Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Enterprise/Borg Alliance (Part Two)

The Borg Queen and the Enterprise have an alliance. Her Cube and the my ship are going to go into the heart of Cylon territory and try to defeat Six and her army of mechanical Centurians.

Why is it always us that saves the universe? Is it in the small print of my job spec? I'll have to check that in the small print when I can.


The Queen beams over to the Enterprise, and stands in the Ready Room. Naturally, Seven of Nine is next to her.

"It is pleasing to see you again, Locutus." smiles the Queen, "Have you any proposals as to how the Cylons should be eliminated?"

"From what I've heard, they have a Resurrection Ship that creates beings like Six if they are destroyed. We also need to get to the Six that has currently been created."

"Excellent tactics, Locutus!" exclaims the Queen, "The Borg miss having you with us when you were assimilated. We had a distinct advantage when the contents of your brain were in the Hive Mind."

"Well never mind about that!" I hurriedly say. I'd rather forget about that.

"What would attract Six to being ambushed and eliminated?" Riker asks.

"Commander Data." states Seven, "When I was at the Convention, Six expressed great interest in probing Data and learning more about him."

"I'm not having that creature explore my Data!" exclaims Ensign Jennifer Baxter, who is Data's girlfriend.

"Jenny." Data answers, "I'm sure with well-armed people with us, no harm will come to me."

"Yeah." she replies, "Me with my multi-phase-disruptor will show that Six the folly of messing with my man!"

Whew! That Jennifer is one tough fighter.

"Does anyone else wish to go with them?" I ask, "Two more will provide an effective fighting unit."

"Why not." Ensign Britney says as she shrugs her shoulders, "Fancy a trip out, T'Pol."

"Sure, Brit." answers her best friend, "If you go, I go."

"Very good." answers the Borg Queen, "I will send Seven of Nine with you so that she can relay the end result to me via the Hive Minsd. While the five of them tackle Six, the Enterprise and the Borg Cube will go into Cylon space and destroy the Cylon Resurrection Ship. Our theory is that then those two points are destroyed, the Cylons will be without a leader and powerless."

It's like one massive battle plan. I'd rather be sipping some Earl Grey or cuddling Bev on the back row of the Enterprise cinema.

Still, our attack plan is ready to go.

To be continued...


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The Curmudgeon said...

This seems like a true Girl Power strike force. Except for Data, of course.

Poor Data, outnumbered now on two fronts.

Jana said...

Britney AND T'pol? Those Cylons don't stand a chance!

Linda said...

Well, hell certainly hath no fury like a woman whose boyfriend is being ogled by another. Six should definitely give Ensign Baxter a wide berth!

Gordon said...

Heck T'Pol, Britney and Ms Baxter why bother sending 7 of 9, "six" is screwed right now...

Michael Manning said...

And if James Bond were still Roger Moore, the line would be: "Ensign Jennifer Baxter. I see the Captain continues to top himself". :D

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Go Brit Brit!

Amanda said...

Look at all the girl power going on here!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You are all of the same opinion. A lot of girl power against Six. Data is there just as the bait!

Ellee Seymour said...

Some Earl Grey tea sounds great. I think you like the agirl power really.

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