Saturday, August 26, 2006

TWQ: Holiday Stories

As I'm back a day earlier, here is another TWQ for this weekend. Normal Starship service will be resumed after that!

Can you tell any funny holiday stories that have happened to you?

My answer is:

Last week, while I was in Torquay, I was walking out at night with my father. About 20 girls in their mid-twenties came up. They were wearing basques, stocking and suspenders. One of them had a bride's veil on and an 'L' (for Learner) in a certain place. She was a bride-to-be who was having a night out with her friends before she got married (a Hen Night). The bride-to-be gave me a big kiss on the cheek, which was recorded on her camera. I duly gave her a kiss back, which was also taken on her camera. Sadly, I did not have my picture with me!

Now it's over to you...


Florence said...

Glad your back, Captain! What an interesting highlight.

My dad took my sister and I to Ayers Rock (Uluru). First we climbed it, but half way up I thought better of going the whole way, he made me promise that I should wait for him there on the side of the rock until he came back down. So I did. For over an hour or so I watched dozens of Japanese tourists in white gloves huffing up the red rock's skin clutching the chain handline. They asked me: Much further? and I would nod and say, yes, much! Then they'd sigh and continue up the rock...

Did you know that on average one person a month dies from a heart attack after or during climbing it...I'm glad I stopped and took in the view.

Carmi said...

I'll have to finish my vacation before I can rightfully answer that.

Your experience sounds like a cool one...wish I could have been there!

Tamara said...

Good morning and happy weekend from Michele's meet and greet

Sparkling Diamond said...

No funny vacation happenings com,es to mind! (But then, I have yet to have my coffee!) Great story!
Here from Michele's!

Aunty Marianne said...

An orthopedic surgeon tattoed me below the bikini line. Without asking. While I was incapacitated.

Beat that, everyone.

Josie said...

Once, on a trip to England, my daughter and I were invited into the cockpit to meet the captain, co-pilot and navigator. The navigator was sitting with a map on his lap, and he looked up at us and said, "Hey, do you girls know where we are? We seem to be lost..." We still laugh about that.

Shane said...

back from earlier
i visited my brother for Thanksgiving once. I was 21 and he was 24 at the time. He cooked a turkey (came out pretty good). Anyway, I went back to northern California and came back about a month later to visit him in Los Angeles.

As soon as I walked in, I asked "What on earth is that smell." Come to find out he never took the carcass out of the oven - completely forgot about it

dragonflyfilly said...

what's a TWQ?

Princess said...

Hi, im here from Micheles.

I was in Bali a few months ago, and the Bali people were crowding me in a busy street and i kinda freaked out. So when i moved out of there arm grabs i ended up falling off the foof path!! (Most of the roads are broken and all sorts of sizes!) They thought it was hilarious that a white aussie had fallen!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Great stories so far!

Dragonflyfilly, I usually put each weekend, but forgot this time, that TWQ is The Weekend Question.

verniciousknids said...'s been so long since I've had a holiday, I'm really going to have to ponder this one!

Michele sent me.


Thanks for your prayers and sympathy and thanks too for your happy greetings. I'll be back by Wednesday for the Wordless Wednesday.
My sister-in-law was finally put to rest. Cremation took place yesterday. It was a very painful moment for all of us as she was loved by the family. However, when one loves someone, she/he must also learn how to let go.
I would also like to thank you for the happy greetings for my new grandson.
I'll be back Wednesday for the Wordless Wednesday. As of now, my head seems to be floating on air. I can't seem to find my brains anywhere yet.

Karen said...

No, I have no stories to match that one. Too bad you didn't have your camera! Sounds like a really cool moment!

Michele sent me. Hope the entire vacation was wonderful!

M. C. Pearson said...

I remember when I was 16 and it was Christmas. I was hoping for keys to a car under that tree. All I got was bike parts. Bicycle not motorcycle. Lovely. Oh, and a stuffed animal in the shape of a mallard duck. My parents have a cruel sence of humour.

Lahdeedah said...

Well um.

