Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Borg And The Cylons (Part One)

Guest Poster: The Borg Queen

"Frankly, I fail to see what all the fuss is about." Queen 04 tells me as we talk in the staff powder room of the Borg home planet, "After all, we never grant an audience to any other races."

"Quite so, 04." I reply, "But Seven of Nine, my reprentative on the Federation starship Enterprise has sent me a warning that the race she encountered at the Artificial Life Form Convention might be serious trouble to our way of life."

"Indeed!" answers 04, "That is most surprising. The Borg are the dominant force in the galaxy. We aim to assimilate and eradicate all...."

"Yes, yes." I say, listening to the familiar rhetoric as I get a paper towel and wash my hands, "But when the person Seven encountered suddenly turns up at Borg HQ requesting an audience with the Alpha Borg Queen, red flags went up, and our Leader has demanded that Borg Queens be present when we hear what this creature has to say."

We both leave the powder room and head for the Conference Chamber. I groan when we meet Borg Queen 02, otherise known as the Troi Borg Queen.

"We should not waste our time here!" Troi snaps, "I have a race of beings to destroy. We should simply wipe out these...what are they? Cylons? And then be on our way."

"We need to be careful, Troi." I warn her, "This race might be more powerful than first thought. If they choose to come right into the centre of Borg territory, they must think they have the ability to leave."

Troi snorts with derision. She has always thought herself superior, having come from a universe where the Borg reign supreme."

"We are Borg!" she says defiantly, "Resistance is futile."

I agree, but I like to see the enemy first.


In the Conference Chamber, we all sit in our seats marked with our Cube numbers. After I have some ice cream from the drone seller, we wait for our Leader to arrive.

She arrives on the stage in a multitude of flashing green lights.

"Greetings my Queens." she announces, "I am announcing a representative from the race known as Cylons so that she may speak to us."

"Why do we allow this?" the Troi Queen shouts, nearly dropping her ice cream, "We are the Borg, and reign supreme."

"You will be silent!" orders our Leader, "Indeed we are supreme, but we always listen to others...before we destroy them."

Everyone seems satified at this.

"Now." our Leader says, "Welcome on the stage, the Cylon representative named Six."

A gorgeous blonde in the shape of a human glides on to the stage. Some of the Queens look in awe, Troi looks in seething hatred.

"Welcome, Six." our Leader says to her, "What have you got to tell us?"

"Thank you for giving me the chance to speak." Six says to her, "I am here to tell you all that your way of life is coming to an end. The Cylons are here."

This time, it's me that drops my ice cream.

To be continued...


Lahdeedah said...

Oh oh oh

Are the cylons coming to the Christmas Party, too?

Or will they skip the party in favor of destroying the Enterprise?

I hope they at least come to the party first.

Linda said...

Nothing good ever comes from being confronted by a tall, leggy blonde - at least not when you're another female that is!

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

The Borg have ice cream?

Being assimilated doesn't quite sound as bad as I originally thought.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Oh my! This could get interesting

The Curmudgeon said...

I have to admit... much as I'm adverse to assimilation, somehow I think I might bear it better if it were Six assimilating me.

Gordon said...

Ah so that's what the space chatters been about, I did wonder, I recorded it, and it's all properly starmapped so you can see where it's from and when it was sent as to how the thing is encrypted well hmm it's not using anything I know of an well I know a few of the sneaker encryptions this almost sounded like morse code but with a twist. Borg Queen I'll locate the nearest cube and transmitted to them or you want me to deliver it personally which of course I'd rather not do especially Troi Borg Queen is there, she has a dislike to me and I've no idea why.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

eeep..this gearing up to be one heck of an intergalactic fight!!

Michael Manning said...

Yes, I concur. "Welcome SIX. The Captain has my space condo address!" :D)!

Ellee Seymour said...

Is the girl in the red dress as friendly as she looks?

Anonymous said...

My hubby and I are watching the whole series and we are at Season 2.5 right now. The cylons are such pains in the tushies! Good luck borg!

How fun!

newspaper articles said...

So what happens when a borg kills a borg? Are there any specific penalties? Do they really even care or do they just assimilate another bunch of people to make up for the loss? hmmmm....

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