Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beverly On Spacebook

Guest Poster: Beverly Crusher

It's been fun since I set up my computer account on Spacebook!

People from all over the galaxy are setting up and chatting to each other. In truth, iut breaks down barriers a lot more than a roomful of Starfleet diplomats ever could.

When they do meet officially, the first thing they usually say is that they've already met them on Spacebook.

Naturally, I have Jean-Luc as one of my friends. When we want to arrange a secret date, we set it up by conversing on a Spacebook message!

There are all sorts of frustrating games. I win one or two, but what is exasperating is that one Spacebook Friend always wins against me!

This friend is anonymous, has no other friends and intrigues me. I suppose I ought to block it, but I can't as my desire to win is too strong. I want to beat her!...presuming it is a she.

I visit Data, who knows a lot about computer technology. He might be able to help.

"I am curious, Doctor." he says, "Why is it so important to find out the identity of your Spacebook Friend?"

"It's something that is important, Data." I say. I wish he had his emotion chip turned on.

Data analyses the computer when I am on MirrorMirror's account. That's the name of the Friend.

"This is interesting." he says, "My analysis shows that MirrorMirror's origin is on a spaceship called Dominatrix."

"So that's it!" I say, "MirrorMirror is Captain Beverly Howard, the evil duplicate of me from the female-dominated mirror universe. No wonder she always wins. She can guess what I'm going to do next."

I set up a game of ChallengeChess with her, but in this instance, I create all sorts of illogical moves.

"This will confuse her!" I say to myself.

The gameplay veers, and eventually, I win.

I send a message.

Greetings, Captain Beverly Howard,

Now I know who you are, I can win easily. Don't bother to call back, as your signal will be blocked from all Spacebook messages in the galaxy from now on. It will leave you very isolated.

Best Wishes,

The one and only Beverly Crusher.

I think that's one up to me!


The Curmudgeon said...

One up to Data, too, I think.

Maybe you can help him out when Lor sets up his Spacebook account.

Jaime said...

You go, girl!!

Bulma said...

Good one

Michael Manning said...

Captain: Thank you for remembering Gunner over at my site. He earned his wings yesterday.

Linda said...

Good thing that Data could trace the origin so that Beverly could figure out what was going on. It's frustrating to lose on those games all the time!

Jana said...

Way to go, Bev!

TP said...

That Bev's one smart cookie, Captain. When are you going to make an honest woman of her?

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