Tuesday, June 03, 2008

T'Pol & Britney..Alias Smith & Jones (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Ensign Britney:

Yay! My soulsistah T'Pol have arrived on the planet Garos, where the Wild Time Resort is located.

We've had to be careful, as both of us have been banned from every pleasure planet in the galaxy due to the notoriously bad behaviour we get up to. This time, we have adopted heavy disguises, and are using fake names. T'Pol is Janet Smith and I'm Rebecca Jones. We've got to remember that. I've actually written who we are on our hands, just to be sure.


The hovercar takes us to the rececption entrance, where we prepare to get out.

I'm wearing my pink and black Tsarian outfit, with a brown wig and dark glasses. T'Pol has a baseball cap and pink wig on plus a low key outfit. We're hoping not to attract too much attention, but everybody stares at us as we get out and head for the Reception. It's curious that many seem quite elderly. Hardly the sort for a pleasure planet.

No one is around at the Desk.

I bang the bell several times.

"Hey! We want some service here!" I shout at the top of my voice.

"Careful, Brit." T'Pol whispers, "We don't want to look like ourselves...remember who our names are, othewise we could be out of the door before the hovercar has had a chance to leave."

"Oh, yeah, sistah." I admit, "...I mean...errr..Janet."

The Receptionist comes in. A rather stuffy looking man in a formal suit and bow tie.

"Welcome to the Garos Wild Time Resort, ladies." he announces, as if he is announcing the arrivals at a Grand Ball, "I am Alfred, and look after all guests, ensuring they have a peaceful time."

"Peaceful?" I say in surprise, "I thought it was the Wild Time Resort?"

"Indeed it was, madam." Alfred replies, "But it has been bought out by the Bide-A-Way Nursing Holiday Home. The average age of guests is 86."

We look in despair.

"Now then." continues Alfred, looking at T'Pol "You are Janet Smith, and your friend is Rebecca Jones."

"That's right, bub." I confirm.

"I hope you don't mind me saying." he mentions, "But you both bear a slight resemblance to a couple of individuals who we have been warned against."

Alfred points to the wall, and both our pictures are there.

"Those two are known throughout the galaxy as troublemakers." he tells us, "We don't want them here. The guests couldn't stand it."

"We'll keep our eyes open for them." T'Pol tells him, as we walk away.

Alfred reminds us that bingo and the whist drive will be taking place after dinner.

The two of us go to our room, and T'Pol looks in panic.

"What are we gonna do, Brit?" she asks, "Look where we are, and in disguise. We're hardly going to have a fun time, are we?"

"Don't worry sistah." I say with a smile, "It might not be what we want, but we can liven this up no end."

To be continued...


The Curmudgeon said...

They're going to terrorize the poor old people? Oh no!

Don't let 'em do it!

Nepharia said...

Maybe the old people *want* a little more terror in their lives than just bingo.

Anonymous said...

"Bide-A-Way Nursing Holiday Home"
had me snorting with laughter!

Been catching up on any carry on then Jean-Luc?

Linda said...

Having had first hand experience with skilled nursing homes and the residents thereof, I think that perhaps T'Pol and Britney - er, I mean Rebecca and Janet - may be in for more than they bargained for this time around!

Michael Manning said...

It would be mockery to say that things are getting "tenous"! :D)

Vendetta said...

Heh don;t know who's more in trouble the old people or the Brit, and T'pol

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I fear for the old people :(

SHI said...

I say crank up the music and party anyway

Heather said...

who knows, they might breathe a little life into a now dull place.

Bulma said...

Somone's going to break a hip.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

this sounds like it could be bad....

Amanda said...

LOL! Lets see what they'll get up to here.

Jana said...

Be afraid... be very afraid.

Bilbo said...

This ought to be good...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Some of you are spot on. The old timers want more than just bingo!

Anonymous said...



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