Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ro Laren's Boyfriend (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Ro Laren

I'm in a right fix now. The last time I was this distressed, the local Bajoran ear jewelry shop had just closed down.

My boyfriend Vorak has been caught by the Maquis. The trouble is, Vorak is a Cardassian, and the two of us have been having a secret relationship since meeting via a dating agency. Though Bajorans and Cardassians are supposed to despise each other, Vorak and I are attracted.

Unfortunately, we can't let anyone know, as we would both be ostracised from the societies we live in.

I decide, as I don't want anyone to find out about us, that I am going to rescue him myself.

As I know the location of the local Maquis meeting place, I think I'll casually drop in and see what's what.


I get the shuttlecraft and land on the quiet planet of Havalon V. There is a tiny building nearby. I walk towards it and give the secret Maquis knock.

A little slot opens in the door, and a pair of eyes look through.

"Who is it?" a voice commands.

"Ro Laren." I whisper quietly.

The door opens and I enter.

"Well, well." says a voice, "If it isn't Ro. We thought you'd forgotten about us. You seem to spend all your time with the Cardassian-loving Federation."

"That's not true, Kad." I say falsely to the Bajoran woman I recognise as the leader sitting down, "I gather information, and still pay subscriptions to Maquis Monthly. Anything exciting happening?"

"I should say, Ro!" Kad exclaims, "We managed to capture Gul Vorak, the Cardassian Ambassador to Earth last night. He was about to enter a restaurant. We figure he was there to meet a contact. We'll get the details out of him."

I start to sweat a little, as if I have been on the sonic sunbed for too long.

"Can I question him?" I ask casually.

"Sure, Ro." she replies.

"I'll have him saying 'four lights' before you know it." I say with a laugh.

I enter the Interrogation Room and see my boyfriend strapped to the chair.

He looks alarmed when he sees me, but I wink slyly at him.

"Leave us alone!" I order to the guard, "I'll soon have the truth out of this Cardassian!"

When we are alone, a groggy Vorak mumbles "Ro?"

"Quiet." I whisper, as I untie him, You are going to zap me with my phaser...make sure it's on stun, please. You can then grab one of the shuttles in the Maquis Shuttle Park and escape."

"Are you sure, Ro?

"Do it!"

He aims, and a blanket of darkness falls over me.


The next thing I know, I am being shaken awake by the Maquis members.

"Ro!" Kad exclaims, "What happened? Where is the Cardassian?"

I get up, and start to tell the story I have made up.

"The incompetant who tied the Cardassian's hand did not do a good job!" I say, "He managed to untie his hands, grab me, took my phaser and stunned me. It was lucky it was set on stun."

"Indeed it was, Ro." Kad comments, "We will have to have a course in how to tie knots here, it seems."

At that, I say my farewells, and head off back to the Enterprise.

A hail comes in. It is Vorak.

"That was a close on, Ro." he says, "Did they believe your story?"

"Yes." I reply, "We'll have to be careful in future. Any more events like that and it will be curtains for both of us."


Linda said...

It's a good thing that Ro had an in with the Maquis otherwise who knows what sort of ill-fate might have overcome Vorak. She's a clever girl that Ro is!

Merlyn Gabriel said...

wow, this is so very Romeo and Juliet

Anonymous said...

Um, wonder if it will have the same tragic end?

The Curmudgeon said...

Odd that the Maquis doesn't have a video monitor in the interrogation room -- when did it go out of style?

How fortunate for Ro, however.

Gordon said...

You'd think they would but I'll bet bypassed or in the rush they didn't check...
Close call, good escape...

Titania Starlight said...

That was quick thinking on Ro's part. Glad things turned out good for them both. I hope they can hook up again. These covert relationships can be quite lonely. I am sure Ro will "make" opportunities.

The Real Mother Hen said...

More events in the future?
Boy if I were Ro, I would have dumped the Cardassian... but that would bring an end to the story :()

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Ascot was a lot of fun, mixing with the rich and super-rich. All that fashion and hatwear! I picked the winner of the showpiece Gold Cup, saw the Queen & Royal Family go by.

Back to this...

Curmudgeon, I don't think the Maquis can afford monitors.

Mother Hen, you#re a real romantic. I like your phrase 'dumping the Cardassian'!

Merlyn Gabriel said...

Welcome back Captain, glad to hear you survived the über rich!!

gautami tripathy said...

Now I better go read part 1!

Got here from our mutual friend!

Mr. Althouse said...

What? The Bajoran ear jewelry shop closed down? Dammit! Why didn't anyone tell me?

Michele sent me,


Tricia said...

What an exciting love story. I'm glad Ro was able to rescue her love!

Good to see you back Captain!

Ellee Seymour said...

I wonder what your crew would make of Ascot, captain. Have a great weekend.

Amanda said...

Ah...romance. I like it when its between unlikely people.

Lahdeedah said...

I go away a few days and Ro's gone off and rescued a boyfriend already!

eastcoastlife said...

Welcome home Captain! Rubbing shoulders with the rich, do you have any tips to get rich fast? hehe....

*tries to scrape the rich dust from Captain's shoulders*

Anthony Stark Ironboy said...

Ah Romance it always sucks, I should know dating a killer cyborg.

Michael Manning said...

Where would we be without the shuttle craft fleet? A spin to the Galactic Mall and even a date requires it!:D

Anonymous said...



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