Once, when I was living in England, a friend and I went to Tunisia (this is like, the 90s) and the tour guides in Tunisia were a local and a Brit that worked for the tour company. I sooo envied them that job! Anyhow, one night, after clubbing and feeling giddy drinking the non-alcoholic stuff (if it's not alcohol it's something because we were wired) the local invited us to his home, which was really interesting. It was probably normal for that country but it was strange to us. That was fine, and interesting. What wasn't, really, was the crackers he gave us, that were um, well. Soggy? Disgusting? Yak-inducing? As soon as he left the room, I inspired my friends by tossing the cracker out the open window. There was a mad rush as we all ditched all the crackers. We didn't want to be rude, but we could NOT eat another one!

We realized we needed to leave. But it was like 2 a.m. In Tunisia. In a residential district. Umm. But, my friend insisted, and we heartily agreed, and said our goodbyes. "But there is no taxis" and my friend says 'we'll walk' and he said 'but it's miles!' So anyhow we leave. And walk.

And walk.
And walk.

WHOA! What should my friend spot, but a TAXI! Parked, of course. She sneaks up on the taxi, 'the driver's in there' and she's all happy. And starts banging on the window. "hey hey wake up" and he does and rolls down his window, all sleepy and groggy.

At 3 a.m.

And we get our ride, giggling all the way back.

The one thing I missed entirely until like years later rethinking it. The only reason the British tour guide was hanging with us that night was because, DUH, why do guys hang out with girls? He liked one of us. Who knows which one, neither of us had a clue! Sometimes, us girls can be dense.

Darth Nepharia said...

Holiday? What is a 'holiday'? I don't think Sith have such a thing.

tammyswofford said...

Why don't you just head over to the holodeck and relive the whole thing, with the perfect ending? smile

*** I still think you are forty, unemployed and live with your mother, who is kept in the attic.


Meow said...

Great story.
Glad to have you back.
Apologies for not letting you know, but I received you postcard late last week. Thank you so much. Sounds like you have had a wonderful holiday.
Take care, and have a great week ... Meow

dragonflyfilly said...

well, second try, which i am not going to edit, because when i did so yesterday i lost it!

When i was 16 my mom took me down to California; Universal Studios, DisneyLand and one of the then Orange Orchards (which no longer exists i think!), and then up to San Francisco to Alcatraz and of course the Golden Gate Bridge. Of course we had to experience a ride on the Cable Cars, so planned a short ride down to Fisherman's Wharf. We patiently waited in what we, being polite Canadians, assumed was a line up. When the car did its turnaround and stopped for us to board we were overwhelmed by the crowd as it surged forward, carrying us along with it. My mom managed to board safely and sit down, placing her purse on the seat next to her to assure a spot for me. Unfortunately a rather large woman and her somewhat smaller daughter (who was my age but twice my size) ploned herself down beside my mom, squashing her purse. Indignantly my mom pulled her purse away, but at the same time told the woman that she was saving the seat for me. In a very loud New York voice the woman replied: "they don't reserve seats on The Cars!" My mom was furious, but being reserved and polite said nothing. I jumped onto the platform/step and grabbed a rail, fully expecting to take the short journey standing up. "What fun!" i thought, as i prepared to dangle in the breeze - but the driver, a very slim, wizzened old black man, loudly proclamed that "ladies are not allowed to stand", and as no one offered me their seat he told me to go up front with him, where he handled the long brake-lever with his thin muscular arms. That was even better. The funny thing about this story is that while my mom only remembers the "rude American", i remember the lovely, gentle old man who gave me a thrill of a lifetime!

dragonflyfilly said...

misspelled word (typo)'sposed to be "plonked"

Paperback Writer said...

Oh, yeah. My bachelorette party.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Mimi, bike parts and a mallard duck are unusual presents!

Lahdeedah, beware of tour guides!

Tammy, the holodeck is a great idea..I might be in there all the time. You're completely wrong, by the way, I may be 47, but have a job!

Meow, glad the card arrived.

Dragonflyfilly, that was a great story set in the cable car. Well told.

Paperback writer, thanks for that super bachelorette story!

Anonymous said...

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