Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Enterprise/Borg Alliance (Part Six)

Guest Poster: Beverly Crusher

While a battle rages in space between the Cylon ships and the Borg Cube, which is defending us, the Enterprise has slipped through towards the Resurrection Ship.

Jean-Luc, the Borg Queen and I have beamed down to the ship so we can destroy it before it creates any human-form Cylons like Six, who Data, Jennifer Baxter, Six, Ensign Britney and T'Pol managed to destroy.

I've come officially to help in case anyone gets injured. In truth, though, if the Borg Queen lays her clammy hand on Jean-Luc again, she's toast.


The three of us materialise in a corridor and look around. No one is around.

I spot a sign on the wall. It says


"That's very handy." comments Jean-Luc, "Let's go. The whole problem might be solved right now."

As we walk by, the Borg Queen alerts us.

"Look!" she says.

A bubbling vat of steaming water is in one of the rooms. Outside it is a peg with a skimpy red dress hanging from it. We look in the vat, and through the steam, we can see the image of Six starting to take shape again.

"I think I'll take care of this!" I say sharply, and set my phaser rifle to it's highest setting.

I blast the beams into the vat and it all explodes. Water goes over the floor.

"You're very direct." comments the Borg Queen.

Before we leave, I take the skimpy red dress and put it in my holdall.

"I think I'll keep that for myself." I say, "I know I'll look good in it, don't you think, Jean-Luc?"

"I'm sure you will, Bev." he replies.

The Borg Queen raises an eyebrow. I think she got the message about not holding hands with my Captain!

We find the Self-Destruct Room soon after, and set the timer for two minutes.

As we wait, with just a few seconds to go, a few Cylon Centurians walk in and march towards us.

"Bye bye!" I say as we dematerialise. The Borg Queen goes through her 'Reistance is Futile' speech as well.


The three of us emerge in the EnterpriseTransporter Room.

"The Resurrection Ship has exploded." Riker informs us, "When it did, the Cylon ships seemed to lose all sense of purpose. It looks like they have all been defeated, as we hoped."

"Excellent." comments the Borg Queen to Jean-Luc, "We have done well together, Locutus. Perhaps we will be able to go on more missions together?"

"Err...I'm not sure about that." Jean-Luc answers hesitatingly.

The Queen moves to hold Jean-Luc's hand, but decides against it when she sees me watching with my phaser rifle.

"Nonetheless, it was a good mission." she tells us, "I shall give my Report to the Alpha Borg Queen. We will both look forward to seeing you at the Enterprise Christmas Party next week."

The Queen beams back to her Cube.

"That's good." comments Jean-Luc." we have ended an intergalactic war just in time for the Christmas Party. How could the former go ahead if we were having the latter?"


Editor's Note:

Though the finishing date for the Enterprise Christmas Party was the 26th November, I am giving you until Sunday for any late entries. Send them to: Captain Picard ( marking your entry 'Enterprise Christmas Party'. The E Mail address is also under 'Secure Channel' on my Journal page.


Epiphany said...

Leave it to Bev to save the day. Destroy the bourgeoning Six, stake her territory w/the Captain and the Borg Queen, set the Cylon ship for self-destruct, and bring home a nice little red number for after hours activities. :)

Btw, I'll try my hand at a Christmas party post, but I haven't been myself lately in terms of writing. We'll see if I can come up w/anything worth forwarding...

Linda said...

Well, that's darned handy that they had a self-destruct button so nicely pointed out! Of course, with the way Bev was feeling, she may have been able to destroy the whole ship on her own as long as she pretended it was the Borg Queen that she was zapping with her phaser!

The Curmudgeon said...

I can guess what Dr. Crusher will wear to the party.

Talk about your power shopping...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Curmudgeon, you might be right about that red dress and the Christmas Party.

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