Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The USS Rhode Island (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Erika Hernadez

Commander Mark Hathaway's latest seduction techniques on me were interrupted fortunately when the Ensigns Karena and Wesley Crusher came to inform us that all the cew on the Bridge of our ship, the USS Rhode Island were unconsious.

"Ensign Crusher." I ask, "You didn't accidently let off the anaesthetic gas again did you? I told you not to touch that."

"No, Captain." he says firmly, "It wasn't me this time."

"Very well." I answer, "Let's go and see what has happened."

I'm beginning to see why Captain Picard was so relieved that Wesley was assigned here, rather than the Enterprise when he graduated from Starfleet Academy.

On our way there, we see that other crew members are out cold. We are the only four still consious.

"I don't get it." Hathaway exclaims, "Why were we unaffected?"

"Wesley and I were swimming in a holodeck program, so infected air did not reach us." Karena explains, "As for yourself and the Commander, I cannot explain it."

I go red, and Mark winks at me, as we know that the reason was probably the air exchanged in lip contact during that kiss. Now I know why I felt dizzy.

When we reach the Bridge, the crew are all out.

"I thought Lietenant Commander Grell might still be going." Hathaway says, "He must have wound down."

"We'd better wind him up so he can tell us what happened." I reply.

Grell is our third in command. He is a clockwork robot, which means that every half hour, someone has to get the giant key put it in his back and wind him up for another thirty minutes.

"Greeting's Captain Hernandez." Grell says when he is ready again.

"What happened, Grell?" Hathaway asks.

"Alas, Commander" Grell answers, "I was just about ready for my latest wind-up when members of the Bridge started falling over. I was about to summon you when I started slowing down."

"It looks like we may be invaded soon, Captain." Karena says.

"Indeed it might, Ensign." I answer, "But we have a surprise for them."

A slight beaming-in shimmer starts to appear, and we lie down, pretending to be affected. I see two particularly ugly-looking aliens.

"Excellent, Bleem." one says to the other, "The teleport knockout gas worked well. Let's imprison them before they wake up."

"Too late!" I say, leaping up, and attack with a phaser. It has no effect.

"Those energy weapons have been rendered useless by the field we imposed around your ship." Bleem laughs, "You cannot stop us!"

"I don't know about that!" Karena says, and with amazonian anger, she hurtles her spear at Bleem. He is ventilated, and hung on the wall like a picture.

The other alien looks panic stricken, adjusts a button on his wrist and both of them vanish.


About twenty minutes later, the crew have all revived.

"Well done, Ensign." I say to Karena. She and Wesley might be welcome to the Rhode Island after all.

"Any chance of that Sondoran Beach Program now, Erika." Mark whispers in my ear.

Though I am forced to say no, inside I would love to!


The Curmudgeon said...

I now see the point of Karena's spear.

Uh... on second thought, a different word choice may have been more appropriate.

Linda said...

Ah, nothing like Alien-Shish-Kabob on an Amazonian Spear!

Perhaps Karena can teach Wesley how to use one??

Epiphany said...

You gotta love that Karena - to the rescue!

...and that Mark needs to get a clue.

Inertia said...

Ya still use clockwork robots?

The Mistress of the Dark said...

thats one way of getting rid of unruly aliens.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Inertia, Grell isn't quite so advanced as Data.

Linda, I think Wes would cut his finger if he tried to practice with a spear.

Curmudgeon, a lot of people have seen the point of Karena's spear!

Anonymous said...