until Seven of Nine showed up.

"What is that?"

"Um, mistletoe," I said.

"What power does it hold over men? You put it over their head, and they seem to obey you."

"It's mostly symbolic."

"I want it."

"Excuse me?"

"If, by holding this little piece of greenery over a man's head, it reduces him to such giggling little fool, than it is powerful, and I want one."

"Right, okay then."

I handed her the mistletoe and watched her brandish it over some poor half-sober-half-drunk ensign.

I wondered how the night would end for her, and passed by the Strolling Drones… they'd be a real hit in my time – and headed for the bar. With one form of fun taken away, it was time to seek out another kind.

More Guests in Part Four tomorrow!


Linda said...

Oh dear ... I take it that Bruce and Batman don't get to too many parties, do they? Well, it appears that Ladeedah had a good time anyway!

Now where did Seven of Nine go with that mistletoe? Watch your head, Captain!

Epiphany said...

Talk about a mixed bag! Why would anyone miss such excitement?!

Raptor Lewis said...

Sounds like fun, Captain. Keep an eye on Lt. Worf. He looks a little wasted.

One Time said...

Stay away from the Romulan Ale!!!

Leon said...

Great post. Superheroes and space explorers. Why wasn't I invited?

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Mistletoe- the secret to controlling I really must get me some!!!

This is a great party, captain we are enjoying ourselves tremendeously.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Yes, who is keeping an eye on Brit Brit :)

The Curmudgeon said...

I don't remember Seven seeking me out with the mistletoe. Ah, well.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Seven definately seems the one to watch with that mistletoe!

Merlyn, perhaps Thrawn would have liked you to get some mistletoe?

Leon, you WERE invited, as was every reader of the Journal.

Fab said...

Hi Captain. Glad to see the Christmas Party is going on nicely.
Sorry for the long absence. Work has been hard lately... but I am still reading the blog, every time I can. Till soon!