Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Aboard A Space Freighter (Part Two)

The shuttlecraft Orion, that has me, Beverly, Riker and Deanna in it has been floating around in space after breaking down on the way from our Ascot trip on Earth.

We were on the way to rejoin the Enterprise, but the engines gave out.

Fortunately, the sensors are picking up an approaching space vessel.


"We've saved!" shouts an exhubitant Deanna, who hugs us all.

"Hold on, Counselor." I advise, "We don't know who these people are yet."

I send out a distress call, and the ship comes our way.

I must admit, it doesn't look too impressive; an ancient space freighter that looks about two centuries old.

Still, when we are being rescued from floating about in space, we can't afford to be too choosy.

The ship hooks on to the Orion, and we climb out of the connection hatch into the freighter to see who our rescuers are.

"I am Captain Komba of the Freighter Ship Trashkan." he tells us. I can see the Captain wouldn't win any prizes a beauty contest.

I reply by announcing who the four of us are. The Captain seems duly unimpressed.

"Fortunately for you." he tells us, "The Trashkan is going in the direction your starship, so we shall take you there."

"Thank you, Captain." Riker tells him, "Now if you'll just show us to our quarters."

Komba snorts in derision.

"This isn't one of your fancy starships, Riker." Komba says in disgust, "The Trashkan is a working freighter. That means all four of you will be expected to work your passage. I'll put you and Picard in the engine room. There are a lot of greasy parts that need cleaning. The women can go work in the kitchen."

"Excuse me, Captain." Beverly advise, "But I'm a doctor. Perhaps it would be a good idea if I work in the SickBay?"

"What SickBay?" Komba laughs, "If anyone gets injured on this freighter, we either put a band aid on them or put them in the morgue. Get cooking! You two women can go in the womens quarters, and you men can go in the male bunk room."

"I'm a Captain.." I start to protest.

"Not here, Picard." Komba tells me, "You're just a crewman working his passage."


A few hours later, Riker and I are still cleaning the engine parts that have been covered by years of grease and grime. Everywhere is filthy, and I'm covered in it.

"Is this a way to get to the Enterprise, Number One?" I ask.

"I know what you mean, Captain." Riker replies, "I think we were better off floating in space."

"I wonder how Beverly and Deanna are doing in the kitchen?"

To be continued...


... Paige said...

Jean Luc-you are amazing. Thanks for coming by my place.

Jana said...

Sounds like a discount cruise I took once.

Linda said...

Well, technically you're still a Captain no matter what you're doing - it's just a matter of anyone else wants to recognize that or not!

They put Deanna in the kitchen? Are they nuts??

Mimi Lenox said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love the dialogue in your writing. Very nice.

Gordon said...

Yeah was thinking that deanna in the kitchen, pray there isn't any chocolate anywhere it will be gone..

The Curmudgeon said...

Gordon took my line. Drat!

Where did they put the shuttle? Did they take it tow? Put it in storage? If the latter, maybe you can bunk there instead of in the rather grubby accommodations otherwise offered aboard the Trashkan.

In fact, maybe you should get word to the girls... this trip may yet be saved....

Good luck, Captain.

Lahdeedah said...

Maybe it would have been easier to stow away?

Take over the ship?

You know, planning a mutiny would be a nice, fun diversion from cleaning engine parts...

Michael Manning said...

I knew it! You went for the Redhead. Okay, after I post this and I'm running to my Space Garage to gas up my personal shuttle craft. Better advise Deanna I'm on the way! :D)

Merlyn Gabriel said...

oh oh I sense trouble ahead!!!

women in the kitchens...tsk tsk

Vince Briefs said...

evreyone but guys is going to die of food posioning

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I bet there's mayhem happening wherever Bev and Deanna are

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend, thought I would just pop by and see whats new. I have missed coming in.

Amanda said...

Oh my, I'm loving this story! I can't wait to see what happens next. Do Beverly and Deanna even know how to cook?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Wouldn't hurt to get your elbows dirty once in a while, would it?

Ellee Seymour said...

I hope you and Riker used plenty of elbow grease... Let's hope Beverly and Deanne are cooking something tasty...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Many of you are right; it's a mistake putting Bev and Deanna in a kitchen.

Dari, super to hear from you again.

Vince, you might not be far off!

Gordon, you're right about Deanna and chocolate.

Paige, Mimi, always a pleasure to drop in your blogs.

Jaime said...

LOL!! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear really hoping this is not autobiographical now!

A girl friend this week broke down, but fortunately the AA came and got her!