Saturday, November 15, 2008

TWQ: Newspaper Cartoons

The TWQ (The Weekend Question) is about that vital part of a newspaper we all turn to...the cartoons!

Which newspaper cartoons are your favourites? List as many as you wish.

My answers are:

The British ones that I like are I Don't Believe It and Up and Running from the Daily Mail. As for those in America, I like Dilbert, as it seems to resemble my office at times. Though I haven't seen many, Herman is always hilarious, definate thinking outside the box, like The Far Side always was.

Now it's over to you...

But before you go....


This is your official invitation to the Enterprise Christmas Party that starts on Monday 1st December!

What I'm asking you to do is write a short post of what happens from your viewpoint at the party. It will be then published in the Journal.

These are the rules to remember:

1: The post is from YOUR viewpoint only. You can involve Enterprise characters, plus other known races and figures, such as the Romulans, the Borg, Q, Lwaxana Troi, Seven, Jadzia Dax, Karena, Ensign Britney, T'Pol or make some up yourself. You can even include some bloggers that are likely to be there (see my Guest Quarters' list on my blog).

2: Remember that that this year, the event is taking placing in a representation of the Borg Cube on the Enterprise holodeck. The Borg drones will be doing the serving, and their band The Strolling Drones will be plaing the music. A special visitor will be the Alpha Borg Queen, leader of the entire race. Anything can happen. You are only limited by your imagination!

3: The length should be whatever you consider suitable.

4: Remember this is a family-friendly Journal, so take heed of what you write.

5: In accordance with Rule 4, I reserve the right to trim entries or not to publish them if I consider them unsuitable.

6: The closing date for entries is Wednesday 26th November.

7: Send your entries to: Captain Picard ( marking your entry 'Enterprise Christmas Party'. The E Mail address is also under 'Secure Channel' on my Journal page.

8: Don't forget to include your blog ID and your blog URL address so you can be credited.

9: If I get a substantial number of entries, I will be doing several posts together, to be changed daily from the 1st December onwards.

10: For any of those unsure of what their entry should look like, read some examples from last year's party in the December archives week commencing 3rd December, or the year before, week commencing 4th December.

Good luck, everybody!


PI said...

I used to be very fond of Andy Capp and Giles.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Bloom County was my absolute favorite for the longest time.

There are others as well, Robotman (now called Monty), Calvin and Hobbes, Get Fuzzy, Mother Goose and Grimm, and The Far Side were/are all great too.

Anonymous said...

love the far side!
i also liked for better or for worse, until very recently when she had decided to go back to the beginning on the strip and retell the story.

Michael Manning said...

You managed to book The Strolling Drones? Count me in Captain! :D)

Michael Manning said...

Oh, sorry. I was so excited at the musical guests that I overlooked the question. I don't read The Funnies here too much. But could you mail me a recent copy of Page 3? Just curious. ;>

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

only dilbert, the only one i read. i used to try to read the far side but i never got it and my daughter would laugh at me!

smiles, bee

Linda said...

I don't read the funnies anymore but as a kid I always loved Charlie Brown - especially when my grandfather read it to me while I was sitting in his lap. Great memories there!

Professor Xavier said...

X-Mas on a Borg cube? That will be a first, I bet.

As for cartoons, I like BC, Hagar and Andy Capp quite a bit.

rashbre said...

I still read Private Eye most times as the main source of regular cartoons. I've never really read the ones in Newspapers, except maybe Doonesbury.

I shall reboot the seasonal festivities generator soon as I hope to be somewhere within the party scene later.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

The Far Side brings fond memories for many of us. It really is my sense of humour.

Michael, you want Page 3 of the Sun? Naughty! Hope you send an entry real soon!

Fab said...

Calvin and Hobbes! My all time favorites!!!!!