Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Enterprise/Borg Alliance (Part Five)

The Borg Queen has just informed me that she has had word via the Collective Hive Mind from Seven of Nine that Data, Ensign Britney, T'Pol, Jennifer Baxter and herself have eliminated the artificial life form Six and her Cylon bodyguard Norman.

Now all we have to do is destroy the Resurrection Ship in Cylon Space before another Six being is created.

I say 'all we have to do', as if it is a simple matter, like a quizmaster might do on an awful galactic telecast show.


"The Alliance is working well, Locutus." says the Borg Queen over the videoscreen, "Now what I propose is..."

"Hold on." interrupts Bev, "If this is an Alliance, then we are not going to take any directives from the Borg."

I think Bev is still sore because the Borg Queen held her clammy hand on mine as a sign of the Alliance. At least that might be the reason.

"Whatever you please, Doctor Crusher." the Queen answers, "I just suggest that as my Cube has superior firepower, that can hold off any Cylon attacks while Locutus and I beam down to plant the inner explosives."

"It does sounds a feasible method of attack." Worf concedes.

"I agree." Riker answers.

"It might well be." Beverly grudgingly admits, "But I'm coming down with the Captain."

"Is that wise?" Deanna asks Beverly, "It could be dangerous there."

"I know that." Bev answers, "You might need...err...medical help."

I think Beverly was making sure that the Queen does not have a chance to make a suspected pass at me again.

"Very well." the Borg Queen says, "We shall do that, Locutus."


A few hours later, we are in Cylon territory. The Enterprise is being taken by Borg Cube tractor beam as if we are prisoners to fool the Cylons. The Borg Queen beams on board our ship.

"Locutus." says the Queen, "Let us hope our joint effort will rid the galaxy of the Cylons for ever."

She holds her clammy hand on mine, which I quickly remove as Bev enters.

"Preparing to release tractor beam" says the Queen as she gives instructions.

The Enterprise heads towards the Resurrection Ship while the Cube defends us against Cylon ships.

"Beaming down now!"

Now to see if we can rescue the galaxy...again. I'm keeping a tally on how many times I do this, by the way, just in case some Admiral ever tells me off.

To be continued...


Editor's Note:

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The Curmudgeon said...

Seeing as how you're in direct violation of Star Fleet orders on this one, Jean Luc, it seems probable that an Admiral... or a court martial loaded with Admirals... is likely to tell you off big time.

Unless, possibly, you are successful.

No pressure, though, eh?

Linda said...

Once you've saved the universe - once again - those stuffy admirals will have to see what a gallant and brave El Capitan you are and promote you or at least give you a nice Christmas bonus or something. Right??

Michael Manning said...

Beneath the veneer of those Admirals is the reaity that Captain Picard is their only hope for the universe to be salvaged! :)

Gordon said...

Good luck Picard, I'm giving those pesky cylons a bit of a kicking as well
Borg Queeen, I've found a few frequencies that might be of use to you transmitted on a secure channel.
I've used the 1st one, dropped out of warp right behind their ships and gave them a good blast with my multi-phasic array, stopped 'em dead and they didn't seem to have much fight left or power for that matter, blocking comms to that region as well I hope.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Here's hoping this resolves soon :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Jean-Luc. Be safe and be blessed.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Don't worry, we'll wrap it all up in Part Six and be ready for the Christmas Party!

Mimi, Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Epiphany said...

That Borg queen better keep her clammy paws to herself. I suspect Bev is no picnic when her turf is invaded.

Happy Thanksgiving, Captain!

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