Saturday, April 12, 2008

600th Post & TWQ: Hippie Names

Yes, it's both the 600th Post plus a TWQ today, so there is a lot to do today. Let's see what the TWQ (The Weekend Question)is:

We see some odd hippie names, like Moon Unit etc. If you had the chance to rename your hypothetical hippie family (mother, father, son, daughter), what names would you choose?

My answers are:

Sunshine (wife)
Lightning (me)
Rain (son)
Snow (daughter)

Now it's over to you.....

Now regarding the 600th Post, it's hard to believe that after nearly three years, I have reached this point. I can recall the time..

"Oh, stop being so boring, Jean-Luc, it's like listening to Data drone on without contracting."

"Q!" I exclaim, "What do you want, I'm doing this very important post."

"Yes, yes, I know." he answers, "Do you think you know how to do these? You answer them like you're going to do one of those endless speeches to Admiirals that send them all to sleep. You'll have every one that sees your post drifting off elsewhere. Here. This will keep them..."

"Q!" you're interfering with my post, now...."

"I'm trying to help you, Jean-Luc." he says, "You have a very haphazard crew. Every other starship travels around normally, but not the Enterprise. You seem so frought with disasters, getting boarded by aliens, entering parallel universes, time travel, getting turned into a criminal. This doesn't happen with any other Captain....except the delightful Kathryn, but that's another story."

"Q!" I shout, "Just go away and let me..."

"Of course, the nature of your crew doesn't help." he continues, "What other starship has a Chief Engineer with those shades, an android, a donut eating Commander, a barmaid that is 600 years old, a Counselor who can read thoughts, a Borg drone, a red headed female doctor that fancies you, who has a disaster prone son with an Amazonian fiance, a holographic doctor who sings opera, a Klingon with a bad temper, a Trill, an insolent girl who spends more time in the brig and a rebel from to centuries ago that came from a mirror universe?"

"Don't forget being tormented by a being from another Continuum." I retort.

"Touche, Jean-Luc." he replies.

"Look, Q" I tell him, "I'm running out of time to do my speech. I'll have to leave it."

"Then I'm sure the readers will be thanking me for doing them a favour." he answers, "Until the next time, goodbye."

Q vanishes, leaving me just enough room to thank you all for visiting my Journal throughout the 600 posts.


rashbre said...

Congratulations on the 600th post. Michele sent me over this time to say hello.

The rashbre family units are already somewhat elemental and earth, water, fire and air are never far from the thinking.

Often mixed together in a garden fair, sometimes put in a basket and tied with string. It can be a riddle sometimes.

Beam on.


Amanda said...

Congratulations! 600 posts is truly an amazing accomplishment.

I can't think of any hippie names but the direct translation of my son's chinese name is something like 'Brilliance of the Sun'....or something like that. His dad picked it.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Congrats on 600, Cap'n, may you write long and prosper.

Let's think of some hypotheticals here.

Me -- Captain America
My wife -- Pretty Lady
My daughter -- Butterfly
My son -- Starchild

Maybe they're not all that great, but I'm really not that great of a hippy.

Bilbo said...

Congratulations on #600! It's not easy keeping up such a prolific rate of posting, and yet keeping everything fresh and interesting. I know I join with all your other fans in anxiously awaiting your celebration of #700 and beyond. Make it so!

Linda said...

Congratulations on your 600th post and, no offense Captain, I'm rather pleased that Q thought it important enough to pop in for. I do so like his sardonic sense of humor!

As for hippie names ... hmmm, good question ... I should like to be Moonbeam and perhaps Amanda could be Sunshine? My ex-husband could have been Storm Cloud!

gurufuk said...

Congratulations on your 600th post, i enjoy each one of them, since i know this blog.

about the hippies, there is one name i will never forget..

"Neurona H2O"....and thats really a name.

Jaime said...

Q!!! I've missed you!!

Congrats, Captain! It's a great accomplishment!

Beth said...

Congratulations on your 600th post!

My coffee has not kicked in yet, so my brain is still foggy. I can share that my ex-husband's hippie (and non-hippie) name is still Nimrod.

aprilbapryll said...

After reading about your 600th post, I had to look and see how many I've done -- 485 on my old blog and 79 on the new one (I started the new one after my wedding last year) so I guess I'm catching up and I didn't even realize it! Congrats!

