Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Enterprise/Borg Alliance (Part Three)

Guest Poster: Jennifer Baxter

My boyfriend Data, plus Ensign Britney, T'Pol, Seven of Nine and myself are all in the Orion shuttlecraft heading straight for the part of Cylon space where the artificial creature Six was last spotted.

Due to an Alliance between the Enterprise and the Borg Queen's Cube, the two ships are off to destroy the Resurrection Ship in the centre of Cylon space, while us five dispose of Six.

"I like your black leather outfit, Jenny." says Ensign Britney, "They could be a real hit in some of the parties T'Pol and I attend."

"I use it for fighting." I reply sharply, "Not for dancing or your kind of fun."

"Am I to be the bait in this, Jenny?" Data asks me, "I see an element of danger in this mission."

"Yes, you are, Data, honey." I reply, "But don't worry, I'll make sure that Six doesn't harm a circuit. With us four around and my multi-phase disruptor, she'll be history before she knows it."

"Seven shall triumph over Six." states Seven defiantly, "Resistance is futile!"

Was this an attempt at Borg humour? I'm not sure exactly. Nevertheless we all shout "RESISTANCE IS FUTILE." in a unifying voice. Even Data says it, although he wears a somewhat puzzled expression.


Some hours later, we arrive at the planet Feloria, where Six was reported recently.

T'Pol and Britney are sent into the main town as scouts and return soon after.

"We're in luck!" Britney, who is trying to look normal in an undercover outfit, "Some have mentioned a gorgeous looking woman in a skimpy red dress with blonde hair."

"That's it." I say, "Let's all go in to the town and get her."

To be continued after the weekend TWQ


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The Curmudgeon said...

Seven shall triumph over Six? Well, certainly seven is greater than six....

Titania Starlight said...

I truly get a kick out of those Britney pics. :o)~

Jane said...

That Britney is sharp isn't she!

Lahdeedah said...

Well, we KNOW Seven will triumph over Six, because we all know that Six is very, very afraid of Seven, because, after all...

...we all know what Seven did to Nine... Seven ATE (8) Nine...

ahhh ha ha hh

Linda said...

That's quite the undercover scouting outfit that Britney is wearing there, she certainly knows how to blend in, doesn't she?!?

So ... let's see what happens next!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

At least Brit doesn't have the cowboy boots on :)

Ellee Seymour said...

Britney could never look normal. Have a good weekend Capt Picard.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Britney does try to blend in!