Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Artificial Life Forms Convention (Part One)

Guest Poster: The Doctor

I've been looking forward to this covention. At last a place where artificial life forms can be with our own kind.

I'm going along with Data, Vic Fontaine and Seven of Nine. She demanded to go, although I said that she was an assimilated human named Annika Hansen, and ought not to be allowed to come.

That got her back up.

"I am not human!" she had shouted, "We are Borg!"

Captain Picard urged me to allow her to come along, although I told him she may have difficulty getting through the admission gate.

"Why is it called that, Doctor?" asks Data, pointing to a sign.

I groan.

"Calling it The ALF Convention sounds so derogatory." I say, "It's hardly respectful. I imagine some carbon solid thought of that."

"Loosen up, Doc." says Fontaine, "We're here to enjoy ourselves."

We approach the Entrance, Seven is stopped by the Admission Guard Robot.

"You cannot enter here." he says firmly, "This Convention is for Artificial Life Forms only."

Seven gets angry and quickly pulls the power supply out of his back so that he crumbles to the floor.

"Resistance is futile!" Seven states triumphantly, "We are the Borg."

As we get through, I see lots of Artificial Life Forms that look like me.

"Wow!" says Fontaine, "We'll have to remember we leave with the right one!"

Two figures approach; one is a doctor that looks like me, the other is a green-skinned robot.

"Greetings." he says, "I am Grell, the clockwork robot from the USS Rhode Island, where Wesley Crusher and his wife Karena are assigned. This is our holographic doctor."

"Pleased to meet you." I reply, shaking hands with myself.

"Would you mind winding me up?" Grell asks Data, while carrying a giant key, "It will keep me going for the next thirty minutes. I hate to run down while in conversation. I sometimes miss the end of a good joke."

"What's your name?" the Rhode Island holographic doctor asks me.

"I never really thought of one." I answer, "So I just use Doctor."

"How boring!" he replies, "I thought at first of Bill, but people might think I was a Quack Doctor! Geddit! Bill, duck, quack?"

He pokes me in the ribs as he laughs. What is wrong with his programming?

"Anyway." he continues, "I settled for Ted."

I wince.

"Do you like opera?" I ask him.

"No way, man." answers Ted, "No offence, but that's way too starchy for me. I like to hang loose, listening to soft music or heavy metal."

I shudder.

"Actually." comments Fontaine drily, "I think we'll be able to tell them apart. Now let's enjoy the Covention."

To be continued...


The Real Mother Hen said...

hhmmm, it's time for some robot actions! Yeah!

Gordon said...

Wow the last time I see seen something that boring it when I watch the channel tunnel being built...
I know bad joke, come on 2nd comment (just beaten), I mean "Ted" seriously that Hologram needs a ever so slight major reprogram.

Batman said...

yes he needs to be reprogrammed with a wrench

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Hey this would be a great time for some of the cast of Red Dwarf to show up!

The Curmudgeon said...

OK, so lots of holographic Doctors, all running around greeting one another with, "Please state the nature of your medical emergency."

Yeah, no way Seven would want to miss this one.

I wonder if Vic will find anyone with whom he can sing a duet.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I'm sure the Doctor like seeing lots of people all looking like long as they are not like Ted.

Linda said...

Ted sounds like an affable enough sort of guy - perhaps the Doctor could learn to loosen up just a little bit and enjoy the convention a tiny bit??

Merlyn Gabriel said...

lol winding up Grell!!
that's hilarious!

Spoiler said...

I wonder what a bunch of AI's have to talk about?

Jaime said...

Seven gets angry and quickly pulls the power supply out of his back so that he crumbles to the floor.

"Resistance is futile!" Seven states triumphantly, "We are the Borg."


Ted has to go.

Ellee Seymour said...

You'll have to introduce them to Mozart, captain.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Jaime, Ted is definately the sort to annoy anyone!