Regarding hippie names, mine is April and I always thought that was kind of hippie although now it's pretty popular, but how 'bout a girl's name of Sugar Magnolia? That was my favorite Grateful Dead Song once upon a hippie time ... It's no Pilot Inspektor, but I'm not Jason Lee ...

Oh, Michele sent me! Woohoo! :)

Jen said...

Congratulations! I don't know how you do it, it must be very difficult writing this way. You're a clever person!

Um, hippie names. I spent some time living in a vegetarian co-op household, and we had a lot of hippie names go through there, so I kind of got bored with them before I had my own kids.

I did go to high school with a kid named Groovy. His parents let him name himself, so at age 6 that's what he chose. I always thought that was pretty cool. He wasn't using it any more by the time I knew him, though. :(

Nepharia said...

Congratulations, for sure! I've been writing for about the same amount of time and have not managed to keep up with your number of posts.

Hippie names? Sith do not have hippie names.

Ciera said...

Congrats on 600! :) Too bad Q didn't think to give those of us who fancy men a hunk to look at, but Angelie is pretty enough.

Hippie names.....

Mine would be: Moonbeam
imaginary husband: Sugar
Kids: Sweetpea, Dumpling, Tadpole, and Panda

Vegeta said...

Congrats on 600 posts.

My kids alreadey have hiipiesh names Well Bra and Trunks anyway.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thanks for your good wishes. You have such wide imaginations for hippie names. Imagine if everybody had these sort of names!

Nikki-ann said...

Congrsts on the 600th post :) Here's looking forward to another 600! :D

Michele says Hello!

Mike said...

Congratulations on 600 posts!!!

If I had a hippie name I guess something like Dreamweaver would be appropriate.

Here from michele's

Anonymous said...

congratulations Jean-Luc.

Hippy names err.......

I guess my son Robin could be called Bird Man!

My daughter is Lyndsey-Rose and it's too beautiful to be messed with, and so is she.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Congrats on the 600th post!

Thanks for helping out Q!

PI said...


Wise one

Noble one.

Here from Michele's and congrats!

Last Girl On Earth said...

Congrats on #600! (That's a lot of posting!)

As far as hippy names,
I would want to be Hatshepsut.
Hubby could be Handsome.

And Michele could be "Oh wise one" for sending me here today!

swirly girl said...

Happy 600th, my lovely!

Carmi said...

Hi again, Captain. OK, I've given it some thought, and here are some hippie names for the crew:

Me: Spirit
Loving wife: Sweetness
Eldest sun: Method man
Middle daughter: Peanut
Youngest sun: Sunshine

Ever faithful pooch: BlackBerry (after his nose)

I know, they're bizarre. Then again, so am I!

Hi from Michele's. Hope you're having a great weekend so far.

pads said...

Congratulations on your 600th post captain your blog is always funny and interesting, nice to see Q again.

these are the hippynames I thought off.

hubby peaceful
me cuddles
son raincloud
daughter meadow
youngest daughter summer

love pads

Footsteps said...

Congrats on #600 (and growing...)!

Hippy names? Hmmm... I'm craving consistent spring weather, so I'd be inclined to go with flower names for my little flower children... Lavender for my daughter; maybe Spiderwort and Lungwort for the boys (can't see my 16-year old answering to "Daffodil")?

The Curmudgeon said...

Congratulations to you -- and Q, I suppose -- for many happy adventures and hoping for many more.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thanks everybody for those super wishes. It certainly makes it worthwhile.

Footsteps...It's a pleasure having you visit me. Hope you'll be droppinfg in frequently.

Ellee Seymour said...

Hi captain, congratulations on your 600th post, that is really impressive.

Leon said...

Congrats on the 600th post! I don't know about you, but I liked Q's interruption. He was right. Lara did keep me awake.

Fab said...

A bit late, but still ever so sincere when saying: happy 600th (and many more!).

Hippy names? Hm. I seem to only come up with Indian names... like Playes-with-Warquest (brother), but not very original.

Hm. Thinking. Ah ok, but don't complain if it's a Disney rip off, if you met my family, you'd see it's dead on!

- Dosey (dad)
- Babble (mom)
- Nicotine (sister - though I do call her that already, her name is Nicole)
- Leaf (brother - cause he is nature boy and oddly it sounds like his name Yves)
- Stern (oldest brother - serious man)
- Confusia (me)