Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Seven Of Nine On Death Row (Part Two)

I have been expecting Seven of Nine to return from her Borg Assimilated Drones Union (BADU) meeting, but there has been no sign of her. We are at the meeting point.

Suddenly, a Borg Cube appears after coming out of a Transwarp Conduit. We go to Red Alert, but even as we do, a figure appears on the Bridge.

"Hello, Locutus." says the Borg Queen, "I hope you are well. We have an urgent matter that we need to discuss."

"What is it?" I reply.

"I'll explain on the Cube as we travel to the planet." she tells me, then says to the others, "No harm will come to your Captain. His presence is needed if we are to save Seven of Nine from being terminated."

I tell the Bridge crew it willl be all right, and to remain at this position in space. With that, the Queen and I vanish, and appear on the Cube.

"What's happened to Seven?" I ask, as the Cube travels via the TransWarp Conduit.

"She was arrested for the murder of her dispised rival, Nine of Ten at the union meeting." the Queen answers, "All the evidence is pointing towards her, with fingerprints etc. One of Five, the Head of the Union Committee, has placed her on Death Row, where she will shortly be terminated pending an investigation. In Borg circles, this means she has no chance. Seven sent a message to me asking to help, and to bring you along, as she thinks only us can prove her innocence."

"Can't you Borgs work it out for yourselves?" I ask, "I thought with the Borg Collective and the Hive Mind, you would be able to read each other's thoughts and find out who did it."

"This is true, Locutus." the Queen answers, "But some Borg have learnt to close off parts of their minds. Whoever the guilty one is has mastered this, so we cannot find out any other way than detection."

"So we are the CSI in this matter?" I ask with a hint of sarcasm. The Queen fails to see the joke.


As the Cube comes out of TransWarp, the Queen turns to me.

"Beware, Locutus." she says, there are many who would raise objections to a human dealing with Borg matters, especially as the matter is decided in their eyes."

"But you are the Queen." I protest, "They will have to do what you say."

"This is a Borg Union planet, Locutus." she replies, "The Management, which is myself, have no say in the affairs of what go on. Seven is the only member of my Cube here. We have to find the evidence to save her."

"We are strange bedfellows." I say to her.

"But we are not sharing a bed, Locutus." she replies, "Sometimes I find your comments rather strange."

The Borg certainly have a sense of humour extraction when they are assimilated. I shouldn't think there are many Borg comedy programmes on their television networks.

The Queen and I beam down, and are greeted by a hostile looking Borg, who fronts four others. This must be the Union Committee.

"Welcome, your Majesty." the Borg at the front says contemptuously, then looks at me, "I am One of Five. What is the meaning of bringing this human to a Borg Union planet?"

"He is a former Borg named Locutus." answers the Queen, "And we are both here to help Seven of Nine and to find the truth regarding who killed Nine of Ten."

"That matter is decided." One of Five declares, "Seven of Nine will be terminated in the near future."

"We shall be the judge of that." she replies, and we stride past the sour faced drone, on the way to Death Row, so that we can talk to Seven.

"I don't like that One of Five." I comment.

"Neither do I, Locutus." the Queen replies, "I'm going to have a word with the Queen of his Cube. He'll be in for a shock when he gets back."


We reach the cell. Seven, who had been looking very dejected, is elated to see us.

"Your Majesty and Locutus!" it is good to see you." she says, "I didn't kill that Borg. I have been framed."

"Yes." says the Queen, "I know you would not kill, unless I tell you to. Locutus and I intend to find out who it was."

To be continued...


The Curmudgeon said...

Watch your back, Captain.

With so many unfriendly drones around, you may find yourself framed, too, or maybe re-assimilated.

Linda said...

CSI:Interplanetary? Do let us know if you need to borrow "the sunglasses of justice" from Horatio down in Miami!

Gordon said...

What you need Locutus, sorry Captain is some borg style "sodium pentathol"...

Nepharia said...

"I didn't kill that Borg. I have been framed."

I'm surprised the Queen understood this idiomatic expression and didn't make one of her snappy comebacks as she did with you -- unless of course she still thinks you're cute and those responses were her version of flirting.

I'd be careful. You might end up in a relationship worse that Wesley's

Monica said...

Have I told you lately how absolutely AWESOME your writing is? How fun... oh and

CONGRATULATIONS ON 600! Wowza Jean Luc! Thanks for all of the excellent reads!



The Mistress of the Dark said...

Poor Seven. I hope they found out who killed that other Borg :(

Footsteps said...

Be safe Captain! You must survive to write another day...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Footsteps, thanks for the warning.

Linda, it always makes me smile how Horatio takes his sunglasses off and on constantly, and uses a mini light even in the blazing sunshine!

Monica, thanks for those thoughts.

Heather said...

the plot gets thicker...I'm really curious to know how they are going to get seven out of this mess and get all three safely off the union run planet...

Anonymous said...

conratz on 600 (a little late but .. well I was in a bit of a fix..)

I wonder what Sky will have to say...

careful what you say Seven remember it can be used against you

Justice said...

poor seven

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Defninetely watch your back, Cap'n.

Amanda said...

They definitely should have brought a CSI team along.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Amanda, the Borg Queen and I are the CSI team!